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stranger things

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original series created by the Duffer Brothers.

created by the duffer brothers

 Stranger Things is set in the small town of Hawkins Indiana where Strange Things happen….

welcome to hawkins

The plot, theme and story idea draw inspiration and guidance from Stephen King and Steven Spielberg which explains the small-town-esque horror sci-fi déjà vu  feeling you will get from it, if you are a Stephen King fan.

The series is set in the 80s(83,84,85) and pays homage to the pop culture from there, the music, the movies, fashion and hidden Easter Egg references; as a child from that time watch it for the nostalgia. Stranger Things also hints at the conspiracy of the government’s mind control programme where volunteers were given drugs to try and create agents with “super-powers…”

Its not surprising the show scooped up a lot of ratings, nominations and wormed its way into our hearts.

Stranger Things Season 3 recently came out on Netflix on the 4th of July and as per their tradition the full season of 8 episodes available, for your binge watching pleasure.

From this moment, on there will be spoilers (I am not a big fan of spoilers but this series has me all twisted if you haven’t watched it stop reading and come back when you have then we can be best of friends…)

If you proceed reading this I am assuming, you, like me, have finished watching all the episodes of season 3 and are now waiting for the next season, wondering if there is a next season… yes, yes there is, season 4 is already starting to brew

My first thought is why 8 episodes, 8 is so little I mean one can binge watch the entire season in a day then be left with nothing to do except think and maybe re-watch favourite scenes and possibly blog about it…

I can’t be the only one who felt that the season three finale ended with what almost seemed a finality…

leaving hawkins

Were you not a soul-less bastard you would have shed a tear or two and then just into the final credits… *boom* like in any horror story you are left with that teaser that it’s not all over, not over at all…

Oh my gosh they killed Jim Hopper those bastards!!! Slightly overweight, grumpy yet lovable sheriff Jim Hopper.

Detective Byers had a nice ring to it, and her investigative skills…., I mean a set of magnets had her up and studying electromagnetic text books and even though this pair had their lover’s squabbles they made an excellent team, and I could not wait for them to hook up already, a date had been set but noooooo they killed Hopper.

Its like Ned Stark all over again. I am not OK.

I have been latching onto fan theories on how Jim might still be alive possibly a prisoner by the Russians, (re)watch the ending scene

What do you think, which mysterious American could be behind this door?

If you are crazy enough to call that number an answering machine will tell you:

Hi, you have reached the residence of Murray Bauman. Mom, if this is you, please hang up and call me between the hours of 5 and 6 p.m. as previously discussed, okay? If this is Joyce, Joyce, thank you for calling, I have been trying to reach ya. I have an update. It’s about, well, it’s probably best if we speak in person. It’s not good or bad, but it’s something…

Who else thought Robin and Steve made a cute couple, in their matching sailor outfits, slinging ice cream at Scoops Ahoy. She also wormed her way into Steve’s heart and ours too, smart, funny, brave and adventurous, band aid on the knee, definitely not your average girl.

robin and steve

How about the plot twist making us feel like she had a childhood stalker crush on Steve who eventually under the influence of a truth serum drug realises he might be falling for her, tells her, he likes her and she, it turns out, she likes girls… awkward and Steve does not make it too weird, and the duo continues on long after the Star Court mall “burns” down killing everyone.

With every relationship in the series seeming dysfunctional El broken up with Mike (she dumped his ass) I was all set to believe Dustin’s Suzie was imaginary too, she seemed far too perfect and conveniently far away, and and who is Phoebe Cates that she was hotter than ….

Turn around

Look at what you see

In her face

The mirror of your dreams

Make believe I’m everywhere

Given in the light

Written on the pages

Is the answer to a never ending story

Ahahaaahahaa If you do not find yourself randomly singing this song then what manner of being are you??

I even looked it up on the internet, its called never ending story by Limahl and is the theme song for the movie Never Ending story (I haven’t watched it yet but its next on my list)

And the cavalry showed up late to the party, after death and mayhem as per clichéd TV trope…

Did anyone else get Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator vibes that this Russian Bad Ass was channeling from the way he walked, esp after being injured with an almost robotic limp, the haircut to even the way he talked,… breathe that in

He killed Alexei…

Well Alexei was a Russian spy scientist doing not so legal things that could result in the total annihilation of the human race but when we got to know him, he was like a child in his curious  enjoyment of the little things

This is for you, closest thing to a cherry smoothie I could find a cherry freezit


The mind flare human goo monster killed Billy!!!

Well he was possessed by the mind flayer and had been responsible for tons of bad things even before his mind got taken over but there was still hope he could turn out ok, in fact he had just got back to being himself.

My favourite character in season 3 has got to be darling little Erica, she started off as that annoying lil sister, who burrowed her way into our souls, funny, enterprising, strangely brave and secretly nerdy, delivering insane anecdotes on capitalism, communism and survival.

Erica definitely stole the show, I am voting her for an award where do I sign up?

free ice cream for life

What are your thoughts on Stranger Things I am dying to know…


PS Also how did they explain all the dead people at the mind flare’s behest??????? Cause a whole lotta people died…



  1. I had to stop reading as we are only on episode 3 or 4 if this WONDERFUL series! 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll come back and finish reading when my hubby and I finish watching. I wish we had the time to binge watch… It’s just one episode at a time! And the 80’s 🙃 I wouldn’t want to repeat, but sure fun to watch it being recreated!! Hahaha!! 😉😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. good thing you stopped reading but as soon as you are done you must swing back so we can talk I have questions

      no worries watch an episode at a time because if you binge watch then you have to wait another year or two for a fourth season hahaha


      1. We’ve finished watching! YAY! And I finished reading your EXCELLENT review. I agree with everything 💯% it felt like they wrapped things up, but did they? And thankful we kept watching past the credits when we got that sneak peak! Who’s the American held in the cell? So sad they killed Jim Hopper and I did like the chemistry they had going… So sad he’s gone, and El with the letter he wrote to her made me cry especially with him reading it out loud. I hope he’s not really dead, that would be awesome! Lol 😀 – Robin and Steve a cute couple even though she likes girls… And yes, Erica stole the show!! Smart witty, 10 year old cuteness!

        Lastly, the minute they started singing I recognized the song from The Never Ending Story!!! Oh my, great movie we had it on VHS tape back in the day and when my kids were little we watched it many times over and over again! Hahaha! You DEFINITELY have to check it out… Fantasy at it’s best! I thought the singing was odd at first especially for how long they sang but then it broke through the strangeness if what we were watching. So odd to throw that into this show but it was exactly what was from that era, so it is what it is and I think I get it! 🙃😉👍🥰

        Liked by 1 person

      2. now I really really have to watch the never ending story….. I keep singing the song for no reason!!!
        I really like how they try to keep true to what was from that era even though I have heard some people complain about somethings from the show but hey you cant please everyone

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hahahhahahha he was definitely one of few words I recently read somewhere that the character could have been a nod to the terminator since the first movie came out in ’84

        Liked by 1 person

    1. hi Renard
      what are you doing with your netflix if you havent watched Stranger Things and by its one of the shows yo have not yet seen do you mean the third season or even the first one too as in you have never seen a single episode


      1. 🙂 I have been caught up with, “Jessica Jones”.

        Netflix’s algorithm did recommend “Strange Things” for me and I have not watched an episode of it as yet.

        As far as I understand, “Strange Things” is one of Netflix’s top shows.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I wrote a post on Stranger Things recently, too. But it was a bit different from yours.
    YES! He was totally Arnold – Terminator. I’m glad to hear that someone else thought so, too.
    Yes, the ending seemed rather final to me, too.
    Did I enjoy this season? Not at all.
    Will I watch season 4? Probably. Just to see how this ends. Yes, I think Hopper IS alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I popped to find your post before I replied to this
      so we agree definitely an Arnold terminator vibe was going on with the russian bad guy !!!!
      I half suspect they wanted to end on a 3rd season but because its still got a high viewership they are going for another season which may be the last or the second last probably depending how its received….
      we never did quite see Hopper die or his body right and i think he is a rather integral character to kill off like that unless the was no plan for another season bt considering there will be most likely he will be brought back for continuity

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sometimes shows should quit while they’re ahead. Look what happened with GoT. So many people thought it was the best show ever made and then the last season came and everyone got disappointed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. as one who read the books before the series came out I can sort of see how Game Of Thrones got disappointing, the story moved faster than the books, you can tell that plot was no longer as intricate and mostly episode fillers followed by battles and more filler nonsense… actually the last three books havent been published yet they were busy feeding the fans… thereis this picture I saw that depicts game of thrones as a picture of a horse the its got detailed legs and hind quarters then it starts losing definition and the the head which represent season 8 looks like was drawn by a toddle I forgot how to add images to comments otherwise would have posted it here
        ps google Game of Thrones horse meme

        Liked by 1 person

    1. How did you like the first season and where have you been not watching the other 2 hahaha… but if you are going to binge then all is forgiven do it soon I hope you closed your eyes to the spoilers in this post hahaha and when yo have watched remember to come back so we can proper talk

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, she has always been funny and I am glad this season her character was given a more leading role as part of the Scoop’s troop gang
      Thanks for dropping by Jessica


    1. hahaha…. wait have you havent watched this series to the end?? Allow me to apologise for the spoilers and when you done watching I promise this post will be way more relatable


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