Of Ending WinterABC


Ciao WinterABC


I never say goodbye, goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting… June is ending and so is the #WinterABC a challenge by Afrobloggers; to blog every weekday of June.

The journey through June has been a rush, and I have made a pile of new blogging friends across the continent. I have even felt a slight tinge of jealousy at how back when I started blogging there, was no community such as the Afrobloggers community where one could fit right at home in the blogging streets. I am proud and awed by the strides and imprint we made on the Afican blogging scape.

I have a dream…. I am not exactly sure what it is but blogging is a very large part of it.

My blog stats went up from when the world went into lockdown, the virtual space has been a place we could travel without leaving. I shudder as I try to imagine how I would have survived lockdown without the internet. Lockdown also helped get more participants for the WinterABC as more people had the time to blog.

The visitors to my blog are from all over the world, (local uncle is international) although I usually get more traffic from outside the continent, during the month of June; there was something I haven’t seen ever since the start of this blog almost seven years ago… I got more views from Zimbabwe and African countries especially Uganda, and South Africa.

yes I erased the actual numbers nobody needs to know that

Most of this was due to the 115+ bloggers taking part in the #WinterABC and each day I knew someone would visit my blog, just as I went around the continent seeing the world from the eyes of different bloggers, seeing how differently and yet similarly we thought and lived and even how it seems our presidents are all in one whatsapp group… but most of all as the Advocate Of Unpopular Opinions put it

You left me doubting if our opinions are really unpopular. Instead I’m realizing they were unpopular because they were in my head.

Advocate’s Desk

I laughed as I read a post by Benjamin and he wrote a futuristic speculative fictional article set in 2045 in a world where I have radio show on the New Africa Network, maybe that’s the dream, who knows….

This feels a lot like getting to the end of a very good book and having to say goodbye to your favourite characters, you and you and you… but wait, the WinterABC challenge may be over, but I will be still here, you can drop by for coffee and we can catch up.

Don’t say goodbye

Say Ciao

Uncle Of Bloggers




  1. You have no idea how much your blog, your writing, your interactions, your encouragements and tips have impacted me personally and my writing. It’s definitely Ciao coz I’m keeping it locked on becoming the muse. Thanks B.

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  2. A blessing, Uncle B😊
    You’ve left big, big marks on bloggers all over the continent and world over.

    Thank you, Uncle B 🤗

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    1. Goodbye is always hard.
      This particular blogging challenge is a little something we cooked up as we slowly try to show people the impact and reach blogging can have.
      As for that conclusion, well try searching in Google 😉
      Thank you.


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