Of No Time To Die

No Time To Die is a 2021 spy thriller and the 25th instalment in the James Bond franchise.

No time to die poster

It’s the fifth and final movie starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and the gatekeepers of the movie franchise announced in a BBC Radio 4 exclusive that “…it won’t be until 2022 that we start thinking about the future” and that “”We want Daniel to have his time of celebration.”

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die

The plot…. James Bond does the cliched routine of coming out of retirement for one last job and it turns out everything is linked to everything else in the Bond Universe…. the story arc goes a full circle tying up elements from Daniel Craig’s iteration of James Bond, from Casino Royale to Spectre through to a semblance of a conclusion…

The Good

Its a James Bond movie what are you expecting to see?

aston Martin DB5 headlamp guns
Aston Martin DB5 with rotating machine gun headlamps

Oh yes, Daniel Craig has brought a certain dynamic to the James Bond character. James Bond is no longer some playboy secret agent, who will seduce everything that moves and take out legions of bad guys without breaking a sweat or staining his pristine white shirt.

James Bond No Time To Die
Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die

Daniel Craig’s James Bond is rough around the edges, shows his age, wears his heart on his sleeve, gets hurt, betrayed, bleeds, cares, loves… mortal like the rest of us. Yes, he still oozes charm but it’s a rugged sort and the women around him catch feelings….

James Bond No Time To Die

The Bad

At times this James Bond version comes across as a bit …emo… as generation Z would call it, he gets broody, professes love and makes logically unsound decisions for a James Bond secret agent with a license to kill. Actually, aspects of the movie give it an air of a convoluted romantic thriller than an espionage movie, albeit a sombre one.

With a running time of 2 hours 43 minutes, it suffers the curse of guest who stays long past their welcome… Sure the movie has a lot of issues to wrap up but we could speed up some of the thing and cut out some things entirely… One tires out of drawn-out car chases no matter how cinematic

car chase landrover defender in no time to die

And also the bad guys have no idea how to aim… how does someone with a machinegun fail to take out one man… ok fine he is James Bond in the iconic Aston Martin DB5

aston martin db5 shot up

The Ugly

While its never mentioned as necessary to have watched or to still remember details from the previous James Bond movies… As I watched No Time To Die I wondered if I should have recapped the previous movies before delving into this because I felt like I was missing some dynamics and references… Like was his relationship with Vesper Lynd that deep … that in the opening sequence he would almost die at her grave? But of course, that would be No Time To Die….. is there ever a time to die?

Vesper Lynd Tombstone 
1983 - 2006

Final Thoughts

While its not the best James Bond movie it certainly does wrap up this iteration of 007 and lays the groundwork for a new agent with the coveted double Oh designation and it could be anyone… who will be the next 007?

Oh and that Hans Zimmer Score I am playing that as I write this review….

SO have you watched No Time To Die… would you watch it or its not your cuppa tea



    1. Thank you Nikki
      Haha a quick recap is definitely I’m order otherwise you keep asking yourself hang on, who is this guy and what is the deal with Spectre anyway? 😅🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great review, B. It’s a long-held family tradition for us to go and see the new Bond film when it comes out. Two hours plus is a bit long though, and I’d rather they just stuck to the espionage storyline. Still, a tradition is a tradition…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tradition is tradition and James Bond is still James Bond, even if it holds the record for being the longest 🤣🤣🤣
      Don’t know who told Hollywood that the longer a movie is the better it is… I’m noticing way too many productions going way past the 2 hour mark.


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that just gives it more time to love… Or hate… But it’s James Bond can never really hate unless you member never liked in the first place

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’ve always been a big James Bond fan!! And even though it’s long if it’s good like you say, it will be totally enjoyable! 😁


  2. I wish I would have read this review before. It is everything you said but then again,maybe not.
    I must say I was shocked when he professed love. I was like who the hell is this? Bond? Hahaha…oh well….great review!!


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