Of Loving What You Do

Three things I would do for no pay

  • Write

I love to write, for me writing is like breathing, you breathe in, then breathe out letting it all outmagic

I cant do magic so I write
  • Read

I love to read more than I love to write. Reading was my first love, getting lost in a world of words, where anything was possible, travelling without ever leaving homemagic

  • Mentor bloggers

You can call me the Uncle of Bloggers. For me, blogging is a way of life and I am constantly surprised at how under-utilised it is, treated as a hobby and mostly ignored. It’s like being given a magic wand and instead of creating magic with it, one chooses to use it to sketch out figures in the dirt…

beatonm5 becoming the muse Uncle of Bloggers

*some say when you get paid to do the things you love it stops being fun, others say be paid to do the things you love to do and never work a day in your life….

What do you think? What are the things you would you do for no pay?




  1. I would give motivational / inspirational speeches for free. I’m not always good at being optimistic for myself but I have the ability to see the beauty and potential in others, pinpoint what they do well & put it all into words quite nicely.
    Loving the challenge so far. Can’t wait to read more posts!

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    1. hahaha physician must heal thy-selves but I find it weird how one can give sound advice and encouragement to other yet when it comes to yourself you need someone else to do it for you…
      thanks for dropping by

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  2. I love this ❤️ magic!! I’m torn with the getting paid doing something you love and it will feel like you do not work – I worked for a horse trainer for some years after high school, my Love, HORSES!! It was hard work. Very physical, worked many long hours, sun up to sun down 6 days a week. Was it fun? In the beginning it was GREAT, I went to many horse shows jumping the horses and sometimes winning ribbons. Over time though it took the fun out of owning, caring, loving my horse. You have to work REALLY hard to eek out a living in this business of horses. So I gave it up and have a love for the medical field and have been working in a laboratory for the last 35 years. It’s a different kind of LOVE as I do enjoy the work. Now that I’m much older, I believe I made the right choice. I’m not sure why I’ve gone on so, you made me think – I think that’s the point right? I love your posts! Thanks for listening or reading my rambling response! 🥰 – Diana

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    1. hahahaha thank you Diana ♥ and your comment is insightful so I guess somehow one needs it sort of balanced out and not just fuelled by passion alone especially the things that need one to really put in the work work work


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  3. Frankly B, I’ve been doing the things I love for free for far too long; I’m mostly talking about writing. It was fun for a while, but I’m no longer in a position where I can afford to work for free. So, I’m increasingly becoming an advocate for finding ways to get paid for doing what you love.


  4. Beaton I love the work I do, really feel so sad that so many are trapped in work that saps energy and happiness. I’m a Mountain Hiking, Nature and Culture Guide, spending much of my working life high in the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg and Lesotho with people who want to be there and learn more about the mountains, a real ‘high’! I also am a photographer and artist (that was my training art), so combined with my passion for wilderness, this is a way to record and write (another love), about all these aspects. I’m really grateful to have life wealth and happiness (but not much money)!

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    1. money is over-rated especially if you living life to the fullest, sounds like you doing just richly.
      Maybe will come see the mountains some time it ought to be great story

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