Of Coffee With Pitter Patter Patati Patata

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy to have you visit on a Monday which feels like a Sunday, because it’s a public holiday, Heroes Day and tomorrow will be another holiday Defence Forces Day..

I wrote a poem of sorts, if you can check out my last post on How To Spell Soldier

An ode to a late uncle who was a soldier this Heroes Day.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if you may or may not have noticed that my posting schedule has been a bit erratic, well that’s because my laptop decided enough is enough and go beyond my technical skills which consist of taking out the hard drive and RAM sticks putting them back in, saying a prayer to the benevolent tech gods then turning it on…

Have you tried switching it off and on again?

I always laugh when I call Tech Support to ask about slow internet connection and they ask me to “kindly restart the wifi modem” how exactly does one Kindly restart the modem? Questions that keep me up some nights…

Speaking of Customer Support I got a call from my bank the other day, they wanted to confirm that I was me.. After we had exchanged verification pleasantries, they enquired if I was aware my bank balance has been at ZERO for the past 3 months and as such, if I did not make a deposit my bank account would be automatically deactivated. *sigh*

Well, I was quite aware of this fact, the one about my bank balance being zero that is, not the one that if my account remained that way they would deactivate it… I mean after the hoops I had to jump through to get a bank account now they would just do me like that… well looks like I have to go make a deposit, oh snap it’s a bank holiday today and so is tomorrow, and wait isn’t there a pandemic and lockdown going on, fun times.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the soundtrack of the long weekend is a song that is trending and making all sorts of waves for all sorts of reasons Patati Patata by Roki featuring Rhumba Maestro Koffi Olomide and Rayvanny…

As a fan of Rhumba music, I think the song doesn’t quite hit that Rhumba spot and as a long time fan of Roki it doesn’t quite have that signature Roki feel but after practically disappearing from the local music scene, a collaboration with a Koffi would definitely put him on the continental map.. The song has broken Roki’s previous Youtube record of getting to 1 Million Views in three days it took less than 48 hours. Some say there could have been some rigging and bought views… hmmm or maybe all the controversy is paying off…

Click Farm

One line in the track has been a bone of contention… Koffi mentions that ED Mnangagwa Number One. With the lay of the land, well a lot of people aren’t very happy with our president ED Mnangagwa and by extension with Roki and his song. The song has taken a bit of polarized meaning that if you say you enjoy it, then it implies you also support the president and if you say you dislike the song then its because… you are not patriotic

….and should you ask a question like, but wait he didn’t say what ED was number one at, you might get some unwelcome attention…

According to Roki from a Chronicle interview Patati patata means someone who is talkative and the song is about celebrating the motherland. The phrase means runs the mouth with the pitter-patter of galloping feet if you were to look up the French expression it borrows from Et patati et patata

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you, I also imagine that’s the sound a dying laptop makes as the drafts and files go galloping off into the blue screen of death and such, good thing had already read the signs on the wall and backed up my stuff so I am doing ok enough…

Oh by the by, I almost missed the notification, guess what the ol blog notification we are 8 🥳🎈🎉🎊

I have been pitter pattering on Becoming The Muse for 8 years and many many many words

Allow me to just sit here and marvel at the flame that is me…

Whats going on in your neck of the woods?


And yeah feel free to buy me coffee or a new laptop or hire me to write a review or whatever…

coffee with windows

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      1. I ain’t made of money for sure, but I miss your active presence on WordPress and well now and again I feel compelled to offer my assistance , especially to someone I consider a friend


  1. Oh man, sorry about your laptop. That’s sucky!! The state of affairs doesn’t sound too great, so I’m sorry about all that….
    But at least I can say Congrats! On your blogging anniversary, 8 years! Woohoo!! 🥳🤩

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The final photo is hilarious.
    CongratZ on your 8 years. That’s pretty awesome!
    Resetting your computer or router. Ehhh… “I’ve already done that.” “Well, can you do it again?” Ummm… Why? do you think 9th’s the charm?
    I get annoyed when I get an email in which someone tells me to “kindly” do something. First of all, I know that they will not appreciate me doing it, so why do they care. Secondly, it makes me think that they can manipulate me by saying ‘kindly.’ To me, that word is passive-aggresive.


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