Of Coffee With A Summation Of Challenges

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you dropped by; put your feet up, tell me, are you comfy? Good, do you think money can buy happiness? They say it can’t but I keep wondering what about those with money, what do they do with all their money? It’s easy to say money can’t buy happiness when you have money…

money cant buy happiness

If I had money I would not be out here trying to figure out how to get my phone fixed or replaced.. It stopped a working a few days ago and ironically it was like a day after the one year warranty expired. I wonder what sort of genius engineering feat that was to ensure that the phone would run nicely for a year, then *boom* the day after the warranty expires, it stops working…

 I tried fixing it myself (since I could not afford to pay for repairs, what could possibly go wrong I figured) I succeeded…. in making it worse and it has graduated from being stuck on the start-up logo to neither switching on nor charging, only showing the red light of death on the notification light.

brick phone
Bricked Phone

After my interesting misfortune with mobile phones which I shared in my last two posts Hot Phone Deals and How To NOT Buy A Phone .. I thought my phone woes were behind me, after I had finally gotten a budget phone smartphone which even came with a one year warranty… but the universe clearly has jokes.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that money plays a pivotal part in the challenges the country is facing…

Note: there is no crisis in the country, a delegation from our neighbouring country South Africa’s ruling party ANC was in Zimbabwe in the past week to meet with our ruling party ZANU PF and they reiterated that though the country is facing “challenges” there is no crisis….

Our secretary for information tweeted about how despite the challenges the formal employment figures are rising as of August 2020…

formal employment figures Zimbabwe

Well, that’s all and good but when you couple that with the population of Zimbabwe at 14.4 million and about 50% of the population in the 16-65 age range… then how are people surviving?

Zimbabwe population pyramid 2018
Zimbabwe Population Pyramid 2018

If you having coffee with me, I would tell you that am not to be surprised that there’s a drug problem with the youth, from home-brewed illicit beers to mixing all sorts of concoctions for cheap highs. People snort and smoke the powder that coats the inside of energy saver bulbs and fluorescent tubes even the screen coating of the old cathode ray TVs and call that High Definition… And now there’s a new trend of abusing hand sanitizer, its distilled, drank, smoked, and even injected….

sanitiser addiction

This country used to be known as The BreadBasket Of Africa and now its like somebody ate all the bread in the basket without worrying about who would bake the bread let alone where the flour would come from and now here we are…

The government wants to compensate the white former farmers with $3.5 Billion dollar payout, of course they say we should not worry about this as the taxpayers will not be financing this bill, but pray tell, who will foot this money apparently the government will somehow source the funds…

Meanwhile the United Nations World Food Programme is raising funds to combat the hunger which is predicted to affect 6 out of every 10 Zimbabweans

If you are having coffee with me I would tell you that the new minister of Health the Vice President of Zimbabwe during an address made the statement that the country would no longer be exporting patients aka medical tourism for government officials as the country has exported a lot of money in paying for medical bills of government officials instead of using the money to invest in upgrading the local health delivery system. Ironically, the VP spend almost a year in China for medical treatment

Oh and Cabinet made a decision to ban, all mining activities in areas held by national parks… Who was mining in national parks and how did they get the authority to operate there and did these activities serve any purpose other than line a few elite’s pockets but such questions only add up the challenges….

sum of all challenges

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that perhaps they are right there is no crisis in the country only a sum of challenges which add up to some people living a reality that other can only dream off and anyone who dares upset this dynamic will be spirited away by a shadowy ferret force and may never be heard from again.

Takudzwa Ngadziore imprisoned for protesting at a car rental agency that has been exposed as allegedly being used for state sponsored abductions.

Money, money, money Always sunny In the rich man’s world… what would you do if you had a lot of money?




  1. It’s always the tax payers that pay the money 🙄🙄
    So absurd.
    But amazing piece.
    In this decade, money seems like the answer to everything.
    But you know, money can never be enough.
    Even Bill Gates wakes up every morning feeling like he still has so much work to do and so much more money to make.
    So at this point, Christ must be the answer to everything.☺️

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    1. The tax payers always pay for everything…
      Money is the elixir for everything it will buy justice, it will pay for justice and it even buys more money hahahaha and will probably never be enough no matter how much of it we get…
      Take over Lord!!!!!
      Thanks for visiting


      1. Haha indeed the Lord needs to take over.
        Money money money🎶
        Abba did sing this song for us.
        And you’re welcome. Your pieces always give me life.


  2. If I ever get lots of money, I mean real money like millions of USDs I would probably build solar farms so that every one has power in their homes. Free power to all the people who live in the poor neighbourhoods and after that I will then realise after I had spent all the money on solar farms and had forgotten that I need a new cell phone and a new pair of shoes. Jeesus! 🤷

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  3. The summation of challenges has left me dizzy and disoriented 😵
    Honestly, we cannot blame the youth for trying to feel good (or numb) with drugs. This is a lot
    And, we live in a capitalist society, where money is the king, the noblemen, the guards AND the castle. Money may or may not buy happiness, but it sure gives one better access to things that can bring happiness. 🌸🌸🌸

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  4. Money, I need money. Nowadays all my plans and dreams seem hindered by lack of money. Every little move needs money. Yet money likes playing hide and seek games. Anyway, If I ever do make a lot of money, I will fund dreams. Mine and others. This helpless feeling should not be shared at all.

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    1. we seek it here, we seek it there but its never anywhere we look, like the mouse looking for its cheese thats just around the corner, by every corner you take is devoid of cheese … who moved my cheese?
      Here’s To Funding dreams and finding cheese

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  5. All the money in the world , if I could have it I would take it, share it with the boys and girls. I would be larger than life. I believe Luckie D sang a song to that effect on the split personality riddim.

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  6. Globally we facing economic problem. At this point we need as much moneyy as possible to recover from the pandemic
    Hence Khanani mentioned we must allow Christ to be the answer to everything

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  7. Thanks for getting the cogs turning. Have never thought about what I’d do with a lot of money as in millions and millions of dollars. I’d like to travel. See the world. Set up a few koala and animal sanctuaries. Invest in medical research, especially for muscular dystrophy and Motor Neurone Disease. I wouldn’t tell my kids or anyone else I had it either if possible, although it would be hard to explain buying a new house etc.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thank you Rowena
      hahaha we live so much within our means having more money than sense is a dream we never dare to have… travelling would definitely be on my cards too
      and you are absolutely right explaining to close family that you have enough money to buy the whole world might deprive them of making good wholesome decisions
      hahahaha as for buying things i guess you could say you got a discount coupon special deal and some would be down as savings hahahaha
      thanks for visiting


  8. So very sorry about your phone. That’s such a bummer. I am always wishing I had more money and/or made more money and have always heard money can’t buy happiness. 🤣 I work my behind off, 40 hours a week night shift and am thankful we have what we have…. Wish life could be a little easier though. I keep my head up, keep smiling. It could be worse, I should never complain! Lol 🙃🤠

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    1. Well I am pretending that without a phone is detox hahaha at least my laptop keeps me in touch with my blog.

      yep gotta be thankful for what we have
      thanks for visiting

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  9. Money will bring the peace of mind but it will not bring the happiness (like my dad would say). Happiness is in your mind and it depends mostly of your attitude even money truly helps!

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    1. Thank you… In a way I am simply writing down the conversations I can never really have, the things I see, hear and read.
      Thanks for visiting


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