Of musings over a game of chess

Game Of Chess

Chess is just like life with its checkered board of day and night.

An interesting analogy.
Looking at it from that perspective, there’s more to chess than a game, than the mathematical permutations, than the gambits.

  • the king is the most important piece once, it falls the game ends but the queen is the most powerful piece losing it, reduces chances of winning.
  • thou the king can move in any direction it can move one space at a time,so it relies heavily on the queen to rule the board.
  • White moves first. hmmm
  • Black pieces can move on white squares and white pieces can move on black squares
  • it is in you best interest to move your pieces in well thought out movements
  • pawns make up a majority of a chess set but they are the least important and usually sacrificed to gain advantage
  • if all the pawns moved together in a co-ordinated gambit the monarchy would fall
  • once gone a piece can not come back onto the board during the current game.
  • at the end of the game all the pieces go into the same box, the kings together with pawns

If life is a game then its a game always rigged, in the end Death always wins.


PS So there are Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Castles but someone tell me what in the all the squares black and white is a Pawn.?

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