Of The Square Root Of All Evil

How I almost joined the Illuminati.

Before you continue reading, I just wanted you to know that you do not have to gather your prayer warrior aunties and pray for the deliverance of my immortal soul, its safe, with me, for now, but not saying you should not pray for me, everybody needs a little prayer.

The good book 1 Timothy 6 verse 10 reads: For the love of money is the root of all of evil

No one can serve two masters
Mathew 6:24

You cannot serve both God and Money and I find it fascinating how the Shona word for God, Mwari is similar to the Shona word for money, mari.

Money is casually interpreted as the root of all evil…

the square root of all evil

But this leaves out, The Love of money. It also conveniently does not address the need and desperation for money. Some people lie awake at night thinking about the things they did to get their wealth (some sleep peacefully on their large thread count imported sheets) others lie awake thinking about the things they could do to get money. And this is not simply because they love money for the love of it, but money has become the default currency for life, without it, you will not have a place to live or even food to eat, let alone clothes to wear unless you subject yourself to the mercy and kindness of strangers, friends and family…

Church is filled with people trying to strike all sorts of bargains with God for a breakthrough and prosperity.

If someone will pray for it, someone will pay for it, someone will work for it, someone will steal for it, someone will kill for it and someone will scam for it…

Square root of 666 = 25.806

If I had a little money….

Well, it seemed my wish was going to be answered when out of the blue, someone left a comment a about how The Illuminati was recruiting…

You have heard of them right, the super secret, shadowy, cultic organisation that is said to run the New World Order. Its said that they can open doors into fame, ultra-rich and powerful circles with fraternities that include world leaders, celebrities and other professionals, all for the bargain price of your soul.

What is the purpose of a soul anyway? Elizabeth Hurley as The Devil in the Faust themed movie Bedazzled says  It’s like your appendix. You’ll never even miss it.

Anyway this guy who claims to be Grand Master leaves a comment on my blog:

join the illuminati fraternity scam

You are thinking, of course it’s a scam right? So did I, but also I was curious and a little voice did whisper what if they are the real deal, curiosity should also be right up there next to money as the root of evil.

I enquired how this would work and the Grand Master said to join this “Illuminati” I had to print out and complete a recruitment form, then I would have to send via Western Union the sum of $350 to an agent with Nigerian address and contact number…

illuminati initiation form

Having looked at the form which looked like a template for voluntary identity theft not to mention the part about sending naked pictures which might end up on internet sites, the part about sending $350 was the deal-breaking red flag on how this was all an internet scam or 419.

One of the last messages I sent the Grand Master before I was eventually blocked, was why not just waiver the $350 and collect it from the 100s of thousands I would be making weekly… He said the $350 was to pay for the initiation ceremony and would include the Illuminati Robes, a certificate of membership and a few other paraphernalia I would need to open doors into the secret society, also the fee was a sort of commitment fee to weed out chancers…

I can imagine if one were to get scammed in such a scheme they would never tell anyone, I mean how would you explain that you were trying to sell your soul?

contract for your soul

The thing with selling your soul is that, you can never sell a part of it you might think you can trade off a little bit, but it’s an all or none process and when you do sell it, make sure you get a darn good price for it because you can’t put a price on a soul.

Lastly, its not yours to sell, not even for all the riches in the world, but should you lose it, redemption is possible.

Stay Blessed


PS they also say it cant buy you happiness, I just want to be rich enough to find out for myself, maybe they just dont know where to shop.



    1. thanks MJ and you are welcome ^_^

      In a world where its easy to get so lost in all its craziness a bit of laughter helps sweep away the cobwebs


  1. I laughed so hard with what the Grand Master explained why they needed the $350 😂😂 This is very true. I’ve been on the rather unfortunate end point, money will never be an issue if you have it. But if you don’t, it is. I couldn’t imagine how many times I said to myself back then how I wish my family had enough money. This is why I easily snap when I see posts from privileged people with their insensitivity. But I still stand on my opinion about happiness. The fact is, money does make you happy, only to an extent, and depending on which circumstances in life you are in. For people like me, money can really provide higher life satisfaction. But also more importantly for those who will have access to basic necessities. But if you’re on the other end, science says it really won’t make you much happy. Lol. I’ve read that rich people are more depressed than poor people. But most times I think, “what the heck do those people do with their money then?” Maybe it’s because of the things they do in life. I grew up and learned appreciating the food that my mom puts on our table because before, we hardly ever had a good one. Maybe that’s where the difference is.
    But still, with all there is out there, I still wouldn’t sell my soul. 😌
    Thanks for sharing this! 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess for those who have the privilege of wealth, take for granted some of the things others have to struggle over, we say grace before each meal because having food on the table is a small miracle and you are never really sure where tomorrow’s meal will come from but you let tomorrow take of itself…
      I always pray that I keep healthy because I cant afford to go to a hospital, all the things I would do if I had a little money arent even luxuries, they are things that everyday reality for some..it makes me wonder…

      What do the rich do with their money?


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  2. Love your posts and as I’m reading (and giggling, full nude photo? Really?) I am always thinking about movies. The illuminati which was a great book, also a good movie with Tom Hanks, Angels and Demons. The other movie that comes to mind about selling your soul is The Little Mermaid, Ursula wanting your soul. She sings a good song about it, watched that movie soooo many times, one of my daughter’s favorite Disney movies. Lol 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahaha of course I know both the movie and the book … Infact I love the Dan Brown Book Series of that story which includes Angles and Demons, Davinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno and Origins..
      I read the books before I started blogging otherwise wuld have the reviews hahahaha maybe I might re-read again just so I can review them as a more grown person knowing what I know now

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  3. It cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy you the opportunities for added peace of mind and happiness.

    I like how you said that a soul is not ours to sell anyway.

    A nude photo. I did not expect that one.

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    1. hahaha piece of mind is something as simple as walking into a shop to order a phone and not having to deal with shady cats who would more likely con you than actually help you….

      hmmm the nude photo clause is how some people end up with their likeness on adult sites….


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  4. Hahahaha…..
    They blocked you for asking them to waiver the charge until you got your first payment.
    Sounds like a law of physics.
    It’s the one that talks about every action having a retraction. . . or something like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. for every action there is an equal and opposite retraction hahahahaha thanks for the refresher course in Newton’s amended 3rd law
      Its application reminds me of a certain Nigerian Princess who once wanted me to marry her and in return she would transfer all her father’s wealth into my account all I had to do was sent her money for plane ticket…. I could have been married and heir to a warload’s blood diamonds by now hahaha


    1. hahahaha it seems to be a popular scam so I bet someone out there is falling for it right now even.. the scam industry apparently makes a pile of money


  5. 😂😂😂😂 that Grand master is an interesting person
    Totally enjoyed reading this …I’ve always been curious about all the Illuminati ads I’ve seen
    Now I have an idea of what it’s like with the scammers thanks!

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    1. hahahaha the Grand Master was something else, actually very jovial replying messages instantly until deciding I wasnt going to bite…

      Most likely those Illuminati adverts are all scamming Grand Masters I would suspect the real deal doesnt need to advertise to find recruits they probably have they own unorthodox methods….


      1. 😂😂😂 must have been fun (or at least I imagine that it was)

        My thoughts too! Real illuminati must he way more “professional” I think


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