Of Being A Creative: The Soul beneath

It’s a commonly held notion that the inspiration for creativity comes from tortured souls who create from a dark place of pain, sadness, loss,… but inspiration comes even from happy places infact from the entire spectrum of emotions and experiences, in many shapes forms and sizes some more than others, its hard to pin it down to a specific instance.

you write so beautifully the inside of your head must be a terrible place

Funny story, as I was interacting with a fellow blogger I got introduced to over the WinterABC Festival, Mazibs made the following comment:

“..I wonder how you sound like in real life. Probably like a reggae rugrat, coarse voice from years of pained lyrics…”

Well its hard to say what I sound like you tell me…

Adele without a doubt has the title of heartbreak queen, whenever she goes through a rough patch, you know an album is coming. Locally, we have Kae Chaps who has been crowned the Zimbabwean King of Heartbreak after he captured hearts with some soulful singing during his lockdown session with Juzi and more recently Huchapa.

I once reached out to a fellow blogger who seems to have hung up the proverbial pen because hasn’t posted in oh couple of years, their response was that they write when they are sad and the past couple of years have been bliss so haven’t felt the urge or inspiration to write…

While I wouldn’t say I write because I am in a sad or dark place, I put it to you that my writing quietens the noise in my head, all those unspoken thoughts I am always on verge of saying but never quite get round to it….

art by Pawel Kuczynski

When I was researching on writers’ block I came to a conclusion that to understand writer’s block you first have to understand the psychology of a creative individual. Imagine a writer as a therapist; unconsciously self-psychoanalyzing to resolve inner turmoil via the sublime medium of writing….

The world is an ugly place,
And so I paint over the pain,
painting my chains
into what could be,
since what becomes,
always turns out not quite as expected.
Freedom is an illusion

Whether consciously or subconsciously, there is something therapeutic and cathartic about self-expression through creativity… Its also a very intimate process, and sharing with the world is like showing the world a naked selfie of your very soul, so should you catch a glimpse of it, please be kind.

I know folk who have scores of unpublished drafts because the world is not ready to see yet, or they aren’t ready to share with the world.. For the one article you read, many others will never be seen by anyone else except the one who wrote.

A tip of the …

This post is for the wordsmiths like me, whom for every word written, a thousand other words are below the surface, like an iceberg, you only see the tip we choose to share, and sometimes what we choose to share can be vastly different from reality.

I could write a love story while nursing heartbreak or even write sad poetry while in the middle of torrid affair and something funny and hilarious when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and be a kid again.

Remember to self-care




  1. I relate with this post. I mostly find inspiration when I’m sad or angry about something. It’s almost like a breakthrough the myriad of emotions. A way for me to let go. and sometimes I go back and read through and I’m in awe at how i felt at the time especially those drafted posts that we are afraid to share…..

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    1. To those draft posts where we are more us than anywhere else…
      But hey first write for yourself the world can wait 🤣🤣🤣
      Thank you


  2. Wow!! This is so true. I recommend every creative to read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It debunks all those myths of tortured souls to creativity. Who even came up with that? I do admit intense emotions do create beautiful pieces but we have the power as creatives to harness our creativity as we so wish. Cheers to us being creatives in all seasons

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  3. I hope you weren’t going through some kind of hardship while writing this. If you were/are, then that sucks. Keep strong. You’re an awesome writer. If you weren’t, then you’re still an awesome writer. 😅Nice piece. Can relate. Like Patricia says: Cheers to being creatives in all seasons.

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    1. Thank you Kevin I wouldnt say I was going through hardships as such but yeah life is such a roller coaster a good thing happens here, a setback there but all things considered, I think I am OK enough🤣🤣🤣

      When someone asks what my blog is about I say it’s about the beauty and chaos of the place I call home 🤣🤣🤣
      Creatives for all seasons🥂


  4. Its about time you let us have a glimpse of that tortured creative soul of yours so as to speak metaphorically by dropping that book that that has been fighting for ages to break lose from the shackles of your mind. We are more than ready to receive it now. 😅

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  5. nice.. I like this post. to me creativity is freedom of thought and realization of what impact you can make first to yourself then others. self satisfaction/contentment with your work first

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  6. “This post is for the wordsmiths like me, whom for every word written, a thousand other words are below the surface, like an iceberg, you only see the tip we choose to share, and sometimes what we choose to share can be vastly different from reality.”

    I’ll just copy and paste it here.

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  7. I can definitely relate. Used to write short stories, unpublished ofcz but I only did write when sad and heartbroken. Promised myself to write a book but my days of sadness never came after that or if they did, I was never inspired enough now I’m stuck. I’m happy to be blogging anyway, happy or sad, I reach out all the same.

    I feel like you just said you have a book we ain’t ready for yet, I wld say we are more than ready when you are ready to share it with us

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    1. Blogging is a happy place 🥂🎊🎉 and I as for that book I think while seeming like I am simply blogging am going to sneak a book into all this and drop it into the world💻🤣🤣🤣
      Just watch me😎


  8. Please make a voice vote and send it to the Afrobloggers WhatsApp group. Want to check something.🤣🤣

    I write as long as I get inspiration. Whether happy or happy, I must only learn to beat procrastination and laziness.

    Beautiful post

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    1. Hahaha nothing to check here… But you can pop by to my featured post and have a listen to Painting with words or A blogger’s creed

      And here’s to writing 🥂
      Thank you


  9. I’ve been trying to analyze why I write. I remember I first started dabbling into poetry when I was sad. My favorite pieces were panned then. Then, there were a couple of happy ones but they weren’t nearly as good. I have been sad since, however, those were different types of sad… And I mainly transitioned back to prose. But lately, I’ve been thinking about starting back up with poetry. I know it would be horrid at first, but there might be something beautiful that comes out of it. But, then I realize I just am too tired to even want to THINK…

    And no, you don’t sound anything like the other blogger thinks you might.

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  10. Uuuuh my heart!
    I promise — the creatives prompt has to be my favourite to read about because it’s close to home. Why do we do this to ourselves? Read things we know are going to cut deep or even write them …shivers

    PS: Your mind must be a terrible place 😅

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  11. You l spit some facts in this post. Genuine writing and creativity from ones own self is infinitely better than idle writing, I can definitely relate there because I really do not like writing stuff on my blog that I am not passionate about. How long have you been blogging?


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