Of Coffee With Lockdown Seaon 2

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad to have you visit this socially distanced space I call home to my musings. You know your way around, coffee is served and by that I mean that the water has boiled and you can pick between tea bags and instant coffee; the sugar is in the coffee jar, teabags in the salad cream jar and there is no milk, just vibes. ^_^

So we have just gone through the first week of Lockdown Season 2 as the pandemic wreaks havoc in ZImbabwe if I was to quote some rather alarmist media publications… Its almost like we have gone back to when the pandemic first started in 2020 with people panicking, spreading misleading information and alarming statistics, keeping a death tally like it’s the scoreline in the final of a championship game.

Zimbabwe Declared Hotspot
South African News Station reporting on Zimbabwe

The situation at BeitBridge border post which had improved somewhat after the holiday season rush has again in the past week escalated into a humanitarian crisis as people tried to travel to neighbouring country South Africa, some returning for work and others just to escape being in Zim during lockdown.

beitbridge crowds

Governments of the two countries cant seem to agree on a solution or way forward and diplomatic relations are a bit tense especially after a Director of Information called out South Africa media for spreading falsehoods and threatened to drop a bombshell on the real reason South Africa’s ANC delegates Zimbabwe a few months back and insinuations of a coup in South Africa..

Of course a communique has been dispatched with the government and ruling party distancing itself from the mischievous tweets

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I probably need something stronger than coffee but then since I am not entirely sure if the sale of alcohol has been Nicodemusly banned as part of COVID regulations, I am saving the little I have left. There’s been conflicting reports and social media posts and I haven’t as yet seen or heard the official position on the sale of alcohol.

alcohol ban Zimbabwe

Speaking of falsehoods and conflicting reports, a video circulated on social media last week showing a mother holding a limp baby in one hand while grabbing a police officer with the other hand and a mob of people shouting that he had killed the baby…

ZIm officer killed child

I didn’t watch the video in question, I couldn’t, but it was alleged that the police officer had beat the woman who had the baby strapped to her back with a baton stick, resulting in the child dying…. The police later issued a statement clarifying what had happened and that the mother and child were unharmed.

Putting aside the ghastly business of how police officers have this penchant for smashing in windows of pirate taxis am glad that no one died in this incident.

One would expect to hear more about what happened to this woman and her child but whats on the news is that police have arrested a journalist Hopewell Chin’ono(third time in past 6months) and an opposition party politician and a Spokesperson of the opposition on charges of publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to State with regards to the above story, for tweeting about it.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell that speaking of falsehoods and incitement its been crazy seeing happenings at the Capitol and crazy how democracy, law and order are such a fickle thing. Imagine someone entrusted with nuclear launch codes being deemed unsafe to handle social media platforms.

capitol has fallen Insurrection
It would make for an interesting movie Capitol has Fallen: Insurrection. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo

Its been crazy looking at our governments rush to point fingers at how that one president is trampling all over rule of law, conveniently forgetting how their hands are none to clean…

Meanwhile of course the pandemic is reaching alarming levels though I try not to keep score of the figures and just generally stay away from all the scary news… but from the headlines sounds like a vaccine could be coming but then is it just me or does COVAX rhyme with Con Vax and that reminds me of Drax which ended being a scam outfit that tried to rip off 60 million dollars from the government.

COVID vaccine Zimbabwe

If you were having coffee with I would tell you that I have an uncle battling COVID, its been a bit scary but he seems out of the woods now. Can you imagine that he was being treated at home because the were no available hospitals for COVID patients and then because of electricity power cuts he got worse as the ventilator kept switching off. Eventually found a private clinic and from the latest update, he is doing much better.

Zimbabwe COVID Cases

The rise in COVID cases and deaths has gone far beyond what it was at the time it first peaked in 202. The government has restricted people from intercity transport of bodies for burial like how people prefer to buried at their home villages.

Movement of covid-19 dead bodies for burial in Zimbabwe

Meanwhile Uganda is about to go to polls and elections in Africa are never without drama, so to my connections in The Pearl Of Africa, stay safe as you exercise your constitutional right.

Whats going on in your neck of the woods?


PS oh by the way do you use Whatsapp? How concerned are you about their new Privacy Policy?


    1. I’m busy googling how to brew alcohol at home 🤣🤣🤣 and I’m thinking very so when they say Rice wine hmm is that wine made from rice hmm🤔what strange times to be alive
      I can’t wait for the future when we will laugh about this and people won’t believe us and I’ll say see read this I wrote about it 🤣🤣

      Thanks for visiting

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  1. I don’t have Siri (or any of the other assistants). But, I know the phone is still spying on me. I just try to make it harder on them whenever I can. No, I do not use Whatsapp. But what’s the new policy?

    The world is scary, I have to admit. There are good acts happening all over every day, but the amount of negative stuff is just insanely huge. I worry we’re all doomed one way or another.

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    1. I remember reading about how the bad news travels around the world while the good news is still putting on its shoes…

      In short the new privacy policy basically puts into effect that WhatsApp wants to merge data sharing with Facebook Companies (for business purposes of course) whether you have a profile there or not
      And it’s not optional so one either accepts it or stops using the app…
      Though they haven’t specified exactly what data WhatsApp will be collecting it just brings to the front the whole phone spying on you thing….


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  2. “Imagine someone entrusted with nuclear launch codes being deemed unsafe to handle social media platforms.”
    This was the winner for me…😂😂😂

    I do use WhatsApp for normal conversations. Classified conversations are held physically in my world

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sometimes it’s like the world has lost its head and just when you think it won’t surprise you, more craziness is unveiled….

      Haha but what happens when you can’t have meet physically for the classified conversation what then…



  3. There were rumours of banning alcohol sales circulating here in Canada but they were only rumours. I think they figured there could be a rise in crime & domestic violence so.. we continue to sell alcohol. Stay safe, and sending prayers for your uncle & your family.

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    1. I’m really not sure with how banning alcohol helps in the fight for covid yeah I can understand closing pubs and such … But a supermarket so I can buy my liquor with my groceries and go home cook and have a meal and a glass of wine as I watch the world end…

      And of course banning something only means that it goes underground to more unregulated distribution channels I’ve already seen people posting adverts about selling bootleg alcohol (they lucky I’m not the police lol) ….And I have read of people being hospitalised from drinking sanitizer….

      Thanks for visiting

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  4. Here in France all eyes are on what’s happening in the UK, where it seems the spread has accelerated beyond the rest of Europe. When they cut the EU cord with Brexit and became a law unto themselves there’s now no one else to blame.

    For the moment we’re not in lockdown, but we’ve just had our 8pm curfew moved forward to 6pm, well it’s winter and it snowed here a few days ago, so I’m expecting the next 2 months to be fairly insular. May spring herald new beginnings.

    I hope your uncle recovers and feels better soon, electricity cuts be one so much more serious when life requires oxygen via ventilator. 🙏🕯️

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    1. Hi Claire thanks for visiting

      UK and its Brexit is such a mess then you throw in having a new strain of virus into the mix

      This side of the world we still in summer or rather the hot wet season to be more precise and I dont think we really get spring as it doesnt snow haha but cheers to brighter days

      One day when the dust has settled I’m going to ask if the virus spreads faster at night and if a night curfew makes a difference, we also have a 6pm to 6 am curfew but in the past week its been in place I have seen it being broken by people and not even because if intentional disregard though thats there too but just for practicality in being home by 6 when there arent measures to have efficient transport for public.



    1. Kombi crew are the “gang” of people and touts who crew a minivan taxi (kombi) from the driver to the conductor and the guys who will be shouting out for passengers (and looking out for the police)


      1. Interesting, that’s so similar to what happens in Ug especially if those guys park in place they are not supposed to.
        Anyways back to the post, the most catchy part for me was the ban on alcohol sale because of COVID – very fascinating! As in how are those two connected?!
        When you find out, please let me know first. I could be missing out something my parents never told me about while giving me alcohol education 🤔

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      2. Haha one of my friends was joking that alcohol kills germs so drinking might even help with the virus.. That’s their excuse.



  5. I love the title! 😂 and lockdown season 2 has turned a bit complacent here in my side of the world. I just hope it doesn’t get worse than what it is right now. We’re all looking forward to the vaccine but I’m sure it’s too early to do that because I think it would take how many months to be delivered here. 🙄 Sucks, but nevertheless, we keep hoping. Thanks, B. xx

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    1. I would gather one can’t lockdown a country for a year and not expect people to go complacent.. That’s part of the reason we probably have a second wave… Effects of the holiday season.

      Yeah the vaccine might take a while to reach us… I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting maybe next year for the regular people …
      We stay hoping
      Thanks for visiting


  6. My opinion on the hoohaa about Whatsapp, is that if people delete Whatsapp then they need to get off Facebook too (if they are on Facebook). Facebook has been profiling and manipulating us for ages. Whatsapp being part of the same company it was a matter of time before this happened.
    Crazy stuff happening in Zim and SA, gosh! I wonder what the bombshell is…

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    1. And one might as well stop using smart phones because some app or other will always be spying on us.

      Word on the street is that the “bombshell” is that they may discussed the possibility of ousting the South African president as a more pressing concern than the situation in Zimbabwe…. But don’t quote me on that🤣🤣

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  7. So much going on 😂
    We just went back into lockdown again in Malaysia and recorded over 4000 new cases today only. Be strong!
    Maybe it’s time to learn to brew alcohol in your kitchen 😂

    Stay safe B!!

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    1. Well I still have a bottle of gin so got time to learn a new brew 🤣

      4000 new cases is scary and we are busy losing our heads over 1000 new cases in a day

      Stay safe too

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