Of Upload Series Review

Lockdown restrictions got tightened and now include a 6pm to 6am curfew so I had extra time to kill and binge-watch the first season of an Amazon Prime Original Series Upload. Upload premiered on Amazon Prime on the 1st of May 2020… Lets pretend I can afford a subscription while I am on the 30-day free trial.

Upload Amazon Prime Series Review

The premise of the series is a future where they have perfected the art of a digital afterlife, where one’s consciousness can be uploaded to a digital heaven and so continue to exist in a virtual reality which they can somewhat interface with the real world.

Upload: Amazon Sci-Fi Comedy Series from Greg Daniels

Watching Upload was reminiscent of watching the Netflix series Black Mirror a dark satirical series on technology but where Black Mirror is mostly dark, Upload tries to be lighter, colourful maybe even comical but there’s still a certain bleakness beneath it all.

Black mirror series

If you have watched Black Mirror then you know that each episode is standalone, you can just pick an episode and watch or be more sequential about it.  From my recollection of Black Mirror the following episodes combined would give you a feel for what Upload is about

San Junipero Series 3 Episode 4

This Episode is about a Heaven on Earth place which is more than it seems.

Hang The Dj Series 4 Episode 4

This is about futuristic dating

Nosedive Series 3 Episode 1

Is about a social-media fuelled world of ratings and likes and trying to have the picture perfect life.

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror you could look up those episodes they are also among the most highly rated of the series’ cumulative 23 episodes

It's a wonderful afterlife: Smart, funny Upload is a sheer delight ...

Back to Upload, if I had not watched Black Mirror I would have appreciated it a little more but I kept thinking Black Mirror did this better although Upload gets points for not being so dark.

Upload is  a somewhat funny sci-fi comedy romance and if they had turned up the plot a little bit more and developed some of the themes explored in it possibly could have been a very profound watch.


The pilot episode is 46 minutes and the other nine episodes of season one range between 25 and 30 minutes so its very easy to binge watch this series and when you get to the end you will wonder if it has a second season because [redacted]. I am pleased to say it was approved for a second season so it will be coming back and I would definitely watch its second season.

If Upload is anything to go by the future will be a bleak place, imagine if they commercialised Heaven pop-up adverts and all and you got the type of Heaven you paid for… If you think technology will help narrow the bridge between the society, the rich and the poor, you might have to rethink your perspective. Upload also takes long distance dating to another level, imagine dating a dead person and with a 50 year (60 if you watched your diet) life expectancy, its definitely bound to get entangled.

Amazon's Upload

The Good

Upload is funny and provocative and invites some interesting discussions, like if you could upload your consciousness to cloud and live forever and ever, would you do it?

The Bad

Upload is a bit slow-paced though there’s a background mystery that will keep you hooked right up to the cliff-hanger…

It has a sitcom feel to it and then some rather graphic sex scenes in the first episodes thrown in mostly to keep the rating at MA 16+ as they aren’t really contributing to the plot.

It tries to be many things I wish they could just pick a hill and die on it, is it a comedy, a satire, romcom and what is the theme… because I feel they played it too safe and kept options open.

The Conclusion

If you have time to kill and looking for a lockdown watch, I say watch it, its only ten episodes, don’t be expecting the Heavens and Earth to move, but don’t be surprised when it grows on you, it does that.




  1. I loved this read because a) I love your writing b) I loved Black Mirror, dark themes included c) sci-fi is my first love – not – but lets pretend it is.
    I think the Upload creators actually got this idea from a Black Mirror episode. i can’t remember the season and episode but one of the leads was Gugu Mbatha-Raw (whose acting i also love by the way :p)

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    1. Thank you for this because
      a) means a lot 😍
      b) I loved Black Mirror two obviously.
      c) I can pretend too that scifi and fantasy are my first loves 😂

      The episode with Gigi Mbatha-Raw as lead is the San Junipero one… Although I think I saw an article in which Upload director
      Greg Daniels says he first got the idea for the show almost 15 years ago…

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  2. Unfortunately at my work place we have been classifies essential service so no lockdown binging for me, but my weekends are free so I’ll add it to my weekend watch-list.

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    1. well on the upside you do not suffer the claustrophobia of us who are confined to home.
      But yep do cue it up for the weekends


    1. Good question… Haha I am not sure, a part of me finds it an abomination of sorts but another part has always been fascinated by immortality that’s why I keep write…
      Thanks Helene

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  3. I liked your review, I want to watch upload because of this review, a BBC interview and a few other YouTube videos I saw about people who quit social media after they realized they were addicted to it and it was taking away from them living in the moment.

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  4. So many shows are getting popular because of all quarantine. Every time I speak with a friend, they have a new show to recommend. “How did you watch the other shows already? Or have you forgotten about them that fast? I thought they were great.” I want to ask them. But instead, I nod and forget the title of the latest series they are watching. Nothing really holds my fancy at the moment. I prefer to write…


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