Of Coffee With Long Table Talks

If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you, and we would have a long table to talk from because that’s how intimate conversations are handled you see…

 Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron  on long table
Putin and Macron

The viral image above of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron over a very long table, has been subject to a lot of internet chatter. They say an image speaks a thousand words, I think that one could write an epic series of Game Of Thrones proportions.

Photoshopped image of long table talk
Photoshopped image representing how the distance felt

According to Reuters the reason for the 13-foot table was because Emmanuel Macron had refused a request by Kremlin to take a Russian COVID-19 test to prevent Russia from getting hold of Macron’s DNA. Was it COVID distancing taken too far or did Putin have a message to send…. hmmm 🤔

Have some bread with a stylish ribbon around it. Happy Valentine!!!

A slice of bread with red valentine ribbon

If you were having coffee with me I would ask if you remember the drama with schools failing to open properly I wrote about in Coffee With Back To School well the past week was fraught with twists in the education department.

First, the government revised its remunerative package for civil servants which included 20% salary increase in ZWL$ salary backdated to January 2022 and an additional USD$100 converted from their  ZWL$ salary at the official rate effective from March 2022.

Government Conditions of service for civil servants and teachers
Conditions of service for Civil Servants and Teachers
Non-monetary benefits

At a quick glance, it does seem like the government met its employees half-way but then when you remember that the teachers were asking for a salary of $540 then these increments seem more like meaningless placations… As for the non-monetary benefits, while duty-free importation of cars seems like a relief how would civil servants afford cars on a salary of about $175….

If you were coffee with me I would tell you that shockingly the Ministry of Education went on to summarily issue out three months suspension notices to all officials who had not reported for work since schools opened on Monday the 7th of February.

suspension from service Ministry Of Education officials

It’s not a shock coming from a government that once upon a time fired all the nurses. Anyhoo the nurses are threatening to go on strike in solidarity with their colleagues in the teaching profession. Well, before you applaud their support, it’s not without its benefits since they are also civil servants and would benefit from improvements in the salary packages for teachers.  

Some are questioning the legality of the suspensions as technically the employer of teachers is not the Ministry Of Primary and Secondary Schools Education but rather as civil servants such labour actions should be dealt with by the Public Service Commission. When teachers want to have talks over their salaries the Ministry refers them to the PSC saying those are their employers and now they suddenly remember they have the authority to suspend striking teachers.. you cant make this up.

It’s a very weird situation and the learners are the ones who suffer the most for it. I don’t know if it’s a reflection of the Education system or my growing old el oh elBut I got mail the other day and my nieces had no idea what a letter was, they were very confused with the mysterious package which had my name on it, delivered by a postman.

On the upside, our postal service still works, even though you get to see why traditional mail is called snail mail, the postmark shows it was mailed on 6 December 2021 only to arrive 2 months later. Oh, if you are curious what was in it, it was a handmade Christmas card from Matt and Jess. Matt is the blogger and artist extraordinaire of A Prolific Potpourri.

Nigel the Nutcracker by Jess and Matt Snyder
Nigel The Nutcracker – by Jess and Matt

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that once again the president commissioned new ZUPCO buses. Sometimes I wonder what happens to these buses which are always being commissioned and yet never see them on the public road.   Where do they go after they get commissioned? Questions I ask myself while I struggle to find a pirate taxi that doesn’t look like it might have suspicious individuals with absolutely no good intentions.

commissioning ZUPCO Buses
HE ED Mnangagwa commissioning a batch of 80 Zupco buses @InfoMinZW

If you were having coffee with I would ask if you ever heard the story of the crocodile with a tyre around its neck, I mentioned it in a 2020 article Coffee With Monkey Business. How time flies, I must be having fun arent I?

A crocodile with a motorbike tyre around its neck is seen in a river in Palu, Central Sulawesi in December 2020. Photograph: Muhammad Rifki/AFP/Getty Image
A crocodile with a motorbike tyre around its neck is seen in a river in Palu, Central Sulawesi in December 2020. Photograph: Muhammad Rifki/AFP/Getty Images

Conservationists had been trying to lure the croc and free it since 2016, perhaps they should have invited it to a long table talk sooner…. They finally managed to catch it safely and the tyre around its neck removed….

The tyre after it was cut and removed from the crocodile. Photograph: Adi Pranata/ZUMA Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock
The tyre after it was cut and removed from the crocodile. Photograph: Adi Pranata/ZUMA Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock

Whats been going on in your neck of the woods? Have you had any long table talks?


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  1. Happy Valentine’s day B! ❤️ Funny, it’s just another day with my hubby and I as we’ve never celebrated it, well, maybe when we were first together many years ago. (38 yrs we’ve been together! Sheesh, that’s a long time!) Thank you for the coffee and boy is that a long table!! And laughing at the photoshopped one too! 🤣

    I hope you have a great week!! ~D


    1. Bills bills bills

      Maybe I’ll send you a postcard 🤣
      actually I wanted to do a postcard project and then lockdown started and there was no shipping services and so I shelved the idea but now I think I’ll action it as soon as I can before the next wave 😶


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the shout out B but that card was a joint effort with my wife, she drew Nigel..I drew Santa. So cool that your nieces experienced snail mail. I should send you more so they can continue to be entranced 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow that’s super cool, thank you too both of you. I hope you passed along my appreciation… And oh yes “season’s greetings” haha you can pretty much say that at any time of the year right 🤣

      This internet generation that’s grown up stuck to phones, after I had explained snail mail they were like this is super cool but why oh why didnt they just do an e-card like ‘normal’ people hello 🤣 I think the normal translates to young and hip 🤣 ouch

      Rest in piece to the art of handcrafted communication delivered postally 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a long table for conversations though…i love being cozy when im on a table. This won’t work for me

    Glad to know that it’s freed from the tyre. It must have suffered


  4. So, Macron didn’t want to take a COVID-19 test but everyone else who wants to travel has to… … … because they tell us to… … …

    Regarding the crocodile – I think he was trying out a new diet gadget. He did not put any weight because he knew that would mean he would suffocate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if they are afraid someone would still their DNA and clone them or whatever maybe it’s because that’s what they are doing to us hmmm 🤣🤣
      But seriously this do as we say and not as we do, makes the world such an equal place 😶

      Laugh out loud at the fancy diet gadget…. I mean if we have people getting gastric bypasses as weight-loss management techniques, then the tyre treatment would be quite the uninversive technique -no surgery required.


      Liked by 1 person

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