Of Drawing The Lines

3 Things I wish I could do well

  • Tell a bold faced lie

To tell a bold faced lie like a politician. To stand in front of an audience and lie. To lie through my teeth so much, that I would not need dental floss and I would smile benignly too, flashing my sparkly pearly whites, as I pick my teeth with an olive branch, showing how agreeable I am, as I assure you, I would never hurt a fly, perish the thought

  • Turn off my conscience and sleep at night

If the world where a fair place, some people would not be able to sleep at night, I mean how could they sleep? Yet the world is not a fair place, after a hard day’s work trampling all over other people’s dreams, they sleep on their therepeaduic beds with high thread count imported Egyptian sheets, bellies full and even snore a little, dreaming blissfully.

I lay awake wondering about a homeless kid who asked me for change and I looked at him straight in the eye and said I have no money, yet I had a dollar in pocket, where is he tonight in the biting winter cold, while I am here and warm.

  • Make people believe (in) me

Every Sunday I watch people filling churches shouting “Yes papa!” and receiving their anointing, they seem to believe in the pastor more than the Gospel, they give him all they have and he tells them God will make it double double. “Your break-through is coming” he declares into a flashy wireless microphone and smiles at the camera; oh yes, he knows the service is being broadcasted to you at home, “Touch your TV screen to receive your blessing.”

from pulpit to stadium to bank

The motivational life coaches who are filling stadiums giving people pep talks on how to be winners at life, sounding almost a bible verse away from being like the pastor you saw last Sunday. Young charismatic, in a tailored suit and sculptured haircut telling you about life, you want to ask what life have you lived but hey maybe you believe him, you are turning your life around, did you not read his best-selling book cover to cover and bookmarked the power phrases.

shark in a suit

The shark in a suit smiling to the bank, telling you of a new pyramid scheme and he will help you swim in money, “Won’t you steal my money” you ask. “My friend, thats poverty mentality speaking, if you are afraid of investing that is why you will die PUWAH” he pronounces poor like it’s a contagious disease and just saying it makes you catch it and of course you do not want to die PUWAH so you give him all your savings, in seven days you will be swimming in money….

The pastor said it, the life coach said it, and the shark in a suit said it….

I lie awake at night wondering what I would be willing to do and do well to make a pile of money and where I would draw the line, that maybe I do not need it that bad, that I am enough.



  1. We receive papa, go deeper….Lol.
    We are lazy to read, we believe everything that comes out of their mouths and don’t do our due diligence to check for ourselves. We after all have access to the same bible.

    Fastest way to become poor “give all your money to church as an investment for future rewards”

    Unofa urirombe apa mari unayo… Mxm. This topic gets me angry 😠

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