Of A Letter To You

Dear Reader

I might not know you, your story and what you have been through yet you have taken a moment to peruse through this jumble of thoughts that is my blog and that means the world to me.

I am not perfect, you are probably not either, no one is, if we were all perfect would we not be all exactly the same?

Although I try not to get all caught up with blog stats, views, traffic and all that, I must confess I feel a certain rush when amidst all the notifications WordPress notifies me on how my site is experiencing increased views.

I am thrilled with each comment you make, especially when you take the time to give insights of your interpretation of my tangle of words, and yes sometimes I too wonder how I come up with some of the things I write, its like asking me how I breathe, you just breathe in and out. Inhale, exhale, write.

I know I am not entitled to you gracing my blog with a like or comment, neither would I make an imposition of it, that is why I am extra appreciative of when you. You know how sometimes you want someone to do something but not because you want them to do it, but because they want to do it, its kinda like how this is.

There are some of you who read quietly and steadily never drawing attention to yourself, you are as silent as a midnight mouse I never know you have been here, still I thank you for your creepy presence, lurking in the bushes, reading every word I write. I do hope you would cough once in awhile so I know you are there, I wont make a big deal of it I will just casually nod in your direction and carry on as we were, even as I try to hide the proud smile from my face.

If one day we meet in the real world and you recognize me, I hope you walk right up to me and introduce yourself as my biggest fan, *but only if you want to* maybe we can have a coffee together and you can tell me how I am exactly unlike what you pictured me to be.


PS if one day you drop my blog and find I haven’t posted anything in a very long time, please come look for me, just to check up on me, to find out if everything is fine.



  1. I agree with Steeny Lou, word for word but I’m going to just post my response and say you make me think, you make me giggle (the creepy mouse looking under the bushes) so true how shy we can be, I amaze myself how I’ve reached out and comment. Why not? What will it hurt, it’s enriched my life reaching out and commenting. You are very humble, me too… Something I think we have in common. I hope you and Steeny Lou get many, many readers!! 😀👍

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  2. Oh, how I miss those increased activity notifications. Have not had them in waaaaay too long.
    Glad to hear you are doing well.
    I like your final lines. I think it’s the ultimate show of appreciation – when people come looking for you if you disappear without a trace.

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    1. Those notifications are really do warm one`s innards hahaha
      I know right, this one time I was away from the internet for a spell and found people having sent me emails asking if everythin was well cause at that time our country had been experiencing some “difficulties”

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  3. Would it not be wonderful if WordPress allowed us to define our own array of buttons?
    I would now be very tempted to add one titled: ‘cough’ or ‘snort’.
    What fun we could have…

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