Of Upload Season 2

Upload is a scifi comedy-drama whose season 1 premiered on Amazon Prime on 1 May 2020. Season 2 premiered almost 2 years later on 11 March2022.

upload season 2 poster

The series explores a world where there is a digital after-life in which our consciousness can be uploaded in the event of death. Season 2 only has seven episodes and each episode is 30 minutes long making it an easy cheesy show to binge-watch.

The Good

Each episode is only 30 minutes so I wouldn’t say it overstays its welcome. ^_^

While season 1 served more to introduce the concept of the digital afterlife season 2 tried to focus more on the key characters giving them growth arcs as we got more into their actions and motivations and then throw in a rebellion or revolution of sort against tech as well as the tangled love interests with the ultimate clingy girlfriend who would follow her fiance to the afterlife.

The Bad

The story continues exactly from the cliffhanger season 1 ended close to two years ago and so if you skip out on the recap…  the first few minutes can be a bit … oh wait I think I missed something.

Its also a bit all over the place as it takes a somewhat different spin from the previous season as it now doubles up more as an investigative whodunit mystery..

One of the driving dynamics of the show in season 1 had been the chemistry between Nora and Nathan and their ultimate long-distance relationship between a living and a dead person.

The Ugly

While the show thematically shows us the potential of a world where we can upload our consciousness to a digital afterlife with the possibility of being able to be downloaded into a new body… It also explores the profiteering and capitalism that drives all things, you want a good afterlife you pay for it, you want to throw lavish parties while dining on endangered or even extinct species… you’ll pay it… and when you don’t have the money for an impoverished lifestyle would follow even unto the afterlife.

How about having a weird baby simulation that’s a bottomless well for money and will drive you absolutely bonkers because let’s face it who wouldnt miss having a bundle of joy simulated even in the afterlife…

Ultimately the show is a bit all over the place and this season feels more like a seat-filler to the third season which I hope wont take another 2 years, since of course it ends on another cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts

I found season 1 to have been more enjoyable, season 2 was palatable, not terrible but not riveting either, while you wont miss out on much if you don’t watch it… there are worse ways one can spend 3 hours 30 minutes which is the total running time of the show.




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