Of Random Little Things

A clear concept of a fuzzy idea

Twenty random little things about me, all perfectly true.

1. I have no middle name, I have always wanted one, all my siblings do, but then I dont want to be like everyone else, I want to be like me.

2. When I eat, I start from least favourite, progressing to favourite; I save the best for last.

3. My birthday is exactly a day after the President’s (Zimbabwe) that makes me Pisces, a water sign but my totem is fire. What happens when a water elemental meets a fire spirit animal

4. I have a love affair with words, addicted to each sublime curve.

5. I am afraid of snakes, sticks which look like snakes and creepy crawlies in the bush that rustle like snakes.

6. I am not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling to my death from a really high place. (there is a difference)

7. I used to think “Dru Hill” was the guy with the bleached hair, then discovered years later Dru Hill was the group and the guy with dyed hair name was Sisqo.

8 I used to have a dragon tattoo (inspired by Sisqo’s unleash the dragon) on my left bicep.

9. I did it (the tattoo) all by myself too with a needle, a mathematical compass and and some (semi)permanent ink it’s long since faded, my dragon tattoo, but in the right light, if tilt your head at a rakish angle and you squint your eyes you can see it.

10. I listened to Tupac’s greatest hits album 1 & 2 enough times to be able to rap along to each song.

11 I remember my first mass service I attended the priest opened with the lines “….you are all dust and you will die and return to dust..” it freaked me out!! (it was a funeral mass)

12.I used to think the Roman Catholic priest (at funerals) said “Glory be unto the faaarthaaar unto to the son and into the hole ye goes

13. I have an OCD about perfection, if a thing is not worth doing well, then it’s not worth doing.

14. My personality type is INFP that basically means I’m like this onion, deeply metaphoric, layers beneath layers and if I cut myself I cry.

15. I don’t remember the last time I had my hair cut.

16. I used to honestly believe if you swallow a fruit seed, it would sprout in your stomach, and the leaves come out of your nostrils, ears and mouth and the roots in your toes, and you would die. (horribly)

17. I am allergic to bee stings, first time I got stung I woke up in a hospital I.C.U. incidentally that was my first time in an ambulance.

18. I know the first 20 elements of the periodic table by head including the group, atomic mass and postion in the reactivity series

19. I have never been to the beach but I really really want to, (hint, hint) the closest I been to a beach was lake Malawi, its really big you could almost pretend you are at the beach.

20. My heart and head never seem to agree though I wish they would

……or is this a fuzzy concept of a clear idea 🙂



    1. and Woody too, had a couple of solos but The other guy whose name sounds like a phone hahahaha not so much but then he was group’s founder


      1. Nokyo or Nokio, he was a good prodrucer too. Woody did a song complaining about people saying he never sang in the songs


  1. This is awesome! 5 made me smile, 7 made me nod as I too was as confused as you were for a spell, but number 12 had me open-mouthed-ugly-laughing with applause! That is hilarious!

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    1. hahaha thank you Candice.
      5. I think the snake thing is because they have no legs ha!
      &. well cant blame anyone for the confusion I knows people who thought Beyonce was Destiny’s Child (never me hahaha)
      12. well that sorta makes sense that he would say that

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  2. # 3..We were almost twins, my birthday is a day after yours. On your birthday do people ever say “you were almost part of the 21st February movement?” I get that every single year and I hate it!!! LOL!!! Power to Feb babies, WE ROCK!!!

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  3. Oh B. this was such an enjoyable read. I am with you all the way on #6 as I too am not afraid of heights at least I don’t I am but I’m deathly afraid of bridges. Ironically I live in the city of bridges (Pittsburgh) and since I no longer drive I’m at the mercy of whoever is behind the wheel. But I give fair warning to people to let them them know that if we get stuck in traffic on a bridge I’m not sure that I won’t jump out of the vehicle and run for it (crazy I know but panic makes me think crazy things). #9 is just impressive. But I kinda would like to see your reaction to a stick that resembles a snake Ievil huh?).

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    1. stay away from bridges (as much as possible in a city of bridges)

      A snake that resembles a snake my reaction is the same as to a snake I try to kill it by screaming at a frequency that is high enough to fracture its skull, you know the way opera singers break glasses by singing at a certain pitch, yeah that

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  4. This is lovely, thank you for sharing. You may just be my brother from another mother, I a fellow Pisces with no middle name, and OCD tendencies. I share a birthday with Reggae singer Eddie Grant (songs include Gimme hope Jo’Anna). Smiles all round, keep doing what you do.

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  5. I’m trying to figure out how one uses a needle and compass and semi-permanent ink to create a tattoo ON THEMSELVES. Did it not hurt? Did you not bleed? ARE YOU SUPERMAN.

    Definitely a humorous list of facts, but that tattoo is what stood out to me lol

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    1. It hurt…. only… like a lot. ☺
      I might have closed my eyes a couple of times…. definitely not Superman…. I might be batman though.
      Thanks a million for reading and your comment made me laugh

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  6. This was very interesting. As a fellow introvert, I’m sad that you have never walked on a beach and gazed out at the ocean. There is no better place to feel both totally alone and totally powerful. I’ve always lived an hour from the New Jersey coast and spent most of my childhood summers at the beach. I hope you’ll get to go someday. Also, I learned something about you that wasn’t on your list; you are definitely right handed, because it would be impossible for you to tattoo your left bicep otherwise!😊 -which is pretty impressive, by the way!

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    1. Hahaha yes I am right handed!!! Hmmm but what if I were ambidextrous 😂

      PS Oooh and this year if plans work out, I am going to the beach whoop whoop

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