Of #WinterABC Day 1

Day 1 WinterABC

For the month of June I will be participating in a Winter Blog Everyday Challenge (yes its winter this side of the hemisphere at this time of the year) It’s little things like that I hope you will pick up from my next thirty blog posts, tiny nuggets of information that will be help you understand me and the life around me a little better.

#WinterABC is an AfroBloggers challenge about Africa, Branding and Connecting over Advocacy Blogging and Communication. I have a bio somewhere that refers to me as a builder of blogging communities maybe I will add Uncle of Bloggers to it and in that spirit I’ll invite you to not only join, but to encourage others, to make use of the blogging space and who knows what position in the world bloggers of today havetomorrow

If you a regular of my blog then you might know that one of the reasons that I update this blog is to write my history while its happening and to celebrate the beauty and chaos of the place I call home embracing the magic in my ancestry.

I cant do magic so I write

I cant do magic… so I write.

In the next thirty days I welcome you into my space to experience the world through my words.

Do you fellow reader and friend, take me B,

To Become The Muse,

Becoming the muse

Your Muse… To Muse and To Amuse; To Read and To Be Read, through strong and weak; wifi signal and mobile data, in expensive internet and in affordable internet, when there’s electricity and there’s no eletricity; until a more ultimate commitment keeps apart….

Type I Do and by the powers vested in me by an internet connection and a blog, you may now click *like* on this post ^_^


PS By subscribing to this blog you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions which include reading my posts, commenting on some of them and sharing with your friends and on occasion you could even have a guest post featured here ^_^

PPS here are the daily topics for the winter blogging challenge and follow Afrobloggers to check out the other bloggers participating in this challenge and tell a blogger to tell blogger imagine if we had a whole lot bloggers writing about the things that matter to them, everyone has a story to tell…

Afrobloggers #WinterABC


  1. I love your magical words!! This will be FUN to read. And so interesting you are starting winter as our summer soon begins. Hi ~B from the other side of the world! ❤️ -Diana

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    1. Hello Diana!!! we winter where we summer, I have never seen snow and I am just bout to start a born fire it will be lit hahaha literally thanks a millie do people say that well I just did ~B

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    1. hahahahahhahahaha thank you they say when you laugh while you write the reader can pick it too… actually i lie i just made up that fact bt I do rather like that title uncle of bloggers
      Uncle B

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