Of The Tangled Web

The sun made a feeble attempt to warm up the planet, a weaker willed sun would have given up, plunging the world into darkness. The horizon was a dusty mask as if the milk in the milky way had curdled.  A couple of trees were a vibrant green but most were poorly shod, brown leaves littering the ground like discarded paper towels blowing in the breeze.

If you closed your eyes and listened, you could feel the pulse of the city vibrating beneath the souls of your feet, the sound of passing traffic punctuated by the occasional screech of car breaks and the odd bang of a fender bender.

And here I was, in the centre of it all, like a big fat spider sitting in the middle of a tangled web, waiting, noiselessly and patiently. What was I waiting for? Prey I suppose, something tender.

 Would I even know what I was hunting when I found it. I wondered to myself, eyes, glazed and motionless, unblinking, lost in the echoes of the past as if I could wind back the hands of time and change… things.

Random sounds burst through my reverie awakening me to the presence of life passing by, the sound of men at work, the click-clack of stiletto heels and the pitter patter of bare feet on the pavement. Figures clad in tailored suits styled all colours from tan to black and pinstripe layouts. Chic trendsetters in figure-hugging apparel complemented with matching accessories.

The air was a mixture of scents like the first day of spring and covered in a riotous bloom of smells. Such is the world, cloaked in a need to survive, no one noticed me, noticed how each move they made was like a chess piece on a checkered board of day and night, a game of fate, and piece by piece removed from the board…

And I waited ever so patiently for someone to get close to the edge.


-From a story I found in my 22 year old diary… not sure where the story was going but do join along for the ride, any ideas? Blog Battle Theme: Tender


  1. Never not keep old writing is the moral of this one B. I thought it might by dystopian. The spider a survivor trying to survive. Hidden watching through lack of trust that others might want what the spider does and yet keeping aware they might have what it does too. Maybe not quite full dystopia, but the cusp of civilisation breakdown. Folk trying to continue as normal while others have already moved on into survival mode. I could, of course, be rambling blind!

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  2. Very thought provoking, and so many questions I’d encourage you to explore! The narrator of this tale is steeped in mystery. Budding serial killer? Truth seeker? Or even human? Lots of vivid imagery here that is as transcendental as the setting is concrete. Looks like you’ve got the seed of something bigger here!


  3. When I read the word ‘tender’ I was wondering if it was a BBprompt. Glad to see you gave it a go. It’s fun to do and the people in that group aren’t bad themselves.

    Like Gary and AE mentioned – this could go in a couple of different directions. I, too, thought it could be dystopian. A killer. Or maybe the opposite – like Claire said – maybe it’s about a guy who is in love.


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