Of weekend coffee share and thunderstorms

coffee mugs

If you were having coffee with me I would say “hey, it has been ages since, remember the last time.” I would invite you to sit on the verandah and watch the afternoon thunderstorm. The weatherman forecasted, cloudy with a chance of rain. I would tell you how, growing up I used to fear that if I was wearing red I would get struck by lightning.
Now I know better but try catching me wearing red during a really violent storm. Passion Rules Reason: Wizard’s Third Rule

If you were having coffee with me it would not be coffee we were having it would be tea, herbal tea.

tea milk and sugarThe tea leaves are in the container for the powdered milk and if you take sugar, there is brown sugar in the old coffee jar. I love brown sugar its flavour reminds me of playing in sugar cane fields as child. The powdered milk is in the bottle for salad cream, just dont confuse it with salt. The salt, is in the bottle for mayonnaise. I will confess, I have done that before, that was an interesting cookery accident.

What’s been happening with you I would ask. Yes I am interested in everything going on with you because nothing interesting has been happening with me, unless you count the stuff which happens only in my head.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how I have come to the realization that I am a social media junkie with extreme fear of missing out.
I have a digital addiction. I think I am a permanent guest in the Hotel California that is social media I can log out any time I want, but I can never ever leave.

I have a Facebook account (but that’s mainly to keep in touch with my family and friends)
I have a Twitter account (now that’s for fun and none of my facebook “friends” know my twitter handle or so I tell myself)
I have instagram and pinterest.
I have a goodreads account for my reading list and reviews. We can compare books read if you are interested, and sometime over coffee we can exchange reviews.
I have a twitter for giggles and drafts and sharing my blog.
I’d ask you to drink your tea, before it gets cold, and that you please have another slice of bread, as I am just getting to the best part.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my blog, well that’s for Me ^_^
Selfishly me.
I write down the thoughts in my head because they look better when written, sound better read and to make space for new crazier thoughts.
And the blogging community is like no other. I used to use the notes tab on my Facebook as a blog or drafts folder of sorts and to my dismay most of the comments (if any) where along lines of… “This looks interesting but way too long will finish later…” or “dude you crazy”

Then I discovered WordPress I didn’t even realise I was blogging, (I know right) It was just a somewhere to leave my words and read other people’s and was surprised to discover they in turn (not all but most) would read mine back, and comment, (sometimes) what larks ^_^
The rain has started to pour in earnest. Isn’t it lucky I was lazy to do the laundry today I would ask you.

(hmmm if we were having coffee I would tell how I have just decided that in my next post I want to do a blogging journey post, and I hope you will stop by to see how it goes)

If we were having coffee I would tell you when the weatherman said an afternoon thunderstorm was expected I said to myself Ooooooh I didn’t know the sky was pregnant, I shall have coffee with a friend and watch the birth of a storm. I would tell you my new favorite word Petrichor which means the scent of the earth after the rain especially after a long dry spell.
I’d say let’s count the heartbeats between each lightning strike and thunder clap, then just watch the rain falling until it stopped.
It always stops after awhile, storms don’t last forever.



  1. It would be awesome to sit on the verandah watching a thunderstorm roll in. I have my afternoon cup of coffee right now (not big on hot tea, but iced is great) … *clink* cheers for a wonderful weekend, B!

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  2. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. Like you, I blog for the pleasure of it, and blog whatever I feel like writing. And if anyone likes it… then great!!
    Lovely post!

    Have followed you on Twitter (@happylemonpip) and Pinterest.

    Have a great Sunday! x

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  3. I always wondered how people separated their “friends” online and their “friends” IRL. Because I know a lot of people do this. Interesting. Thanks for warning me about the salt. I am happy to have herbal tea (my favorite brew) and I love brown sugar. Look forward to reading about your blogging journey. I think all bloggers should review their journey every once in awhile. I’m reviewing my own (in my head) right now since I’m at a blogging fork in the road. Or maybe I’m just lost. Either way, you’ll be seeing more about that on my blog in the next few weeks. Cheers!

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    1. do you compartmentalize aspects of your social media or its all one murky pond?
      hahaha no not lost its called having an adventure…. a journey to find yourself (noone cares that to find yourself one first has to be lost)


    1. Thank you for stopping by the compliments (it is a compliment right? That whats in my head is interesting and I wont find later you just called me a crazy person or anything like that :-D)
      you are welcome and thanks again
      oh happy day

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  4. Tea leaves in the powdered milk container, sugar in the old coffee jar, powdered milk in the salad cream bottle HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are sooooo ZIMBO, I love it!!!! I wish I could attach a picture of my kitchen counter-green tea in a stevia container, oats in a old flour container. What a great read.

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    1. hahahahaha those are old zimbo school lessons… to recycle the old containers for stuff…. how about the peanut butter in an old white “caps” medication jar n ow discoloured with age and use…^_^

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      1. Haha we are the OGs at recycling. The worst was seeing an ice-cream container in the freezer, open it only to find some stew.


  5. Oh I love that word!!! (I mean obviously, considering I have my blog and Twitter handle named after it)
    By the way, your “interesting cookery accident” gave me an actual jaw ache. That’s right, just by reading about it!

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    1. my day was made when someone emailed me the comment that they would love to be fly on my wall and watch a burglar break into my house and try to make themselves a cup of coffee ^_^….

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  6. “I shall have coffee with a friend and watch the birth of a storm.” I love that, I wish I thought of it first and put it in a poem

    Brown sugar is delicious in coffee. I discovered this when I ran out of white sugar. My family is not convinced but sometimes I put it in their coffee or tea when they are not looking


  7. Can you tell that this weekend I read only a few coffee shares? Yours is so much fun and I am glad that I came across it now.
    I think that here you are actually following one of the main pieces of blogging advice I see everywhere all the time, you are being yourself, you are being authentic!

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