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If you have been following my last set of posts then you now know

  1. My dream life
  2. The things I love doing
  3. The things I would not do for money

*if you haven’t checked them out yet then click through and read

Which brings us up to speed on my day 5 post of the #WinterABC blogging challenge my ideal business arrangement.

I want to have a business where I would be paid to just lay around all day in bed with a good book, or a good movie or series and then write a review about that. Then travel somewhere nice and write about that too, afterwards sit beside the fire and tell folk-stories of old, when animals used to talk and others still had wings, while I await for the bloggers I invited to a blogger bash to arrive, then talk blogging.

It would be great to be able to invite some you and finally meet offline and put names and voices to faces and usernames and we would plan where the next blogger conference would be and laugh about the things we used to do for Exposure. A different country, but keeping the venue secret because the media and corporates would be trying to gatecrash and head hunt our membership by then they would know and appreciate the powers bloggers wield as thought leaders and gate keepers of memories, cultures and traditions.

And of course having annual awards to rival the Oscars, celebrating the good work the bloggers do…

Does this sound like a fanciful dream?

Maybe, maybe not we could be coming to a city near you….


Slowly I am finding ways to bring this vision of the future into a reality today, if you have any interesting ideas about how I can get this blogging thing to work, simple let me know like:

If I were to add a Buy me coffee button to the bottom of the screen would you actually pay money to read the stuff I write so I could keep at it (internet bills gotta be paid, domains need owning and one must eat)

I haven’t succumbed to having adverts on my site, yet, sometimes I think those things are tacky and do they even pay well? Unless you have an insane number of views 

Sponsored posts sound logical but I worry about having content that I do not genuinely agree with but simply because one wants that paper…

Corporate patronage also seems like a plan but how exactly does one manage an audience with the decision makers, corporates have so much red tape that you end up being backed into a contract with very lil wiggle, you would think they do not understand how a creative soul is nurtured. Well if you know one with working synergies do let me know.

Has anyone else noticed that the only people who really seem to be making money from blogging are the bloggers who blog about how to make money from blogging, tell me I am wrong and I wont change my internet name to Uncle Of Bloggers and start a Blogging University selling all sorts of must-have digital skills a blogger needs

Uncle Of Bloggers 
Uncle of Bloggers


Blogging is my Lifestyle

Afrobloggers – be part of something great



  1. I don’t drink coffee… I try to stay away from caffeine…. I would like to have a hot beverage with you preferably one that I do not have to buy but maybe maybe brew…I would like to pick your mind on a number of issues, some of which you raise in this post

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  2. 🤣🤣this is one of the funny posts I have read today. I find your blog interesting. I wish I could create a community of bloggers like afro bloggers in my own state. And I also love the idea of just laying in bed, traveling and blogging. Blogging made easy – people who blog on blogging gets more traffic and money, I agree on that

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  3. I’m sitting on a day off (rare event) from the busy day job now imagining a life of blogging opportunities. I think you are right about the folk who make money from it…not sure my site traffic will ever reach that. Good luck with the master plan 😊!

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    1. One needs some time out, cherish the rare events, recharge and dream ♥♥
      making money from site traffic is a scam lol
      The master plan is evolving hahahaha thanks a span …

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  4. Hi there, I recently followed you and I don’t know much about this Afrobloggers thing, I would love to join. I am blogging because I want to establish myself as a financial guru who can help people with their start-ups. Also, i have recently written a book and would like to publish more books and eventually turn my kids books into cartoons that I put on youtube. Big dreams. But I think approaching blogging with the prospect of making money from it per se, might not work….might be better to consider selling a product via your blog.

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    1. Hi Janet
      Allow me to say just by being in this space you are a part of it you just havent met the rest of the community yet…
      Big dreams I love it!!!!
      You are right about it being very difficult to make money directly from blogging and if you approach your blog in that manner you might get disapponted… some are lucky but most usually quit

      But blogging offers you an opportunity to make a name for yourself, to place yourself as an authority and to network with people who require your services and establish an audience to whom you can market whatever else you have to sell be it product or skill.

      You are also in luck this month check out the challenge we are running on Afrobloggers tagged the #WinterABC a blog everyday challenge which you can use to find creative ways to align with your blogging brand and grow your blog from the pool of participants


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      1. Thank you Beaton, I did write a Blog today but I think I am not sure how to tag the #WinterABC yet in the actual Blog. I don’t know if you saw my blog eventually on twitter, hope I did it right? Thank you very much for the words of encouragement


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