Of Into The Bloggingverse

Lessons to life, the universe and everything; can be found anywhere if you know how to look. I watched Spider-man Into The Spiderverse and I picked up ten blogging lessons.

When you think of the World Wide Web as the Spider-verse multiverse its easy to draw blogging parallels from the animated production.

(You do not need to have watched the movie but may contain spoilers)

me as the teacher who could still do it you as the student who can just not as good

Into the Bloggingverse:

1. You are not the only one.

So you start a blog, you think you are the one and only snowflake with a unique responsibility to tell a story. Wrong.

There’s many people with unerringly similar stories and blogs to yours, just like Peter Parker is not the one and only spider-man, yet the spiderverse has a web space for all of you.

2. If you read another blogger’s post and it moves you; tell them your thoughts.

When Miles made a really terrible but clever play on Einstein’s theory of relativity, Gwen is not just the only one who laughs but also explains why she liked it.

That’s how you make lasting impressions and great connections, with the people you may even end up needing along your journey.

3. Define your own space…

When Miles buys his first Spiderman costume from Stan’s collectibles which does not do returns or refunds, he is told it will fit… eventuallybut when he is finally ready, the spider suit which he wears, is not just something from the shelf, he made it himself.

it always fits eventually

If you try to fill a preset mould of expectations, you will find that it wont quite be a comfortable fit for your blog, you need to define for your own self what you are about and do that on command.

4. Someone is counting on you.

You may not realise it, but we all have something to share, which may just save or change someone’s life.

5. Ask yourself what would you do?

When you are trying to sound out a course of action, instead of trying to figure out what someone else would do or like, put yourself in your shoes, what do you want to read about, then write it that way.

6. The best way to learn is under pressure

Instead of waiting for a nice comfortable space to work on your blog, just hit the ground running hit that create blog post button toggle about with the new editor, fiddle around with those options you keep avoiding, how else are you going to know exactly what they can or cannot do?

7. How do you know if you are ready?

Same as when Miles asks how he would know when he is ready…

You don’t, it’s a leap of faith, you cant know if you can blog, if anyone will read, relate or even like your blog or the next post, write it anyway.

A leap of faith

8. Its not just writing there is so many other things you need to do.

When Miles says he can do it, the other guys throw a whole lot of things he needs to be able to do at the same time.

Can you?

And you think its easy to blog, but can you multitask, do other things that need doing and not neglect your blog? Can you close of your feelings when trolls and negative comments come say hurtful things. Can you not only write but tastefully promote your blog without spamming? Can you scout the net for graphics and if necessary create or edit your own images to go with your posts? Can you keep a content schedule which you can stick to even as adulting noses into your business?

9. Some things you just wont understand and even be wrong

Spiderman Noir the man from a black and white world trying to make sense of a rubik’s cube

what colour is this

It was practically out of his world but that did stop him from trying to understand it

I dont understand this but I will

10, You need a circle of friends who get it.

no one understands
he solved the puzzle

Not everyone will understand the things you have to get over for each word that appears on your blog, but it helps to have friends somewhere out there, who get it.

I remember my friends who get it

And here’s the bonus one, stop listening to me, there’s no way I can tell you how to do you, follow your spidey senses.

Just like anyone can wear mask and be spider-man anyone can start a blog and if you are reading this and thinking I could do this, then go ahead take the leap.


I may have watched the movie more times than I care to admit read my review Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse



    1. and you can always pretend its kids who want to watch it yet its the grown up hahahaha
      It really does have some deep life lessons too but I just wanted to spin it into a blogging tip post

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You right blogging isn’t easy, you have to make time for it. He struggles with becoming Spiderman, but once he did he was on fire. It goes the same with blogging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha even if you dont take a break there’s things you will still learn all over again and again… in other words its a process.


  2. And then there’s the music! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will – but I can’t stop listening to the music, which has the same feeling as the insights you’ve uncovered here. There’s inspiration everywhere if we care to look, listen and even reread, rewatch, allow for something we didn’t pick up the first time through to rise in our consciousness. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The music is definitely a plus I have had the soundtrack on endless repeat, I think I was listening to it as I wrote this post and the movie review article.

      Just remembered some quote I read about how in the rain some simply get wet while others dance.

      thank you for the feedback


    1. It was an awesome movie so it was quite easy hahaha its one of those movies thats so relatable you can spin into a story about anything, no wonder its a priceless gem for all ages.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Oscars always happen around my birthday weekend, so in case it slips my mind that its my birthday, I get an instant remainder how cool is that…
        and yep it absolutely won now you’ll have to watch it ha!

        Marvel should sooo pay me

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you ~B! Such great advice and so true! It’s not always easy to write a blog and we are always learning as we go. I love Spiderman, and all the movie references are awesome, so many life lessons as well. I love how you say, just do you – be yourself, so important! ❤️ -Diana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its a process really, and there’s always something to learn that will make the process smoother ^_^
      At the end of the day, after all the advice people have, no one can truly tell you how to do you, it starts with you… yeah?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I related to it to so much. When I started I thought I was the only one in my circle and then discovered some of my friends actually also have blogs and my peers too


  4. I read this, and the left side of my brain said to the right side….

    “Do you know we can steal this kind of writing?”

    Every time I watch a movie, I want to write all the quotes in my stories, but it is impossible, so I decide to go slow. You are right, we bloggers think we are unique in many ways, but reading between the lines, we are all the same. We want to open our hearts to the world.

    I am yet to watch the movie, I will check if a clear, small size copy is out.
    Lovely and encouraging post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are more alike than we are different, hahaha your right side of your brain should tell your left side of the brain
      its not stealing its being inspired to do similar things that you are always on verge of doing but never quite doing because some reason holds you back

      When I watch a movie I always have the subtitles on so that I dont miss a single word, if you havent been doing that I strongly recommend it, its like experiencing the dialogue on multiple levels, you hear it, see it, read it ^_^


      PS I think small size copies are now available if you know where to look hahaha

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  5. I love this Spider-Man analogy! It’s great that you emphasized how we have to be ourselves and define our space in a way that’s authentic to us. 🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have you watched the movie? I happened to enjoy, a lil too much it seems hahaha
      These are confusing times we live in its ironic, if you listen to some people they will in one breath tell you to be yourself and then in the very next one proceed to tell you how to be yourself… Its important to know for yourself whom you are^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I have actually! haha they’re great movies so i totally get it. So true- it’s extremely important to be self-assured. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! And came in handy when I was teaching blogging to a group of pre-teen students after taking them to Alaska movie screening of Spiderman…

      Past me is such a genius

      Liked by 1 person

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