Of Coffee With Gin and Lemon Tea

If you were having coffee with me I would welcome you to this tangle of words and gesture vaguely to where everything is and tell you to save yourself… Unless you prefer some Gin and Lemon Tea

We can sit here and pretend its for medicinal purposes since it has a dash of lemon in it, and it tastes really great. Remember last week when I mentioned that “they” had banned the sale of alcohol as a result of COVID regulations, well I never did see any official communication about it and the last time I went to the shops for provisions I noticed my local supermarket had liquor on sale and got myself provisions…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that in light of the rising COVID cases many strange home remedies are being shared as alleviating COVID symptoms. From making concoctions with all sorts herbs, lemons, leaves, guavas, onions, avocados, at this point looks like pretty much anything goes and then there is kunatira (steaming) with or without herbs and the latest one I came across is sniffing snuff (bute), will get into more detail in a future article.

In the meantime you could comment with some COVID remedies you have heard.

Steaming Kunatira
I dont know about this one… Steaming?

I think people need some sort of memo that yes the Corona Virus is real (I mean I don’t know why one has to wait until the statistics become names and the names become names of people you know, then they become a statistic before deciding to be pro-active about their health) but can we practice care and moderation with some of these home remedies, at this rate we seem like we are headed towards deforestation and its still only the first month of the year.

shopping bag full of zumbani leaves
shopping bag full of zumbani leaves

And opportunistic people are already doing their thing, can you believe someone tried to sell me a lemon and guava leaves for $2.50 and I walked away laughing, thinking of the lemon tree, mango tree and guava tree in my mum’s backyard, wait the guava tree fell down during the heavy rains due to Cyclone Chalane.

And on that Cyclone tip looks like we are set to get another deluge of rain in the coming week as one of the cyclones in the Indian Ocean, Cyclone Eloise is forecasted to be heading this way while Cyclone Joshua is not expected to make landfall. What’s with all these cyclones though fighting one pandemic is bad enough.

Cyclone Eloise projected to hit Madagascar, Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe and South Africa
Cyclone Joshua
Cyclone Eloise projected to hit Madagascar, Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe and South Africa

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I still haven’t heard any communication from my connections in Uganda, the internet was switched off prior to the elections on Friday. President Museveni is now the President elect after winning a sixth term taking 58% of the poll, I cant say I am surprised and predictably an opposition candidate Bobi Wine is set to contest the results.

Confused foreigners

I shared a little on internet shutdowns in a previous post titled The Hashtag Generation and Internet Shutdowns. The only information coming from Uganda was from state controlled media and a bit from international journalists. In a press conference soon after being declared the winner, Museveni dismissed confused fellows and foreigners who could not mind the own affairs clearly the voice of the people had spoken, 6 million of the 10 million who voted.

What happens next, probably other heads of state are going to fall over themselves congratulating their fellow president on winning the elections and some will even fly to Uganda to witness the inauguration. I remember our late president declaring that there was no candidate with as much experience as him being president, well, that because he wouldn’t let anyone else be president..

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that home is no picnic either, at least the Mayor of Harare is now out on bail but its been a weird journey

And meanwhile the trio who were arrested for spreading falsehoods over the story of a lady said to be assaulted by police resulting in child’s death are still contesting for their freedom in what will certainly be a landmark ruling as the law they were charged with is said to have been voided under the current constitution and we cant just go resurrecting the dead laws when it suits us.

Hand written Media Statement by Hopewell Chin’ono

Now I have to reread every word I wrote to make sure that I am neither publishing falsehoods nor inciting violence or trying to destabilize a constitutionally elected government lest you read a Coffe From Jail update.

Have some tea or gin or whatever and tell me whats bee going on in your neck of the woods.


PS I see Uganda is now back online Hello Pearl Of Africa



  1. I’m curious about zumbani leaves. They don’t look familiar.

    My mom today told me mixing lemon and biocarbonate of soda cures covid by making your pH level alkaline hehe
    I don’t know how true it is.
    And yeah, people are selling leaves of everything…mango leaves, guava leaves and eucalyptus leaves are hot cake right now here

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    1. its also called Fever Tea and looks similar to a herb called Lantana Camarra which is usually bad news for livestock
      I forgot the scientific name for Zumbani… Lippia something

      well I suppose the lemon helps… as for the alkaline levels… first if I remember my chemistry lesson lemon juice is acid and bicarb is basic mixing them would neutralise each other hmmm so what exactly are you doing hahahahaha but anyway well look up what Google has to say…

      One could sell leaves for anything and make a quick buck hahaha and a home appratus for inhaling the scent of boiling leaves would make your thousands hahahaha there is an idea



  2. I’ve been drinking a lot of mixtures lately and steaming. My skin has changed…its smoother now.

    As for alcohol, I’ meet quiet a number of drunk people yet the tarvens are banned🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. when all this is over we going to need home care remedies for smooth skin but for now we fight the covid lol if anyone gets too close to see you smooth skin they arent practising social distancing hahahaha

      people will always make a plan… I even know the number of supplier for alcohol that side but for security reasons I cant write it here lol

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  3. Lockdown South Africa booze ban latest: my stockpiling should see my through and I can toast you with a G&T (but don’t tell anyone). Stay safe. It’s sure a wild world out there.

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      1. What did the English call Rhodesia, then? They had names for every region they colonized. Ghana too, has a special name, or maybe I am mistaking it for another west African country. Anyway, not sure where I am going with this lol.

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      2. I think naming a not just one but two countries after himself Rhodes probably took all the glory in having Zimbabwe and Zambia known by no other moniker…. Although Harare was dubbed Little New York and the Sunshine City for its fair climate compared to the United Kingdom 🤣

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      3. That’s right! Rhodesia was named after Rhodes, but I had no clue what or where Harare came about. The things I learn on here. But “Little New York?” York as in Yorkshire, or New York, New York the way we know it? Forgive the ignorance, lol.

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      4. New York New York I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps… 🎶
        Actually Harare means one who never sleeps in Shona language


    1. hmmm that sounds …. risky? also if someone else goes swimming with you isnt that just creating condition for spreading? Unless you have a private pool which would be nice


  4. Greetings, Beaton. It’s been awhile! I’ve barely been on WordPress in the past year, so much has been happening, plus accessing it from my phone has proven difficult if not impossible so I gave up. Today, however, I am on my computer, which is a rare thing anymore.

    Over here in Canada, we are also dealing with the fallout of a virus that is being, I believe, misused as an excuse to control people for a few people sicker than usual, with a disease called selfishness. Indeed I do not doubt CoViD-19 to be a real illness, but so is communism. A lot of people are pushing back, though.

    Good health is essential. Strengthening oneself reduces the likelihood of one succumbing to all kinds of ailments. For me, a huge thing I have found to be helpful in all kinds of health issues is to avoid sugar.

    As for home remedies, I have heard bits and pieces about the inner skin of citrus fruits to contain something that is helpful in healing, but I don’t know much about it. Something to do with “quinine”, I think. Might be something to investigate.

    I’m having a hard time reading the writing on the photos in here, but will try to enlarge them after I send this comment. I do see something about “unconstitutional”… we are dealing with that kind of thing here, too.

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    1. Compliments of the New Year.. havent seen much of you in these parts, using a phone is so hard unless if its just to check notifications .

      Yeah the virus is being used as an excuse to get away with all sorts of tomfoolery and the vaccine is going to wind up some sort of power game too… darn capitalism creeps into everything

      Interesting, some of these home remedies have merits but I doubt big pharnaceticals would want you to know you could cure yourself using herbs from your garden when they can sell you a vaccine for a profit…

      Unconstitutional is a word the certainly summarises the contents of that whole letter (you could try opening it in a new tab to view an enlarged version of it)

      thanks for the visit


  5. Hahaha A Coffee from Jail title sounds interesting but I sure wouldn’t hope for it. I believe it’s the elders in our country that have a lot of home remedy ideas for Covid and I think some are actually selling some too but I’d love to think we can be better and actually trusting science more. Gin and lemon tea sounds thirst-quenching and I prefer any beverage when having it with you. xx

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    1. hahahaha maybe I could be visiting family and friends in jail and have coffee there… yes?
      Its definitely the elders who have knowledge of home remedies from before science… I think there is some merit to some of the ideas and a bit of scientific research could help disprove and validate the efficacy of these things.

      Gin and Lemon tea is pretty awesome and also highly deceptive one cup, and another cup and wow we at half a bottle of gin already hahahaha


  6. Well Hello!

    We the “Pearlians” of Africa are back! And yes it was a tough time! Those 5 days were low-key a definition of captivity and that was enacted on Wednesday night, the eve of election day till yesterday at around midday.

    Interestingly enough, yes. Uganda has been regarded as the pearl of Africa for quite some ages now, baptised by an explorer – Winston Churchill – who at that time was in awe of how endowed Uganda was regarding nature.
    Although, with the police brutality pervading urban streets and injustices as a result of… you know what(clearly imparted by Beaton), I doubt my country is fit to be called the pearl of Africa or even East Africa – it is depressing!

    About the ailments for COVID, a few days ago, I got into panic on realizing I had sore throat and a headache, and started ingesting aloevera gel(very sour- I know), chewing rose mary leaves and drinking tea infused with mint and lemon grass (I grow these plants at home).
    Still waiting on positive results amidst this self medication and frustration from being a “Pearlian” of Africa

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    1. hello hello Pearlians that totally rhymes with aliens but moving own… Those five days must have been pretty quite.
      Interesting didnt know about the Winston Churchill reference… though I am sure we were doing good without needing anyone else to come and teach us civilisation and now that civilisation has become democracy and I dont think we quite learnt enough about it..

      Yikes a tried a bit of aloevera gel afte someone recommended it was a miracle cure for hangovers after a particularly epic night out, long before corona thank you very much I still remember the bitterness goodluck with that
      ah yes didnt you get new plants on the tour de Kampala outing hahahaha

      speedy recovery and hopefully its just a common cold


      1. And did it help? The aloe vera I mean. I am asking for a friend 😁

        Yeah, me too I hope it’s just a common cold, I am not one to thrive or get more productive when in quarantine.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 🤣

        I recently discovered that I am more creative and very brainy when tipsy😁
        And as we speak, my chardonnay bottle right here besides me is doing its magic as I am working to beat a deadline.


      1. Here in Joburg it’s cloudy today and a bit nippy, supposedly the after effects of Eloise.
        It’s welcomed though – yesterday was a scorcher at 34 degrees. I’m glad I did the laundry yesterday though , the washing dried so quickly in the sun.

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