Of Chess with God


feels like a chess game,
with God,
you plan,
He laughs,
you make a move,
He wills,
you propose,
He disposes,
you make CHOICES,
you pray for BLESSINGS,
He gives you OPPORTUNITIES to earn your shillings
you pray for STRENGTH,
He gives you OBSTACLES to build it,
you pray for PATIENCE,
He makes you WAIT in silence
you want WEALTH, to do great DEEDS,
He grants you HEALTH, to tend to better NEEDS,
you pray for LOVE,
He guides you to PEOPLE, to take care of,
you pray for THINGS to ENJOY LIFE,
Yet He already gave you LIFE to enjoy THINGS,
you never get what you ask for, what you WANT
His moves unpredictable,
shaping you for what you truely NEED.




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