Of Being Brand Afrobloggers

If you could work with a brand, any brand, what brand would you want to represent?


If I had been asked this question earlier (maybe even as early as last night before I read This Post by Benjamin) my answer may have been different.

When I originally drafted this post, I was thinking of how I could use this article to not only showcase the power of a blogging and community but to shoot my shot on those prestigious brands I have had my eye own, you know the ones, the ones you would do for: all the things you said you would never do simply because they welcomed you into their exclusive family of those who have arrived (and of course the money right, let’s not even lie to ourselves)

I would much prefer to represent and be affiliated with a brand in which I would not have to worry about compromising my core values and integrity, where an individual can be themselves yet a part of large nexus.

My Mission:

To celebrate the beauty and chaos of the place I call home

Where is home?

Home is a teapot shaped country; home is a continent, the cradle of humanity; home is green and blue planet third from the sun.

Why am I here?

I want to:
know: more about home in all its diversity
explore: every inch of home even if its only through the eyes another
do: it myself using your experiences as a guide
learn: the lessons from your shared experiences
earn: from the richness of the global world
share and witness: my part of all the above

It turns out, I already am part of my dream brand, in the humble words of the founder of Afrobloggers, Bruce: “I didn’t start Afrobloggers…. I simply gave it a name.

Afrobloggers - Promoting Africa's emerging voices

Afrobloggers is you, Afrobloggers is me, Afrobloggers is US… where the world meets Africa.

Afrobloggers is an organization, that promotes, archives and celebrates African digital storytellers.

We are the Afrobloggers community and we are here to •Surprise •Help •Reassure •Educate •Impress •Thrill •Impress and •Entertain you.

Have you checked Bloggers participating in the #WinterABC

If there’s a brand you want to work with and they seem inaccessible to you, perhaps you should become the brand you want to work with.

I am an African Blogger, now who wants to work with us?

Check out the Afrobloggers website: Afrobloggers.org.zw




  1. “Afrobloggers is you, Afrobloggers is me, Afrobloggers is US”

    I felt this😭❤️

    Great post. Really great post

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  2. I am an AfroBlogger.

    The search is over…heading to my blank page to fill the gaps with this inspiration. Thanks B.

    @AfroBloggers should pay you for this “kalango” (advert/announcement/good word)

    Liked by 1 person

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