Of Coffee With Shots

If you were having coffee with me, I would usher you in to my corner of internet, you know where everything is I trust, anyway, we are having shots in celebration with my South African visitors who had their liquor ban eased this past week *Cheers*

It was a measure in curbing the spread of COVID though I really would like someone to sit down with me and explain how an alcohol ban would achieve this. One of my last #CoffeeChats was with Ashler Jaya Beverage Whisperer (in my head I read that similar to Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) and got a couple of comments from people in South Africa who couldn’t wait for the liquor ban to end, so they could try out some cocktails…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that a clever person could just spin a story that alcohol shots can cure COVID and boom liqour sales would go through the roof. I mean just look at what has happened to the ingredients for home cures as people turn to herbs and steaming… I wrote an article about how COVID Is Taking Us Back To Our Roots both literally and figurative, check it out and do let me know if you have encountered any traditional home remedies.

Medical professionals have doubts about home remedies as they are not supported by scientific research and its said that people who recover with the aid of home remedies and herbal cures would likely have still recovered without any other intervention. NOTE while some home cures can alleviate symptoms there is difference between that and actually curing. So remember to mask up and stay safe.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the Vaccine Campaign is proving to be quite the logistical nightmare (and also a minefield riddled with corruption and just plain incompetence) If I was president I would just say hey put the vaccine shots in shots of liquor then sit back and watch half the population vaccinate itself without further convincing. I am not one to say no to free shots.

Speaking of free shots I would tell you that earlier in the week the Minister of Finance announced that to bolster the government’s vaccination procurement, private citizens would be required to pay for the vaccine or something to that effect but later a clarification was issued that the statement had been taken out of context and the vaccine would indeed be free to all Zimbabwean Citizens

Free covid 19 vaccine to Zimbabwe  citizens

And then later the government was welcoming and inviting donations from the private sector to compliment the government’s efforts in the procurement for of a vaccine.

As an ordinary citizen I cant help wondering what everyone is drinking, I thought the government had a surplus of money in the fiscal policy and had set aside a 100 million towards 10 million vaccines now they want donations and curiously MTN donated 25 million to secure 7 million vaccines for the African Union, where are we shopping?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that South Africa took delivery of its first batch of 1 million vaccines in the past week and have now had to pause their vaccine roll out after study showed that AstraZeneca was not very effective against the South African variant of the virus.. Bummer, oh yeah, and the vaccine they received on 1 February expires in April… wouldn’t want to be in charge of those logistics.

the vaccine has landed navigating through corruption and govt incompetence
Cartoon Daily Maverick

I bet the president of Tanzania is just laughing at all this drama as he said that Tanzania is not making any plans for vaccinations and that they were probably harmful. “If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids, cancer and TB by now,” said Magafuli, besides they declared Tanzania COVID Free way back in June last year and people encouraged to take herbal remedies and practise steaming.

Tanzania health minister demonstrates how to make a vegetable smoothie that she said, would protect against coronavirus
Health Minister Dorothy Gwajima (C) demonstrate how to make a vegetable smoothie that she said, would protect against coronavirus

A local prophet last month trended after he announced how vaccines tempered with our DNA and were designed to stop Africans from thinking properly which was responsible for our poverty and underachievement. He urged governments not to rush to vaccine without substantial research.

Well vaccines or not the results for grade seven examinations are out and have a very low pass rate with some schools in remote areas getting zero passes. Everyone is blaming everyone else for the bad grades teachers the government, the government the teachers, but between that and the pandemic, lockdown and the gap between those who can afford online learning, there lies the answer. I worry about the future of education.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that it’s the silly season with Valentine “specials” on promotion everywhere… It’s a great time to be a florist I have seen flowers going for 700USD and yeah all I can say is bloom in your own lane…

I was saddened to learn of the death of Christopher Plummer who will always be Captain von Trapp to me.. So, long, farewell adieu to you.

So whats going in yur neck of the woods have you got your shot yet haha?



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  1. Great presidential plan 😂 Although there are differences in the composition, of drugs or vaccines for that matter, depending on their route of administration. Hence there may be a possibility that the vaccine may be useless or may provide side effects when administered orally. It’s good to know that Tanzania declared their place COVID free but I dont think spreading these antivaccination statements will help at all. 🤦‍♀️ Thanks for sharing! x

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    1. Ah you have a point… Well we can easily alter the plan to free shots with your shots 🤣

      Also Tanzania’s seeming Covid freeness is somewhat dubious as there’s nothing to support it.. And some locals are complaining about the number of pneumonia cases

      Thanks for visiting


    1. Haha I have no idea haven’t been anywhere one can buy a cuppa coffee in over a very long time… And we on Lockdown lol


  2. Oh captain Von didn’t know he had died ….sad…always the captain to me too.

    In Uganda bars have not operated in quotes since Corona arrived the president is quick to tell you the drunk ones can’t social distance simple otherwise people are still drinking their God knows what away.

    Just watching vaccination stories roll but people need to get over conspiracy theories already we have enough to deal with as it is.

    Coffee shots🙏Yes please

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    1. I really loved the Sound of music or I think I did haha.

      Well it does make sense that intoxicated people would be ungovernable but then I would also bet that those kind are still getting their alcohol fix from somewhere…

      The vaccination stories are wild we really need to be serious and realistic too

      Thanks for visiting


  3. oh, the alcohol ban is not to curb the virus – it’s to make sure the hospitals are able to take care of covid cases without having to worry about alcohol-related emergencies.
    to understand how wild this country is when it comes to doro, one of the big hospitals reported an empty trauma ward on New Years (when no alcohol was being sold) for the first time since they opened 💀

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    1. Oh that makes so much sense… And yes I remember seeing news about the empty trauma ward on what is usually the busiest day with patients presenting with alcohol related casualties.

      Thanks for the explanation and glad you stopped by

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      1. Lool. There are so many Magafuli’s out there, you will be surprised.


  4. I am just tired of COVID-19 tbh, I still say, if the vaccine is the mark of the beast then the devil is slacking because wow!!! He was thrown from heaven only for him to get an opportunity to give us the mark and mess it up 🤦🏿‍♀️. Why is the devil starting to sound more and more like the ANC when I am writing this?! 🤔

    Anyway I am excited for alcohol, I was tired of smelling my one bottle of wine every night before going to sleep to comfort myself.

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  5. Oh this vaccination mess 😫 Here in Ireland it’s going sooo sloooowly and I can’t wait to get vaccinated and for everyone else to be vaccinated. They’re planning for mass vaccination centres but who knows when that will happen, with the pace we’re now getting vaccines into the country. Anyway, when we do get a decent amount of vaccines, they should set up vaccination centres in pubs. Take a jab, get a free pint… maybe would attract some hesitant people, who knows!

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    1. hahahaha I know right, free shots with your shots I would totally support that campaign ^_^

      will we ever return to normal?


  6. The vaccine program is just as confused and slow here in the US as you describe. I guess everyone is impatient for the vaccine to get here so we can get back to the lives we led before the pandemic. We had trouble buying alcohol early in the pandemic, but not because of government policy – because everyone was buying it! 🙂

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    1. I guess we view the vaccine as a miracle which will end the pandemic just like that…. But seems like it won’t work that way and at this rate might take a while for it to get to everyone.
      The world needs a bit of patience 🤣
      Haha but the toilet paper shortage was the weirdest thing ever… One day we will laugh so hard about it.
      Thanks for dropping by Laurie


  7. Do you think more people would take the shots if alcohol was presented as an incentive,

    This made me reflect on our connection with alcohol and love as a people rather how we go to an extent of abusing it

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    1. After I wrote this article… I ran into an article about a pub in some country is offering free pints of beer to anyone who gets the vaccine… so I guess its a actually a thing.

      Its easy to out source responsibility to alcohol


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