Of Will Hath A Way

william shakespeare

I took a literature class in high school, but my love affair with books started a long time before then. However English lit, that’s when I seriously got acquainted with William Shakespeare. For us taught modern English, Shakespeare seemed to write in an entirely different language all together. The student study books we used came with translation resources; notes and prara-phrases of each scene in a proper English.

William Shakespeare’s works are not just something you pick and read they something you study and learn to appreciate.

I am sure I was not alone in thinking studying literature was a bit of a scam, see in-order to understand the context of a book you would also look at the author, their life and times; then interpret what you thought the author meant versus their experiences. I have always had the spirit of an author and I would imagine someone combing through my life and experiences to figure out what I meant to write when I was simply writing and not for any reason I chose a particular metaphor than I thought it would sound interesting no more.

In studying the Bard of Avon I came to learn how he married a lady older than him, some school of thought thinking he was forced into it, others saying it showed how persuasive he was because traditionally (more so in those times) men married women younger than them.

Regardless of who pursued who,  he was married to Anne Hathaway. Some say she was his inspiration and muse and their relationship was reflected in some of his works, other theories think she did more than simply read Shakespeare’s plays she may have even written all or some of them, Anne Hathaway’s history is little known, mostly peaced from official  records and legal documents and in his will Will left Anne his second best bed. Another sentiment with polarised interpretations

Fast forward to four hundred years later

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway the multiple award winning star of The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Dark Knight, Oceans 8 and many others, she is sexy, has really expressive eyes, ageless; stop me from celebrity crushing but I fell in love with her in The Princess Diaries, maybe it was some of the Shakespeare inside  me, a bit of that bard’s soul.

A year ago the internet went crazy over a tweet that went viral about how her husband Adam Shulman looks like Shakespeare…

Adam looks as close as one can get to the sketches and depictions of what Shakespeare is supposed to look like, because there are no actual photographs from then..

adam shlman is shakespeare

Fun Fact: our Anne Hathaway was born on 12 November 1982 almost exactly 400 years to the day of William Shakespeare’s marriage to his Anne Hathaway 13 November 1582. (yes, her parents named her after Shakespeare’s wife)

Anne Hathaway recently made the headlines after posting on her Instagram “its not for a movie” announcing that she was expecting a second child and solidarity to those facing fertility challenges

Anne hathway instagram
Its not for a movie

Congratulations to the happy couple.

But is her husband Shakespeare reincarnate?

Anne hathaway with her hsband william shakespeare
credit tumblryouknowyouarebritishwhen

Are they time-travellers?

Maybe they are imortals Anne does not seem to age

anne hathaway #10yearchallenge

Life is littered with the strangest of coincidences


Also according to the internet: There’s a Japanese legend that says your present face is the face of the one you loved most in your past life.

I doubt the veracity of this legend but its still beautiful

Will hath a way



  1. WOW! I love your post ❤️ I did not know all this about Anne Hathaway, and William Shakespeare’s Anne Hathaway! What a FUN read, intriguing, and thought provoking! I guess you can tell I never researched much about Shakespeare! 🤣 Curious maybe they are back? 😀

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  2. I had a long discussion, read fight, with an author and my boyfriend about this:
    “I would imagine someone combing through my life and experiences to figure out what I meant to write when I was simply writing and not for any reason I chose a particular metaphor than I thought it would sound interesting no more.”

    I claimed it is possible to write of a character that had no resemblance to the writer in anyway and they disagreed.

    I argued one can meet people one cannot relate to and capture the subject very well without any parts resonating with the writer. They disagreed.

    I said I can collect words and phrases others use and word for word plagiarise them into my character’s words and they argued I would only remember what resonates with me. And it was impossible to recall the words exactly as they were. And if I recorded the speaker, I would put the words in a scene of my mind not of the reality of the speaker. Because man’s brain is incapable of producing a world outside its own world.

    Even the words I would select and the ones I would leave out would be driven by my ego. When I construct something I consider unlike me, the writer, it will always be within the boundaries of my internal world.

    So my friends would argue that the random metaphor you wrote actually is not random at all. The meaning lies somewhere in your life.

    Yo, greetings.

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    1. interesting …. I guess its sort of like how they say you cant dream of someone you have never met, your brain just assigns a face you saw but dont remember seeing….

      The theory makes sense but still I agree with you and disagree with them hahahahaha

      and even then if I cant figure out what inspired me to use that metaphor, I doubt someone who is not a trained psychiatrist who has veiwed all my lifefootage would be able to figure out precisely where and how I got to that train of thought….. they can guess though



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  3. oh my word… this is mad interesting! lol, I can’t imagine her being immortal ..but she hasn’t aged a bit!
    PS: The Japanese saying is a lot to chew lol


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