Of Being A Creative: Things To Not Say To A Blogger

• I don’t like to read.

Oh really now… well, you have come to a right place, I happen to write you can learn to love to read by starting with this here article.

Are you still doing that writing thing?

Thing? Really now?… If you cared, you could just click on the link and see for yourself.

I noticed you haven’t written anything in a while

You are very observant, I hadn’t noticed that between being haunted by a blank page and blinking cursor and needing more than 24hours a day and endless amounts of coffee I had not been writing. Thank you very much.

•Do you have a real job?

Dont you want to be a real writer?

As opposed to what… being an imaginary and totally made-up one?

•What do you do all day?

What do bloggers do all day? Fussing over sentences; trying to befriend words and fall in love with phrases. And when that fail, which happens often, we stare at the blinking cursor, questioning every decision that led us to this moment.
And all that is before you have to edit, proofread, create graphics, optimize for search engine, publish, promote on social media, then wait… That is what we do all day.

Its like being the writer, director and producer of your own one man play.

Ha.. that would make a great article you should write it.

I’ll think about it.

You should write a book.


How goes writing the book?

Its going great thank you for asking, I have finished numbering all the pages… Also I think you should rephrase to: How goes your slow yet steady descent into artistic chaos.

I have an idea on what you should write about..

I have idea too… how about you write about that, put that ink in your pen and smoke it.

I mean totally do it if you write the book I will even help you market it and we can split 50%

How about I do it myself and get 100%

hanging out with myself

•Write something about me

So, you feel you have lived a life not only worth living, but worth everybody else reading about. Well, for me to immortalise you, I am afraid I would have to kill you first, one’s words are worth more when they are a goner.. I don’t make the rules: For your story to live, you must die.

•I want to write

Then do what I do, grab a pen and paper or a laptop and write, don’t wait till someday, start, today.

•I wish I had the time to do what you do

Oh, excuse me, you have more important things to do.. Writing isn’t important enough for you to give it time. But it is to me. I chisel away little bits of meat and skin off the day’s bones and chip away moments to squeeze in my writing.

A tip of the …

Hundreds. I have thousands of words in me. I contain multitudes.

•Where do you get your ideas?

How do you breathe? Where do dreams come from, the reason why the sky is blue… is an orange called an orange because its orange or is orange called orange because an orange is orange… so should a banana be called yellow or yellow a banana…  why are you laughing?


You have read what I wrote and then you say nothing… Did you like it? Oh no! You don’t like it, isn’t it. You think I should apologise to all the sand that got liquidated to create the silicon chips that power the servers of the internet, I should apologise to all the trees that had to die so I could disrespect their memory with my sorry excuse of desecration that I call writing…

Maybe you were dazzled by all my brilliance and you fainted?

Say something I am giving up on you…


PS Add any more I might I have missed in the comments. If you are now wondering how you can show a blogger love check out A Blogger’s Love Language



  1. Haha haha I can relate to how people assume you can just wake up and write a book….

    Then asking if am still writing….

    Some will even ask you to shift your work to another site they believe is better or something🤦

    Worth a read

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    1. You know!!!! The levels of disrespect in that… Probably also explains why I stopped showing them what I write which is why they are now asking if I still do it… 🤣🤣🤣
      Link in bio

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh how I love this as writing isn’t easy…. I have to say I’m enjoying the comments here as much, okay maybe not as much as your post, but almost as much as your post! 😉 Your last comment had me giggling, even though it’s not funny, sorry, it’s funny! (Hey Doc, so apart from treating people what else do you do?) Hehehe, so true!! Keep on writing my friend!! WONDERFUL stuff! 😍🐴🤠

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  3. You need to be abandoned on an island and only allowed back when you have completely downloaded that book from your restless mind. If you don’t do that then you can be marooned there for ever on that island.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good question… A think a large part of that is from how it doesn’t seem to really pay, it’s not something you do for the money, sure if you a lucky and really good you could make it big but for the majority it’s really just a labour of love…


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  4. What’s worse is when people think that I need to post only a few words and fill the rest of the space with pictures and videos because no one has the time or will to read paragraphs of text. Really?… Sorry, not my problem…

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  5. Pretty much. The first one gets me the most. You tell them you write anything and “I don’t like to read” that’s just awesome. The best one I got was this lady in my “family member’s” adult living facility who told me I should write a book about my family member. She meant that he was so great. I thought “oh honey, I do write about him. Every time I need a sexual predator” obviously I wanted to tell her it’s ok I’m very capable of forming ideas of what to write about

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, we totally have an overdose of ideas to pick from unless otherwise specifically calling out for suggestions on what to do next… Unsolicited writing ideas, thanks but no thanks

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  6. You have a GREAT sense of humour! A good-humoured way of writing the truth! This must be so true for people who blog for a living and monetise their blogs to earn from them. This whole thing would make a good YouTube video on channels like Buzzfeed. “Things people say to Bloggers.”

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    1. On the surface the questions seem harmless enough and one can always good naturedly respond…. But were one to think twice on what they are saying or asking it does show a certain….. Hmm shall we say ignorance 🤣🤣 or uninterest

      I notice how a lot of bloggers don’t really share their blog with friends cause yeah getting a meh response from people you know is soooooo aaaah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to be scared to show my friends because then they’d think “oh you’re that type” 😂 but I decided that if they were really my friends they would encourage it rather than criticize


  7. Insightful. I am not a writer or a blogger and I will admit I have personally asked this questions.

    I think one of these might have been mine directed to you after I had not received a usual cup of coffee from your blog.

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