Of Coffee, Moving and Throwbacks

If you were having coffee with me, well we might not be having coffee because the teapot is in a large bucket somewhere and I found only one cup and everything is in boxes, we have just moved you see.

You never realise till you have to move home how much unnecessary debris you accumulate with time, all those things you once thought might come in handy, just like chickens coming home to roost. I guess by nature most people are hoarders making hay while the sun shines, saving for the proverbial rainy day. You wake up one day and realise your life is crowded with clutter which you have no good reason for keeping and some serious house cleaning is needed.

On the upside all the things you thought were gone forever swallowed by some vortex of all consuming nothingness suddenly get spewed out from beneath beds, in between sofa upholstery, in cupboards and drawers for some reason you never open, ever.

You dont know how much stuff you have until you have to pack and move and suddenly the boxes and bags you needed well you need double that and little bit more too.
Packing is fairly easy, unpacking on the other hand is a process which you never entirely finish.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that while unpacking boxes, I have discovered things that I packed over a decade ago and never quite got round to unpacking. Its like a trip down memory lane but I need space for new memories so I will de-clutter and make new memories its almost metaphoric as it is literal.

Assorted Mail and Cards

I found a birthday card from when I was 5… While I wasn’t really five I was way older maybe 3 times that plus five but it was a joke. Crazy times

One Philips VCR and accessories.IMG_20170305_172948.jpg
This was quite the beast in its hey days boasting 4 heads and Turbo Drive whatever the heck that meant.

One Video Cassette Rewinder.IMG_20170305_173216.jpg
Remember a time when you used to rent movies from a video club and they would insist that you rewind the video cassettes before you returned them otherwise they would charge you a small fine and besides it was the right thing to do. Imagine hiring a movie and having to rewind it first before you could get round to enjoying your movie night. Anyway this little baby with LED indicator could super rewind a 3HR VHS tape in just under 60s. I would take it to the Video Club and if I helped them rewind a couple of tapes they would let me borrow
A couple of Video cassette tapes and some audio cassette tapes.

I watched classic Disney cartoons, I know all of Santa’s Reindeer by name, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donna, Blitzen. I dont know how many times I watched Rudolph and the only actor I recognize as Superman is Christopher Reeve. I grew up listening to music by ABBA, and Bob Marley I want to go back to a time, when the music made you feel alive and not just crazy beats and mumbled bars.
And something from way back,�..
Vinyl records.
These things never die unlike they digitally superior cousins, compact discs CDs and DVD that easily get scratched

Crazy Notes
If I told you at some point in time one could walk around with billions of dollars you would find it hard to believe

And how about this note here

ten trillion Dollars
Ten Trillion Dollars

It got so bad they had to slash off the zeros and start again and then eventually did away with the currency all together.
If you were having coffee with me, we would be having a large bonfire, burning boxes and boxes of memories we would sit by the verandah mugs in hands and be warmed by the fire as years of memory became ash….. Maybe I just like playing with fire.


PS this post should have pics but USB memory stick with the images is currently in a very safe place, somewhere I just don’t quite remember where..

PPS I found the pics ☺☻♥



  1. Moving is so hard and unpacking even worse. Unpacking takes forever and you never ever finish. At least you were able to burn some of the stuff, I feel I need to be a guest on that TV series called Horders. I need a professional’s help to let go of some of the stuff.

    I hope you are settling in nicely Beaton, make sure there is somewhere for me to sit cause you are hosting me for coffee.

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  2. On moving! You are so right about too much stuff! My new rule is never open un-packed boxes if they have been left for more than three years from the move and never opened. If you haven’t missed anything or bought something to replace what you can’t find, there is no need to worry over the boxes. TAKE THEM DIRECTLY TO GOODWILL, I say. My NEWEST NEW RULE is for any one thing new brought into the house three other things must go! I have even started to ask the grown children, “What do you want, take it!” Might as well dwindle down because after we are gone the children will bemoan all the stuff we had! Ha Ha!

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    1. That is an excellent rule… I was just thinking about the same thing that if you packed away something and never needed it all the way you really shouldn’t be keeping it…. or give it to someone in greater need …..
      hahahahaha interesting philosophy you have there
      Thanks for dropping by much appreciated

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  3. If I was having coffee with you I would ask who sent that postcard and mail not email. I would ask if you could distinguish the bell for postman and those guys collections bottles for an egg.
    If I was having coffee with you I would pick this letter and just as I’m about to throw it into the fire, you grab my hand. Look at the letter and you start smiling. Memories flooding. I would ask what is it and you would calmly reply ‘nothing’. Then throw it into the fire

    couldnt help but notice that the handwriting made all the difference.

    My coffee is cold time to refill

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    1. A friend sent me the card…. I am a sucker for handwritten sentiments …..
      Good question, it is really hard to tell the difference between the postman and the guy who collects empty bottles for eggs, but what I have observed is that the postman hardly ever rings a bell he arrives just like madness unannounced and most likely he will be delivering bills or flyers for a kindergarten crèche which started just next door to you, unless he has a parcel which you must sign for or its those courier services….
      Memories hey and even if you read who the letter is from its simply initialled no names just initials and a smiley face… handwritten sentiments of the posted kind, maybe I wont burn all of them just yet i’ll keep one or two in an old weinbrenner shoe box secured with rubber band….
      Thanks for dropping by do come again when the place is less of a mess…

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  4. Laughter splashed over my face as I read this. This is simply mr when I decides to reaaranged my room some week back, you’d just suddenly come across things that’s been there hidden since the days of Methuselah, Lol. Funny part is you would have searched those things several times when you really need them but weren’t found.
    Oh! That video cassettes players and rewinder reminds me of the 80’s, so beautiful of a time. I remembered I was expert rewinder back then Lol….. Hope you have settled down well in your home. Have a great weekend

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    1. and then you end up concluding you had a visitor of somewhat nefarious intentions and that they probably pilfered said missing objects….. you might feel a certain guilt at having had such ungracious thoughts ……
      and there it was all along hidden from site

      hahahaha the smooth wrist action you had to cultivate to able to rewind a cassette was not a skill that came easily …

      getting there … believe it or not there is still stuff in boxes yet to be unpacked they just got stacked together and squirreled in the garage, will get to them eventually and hopefully thats not where the TV remote is hiding…. last saw it the night before we moved and never again

      PS thanks for dropping by

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  5. Man what a throwback. Seeing those pics sure brought back some wonderful memories for me especially the VCR. And those audio cassettes.


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