Of Coffee Over The First Week Of Lockdown

If you were having coffee with me, I would be very happy to you dropped by, until the outside is allowed … Zimbabwe is on day 7 of a 21 days of lockdown.

If you had been here before you would know that I failed to get LPG cooking for the gas stove before lockdown begun and I was rather worried about the situation, but fortunately during the course of the week I found a company that delivered. They came and refilled my gas canister; even though their rates were at Armageddon prices, triple the price I would ordinarily pay per kilogram of liquified petroleum gas. Turns out I was lucky prices have increased further from that and petroleum cooking gas is now quite scarce and demand is pushing up the price.

Gas shortage hits Zimababwe 
Zimbabwe Hit by Gas Shortages and Price Hikes During The #Coronavirus 21 Days lockdown

…meanwhile while global prices for fuel are going down our energy regulator announced an increase in fuel prices..


If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that it’s been 9 days since the last electricity loadshedding; its almost shocking, I had forgotten what life was like when electricity wasn’t something you waited till almost midnight for. The power utility company says they will try to ensure there’s electricity during lockdown. I guess with companies shutdown due to the lockdown, there’s less load on the national grid and also the water levels are increasing at our Kariba Dam hydroelectric power station. The power utility company managed to clear of its foreign debt meaning they can now import extra power if required.

As for the coronavirus, so far there’s been only one fatality and 9 confirmed cases out of 329 tests conducted so far.

Ministry of health COVID_19 Zimbabwe

Some are worried that the low numbers of confirmed cases might be due to the low number of tests conducted and another crazy school of thought is that the testing kits we are using is faulty; sensational journalism has me wondering too…

Zim Corona kits condemned

 But the Ministry of Health via their twitter account assured the nation that the minister said they do not use faulty kits, so that’s that…

zim corona testing kits condemned

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that lockdown is starting to take its toll on the marginalized communities. I wondered a lot about these fresh vegetables that were being destroyed… burning them with tyres no less.

Burning fresh produce zimbabwe

Videos and pictures of security forces dealing breakers of lockdown are beginning to circulate and they are probably going to face more difficulties in enforcing lockdown unless some measures are reconsidered..

For example on Thursday evening The Police Banned the sell of alcohol (not sure what legal instrument they used for that but they did, like all things we will worry about legalities after we survive)

Zimbabwe bans alcohol

Then later on they unbanned saying people could buy alcohol provided that they only drink in their homes

I miss The Outside.

Meanwhile in local politics the Supreme Court made an interesting ruling that the leadership of the main opposition party is in violation of constitution and they have had to revert to pre 2016 positions. With everything else going on the implications of the ruling are difficult to ascertain as some say it could all be a ploy to distract us from what’s happening or rather what’s not happening or maybe just to frustrate any dissent to authority with the opposition party locked in its own legal struggles there will be no one to mobilise the masses…


If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you about the shocking article making the rounds about doctors discussing how they want to use Africa as Guinea pigs for COVID vaccines, everyone is collectively mad about that…

hands off Africa

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how according to this software that I use to monitor my laptop and internet usage, my “productivity”has increased in the past week (mostly due to being on twitter more) but hey twitter is like my drafts folder and a search engine, and a research too all rolled into one so it makes sense that I spent all most as much time on twitter as I did “writing” if we follow the information

If you  were having coffee with me I would tell you how I have been reading new blogs from the #LockDownBlog and here are some posts have which have remained in my head:

So random question who do you think would win a fight to the death between John Wick and Rambo?

click image below to check out my thoughts for a verdict.

Battle of The Johns

How has your week been by the way?




  1. The fuel prices are coming down rapidly here, also, and the disparity between agricultural output and current market demand has found us too slow to shift production to meet current needs. Ours is one of the few states in the U.S. that is not participating in a widespread lock down at this time. Actually, I am happy about that, since the state authority is doing sample testing to try to get a picture of the actual density of infection, as opposed to going mainly by only testing people with symptoms of the virus. I am happy that someone is trying to get accurate data.

    Still, only my husband is going out on grocery and gas runs, and to pick up an occasional meal from his favorite coffee shop. (They produce the most luscious beef liver with onions!) I am afraid to venture out because the alcohol, hand sanitizers, and cleaning products are the sorts of chemicals that inflame my lungs, and this is not a good time to head for a hospital ER for emergency respiratory treatment.

    So happy to learn that you have fuel AND electricity, now. Take care, my friend

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    1. I am glad your state seems to be fairing ok watching the stats on the news is unsettling and I try not to watch too much of it.

      Also I think we really ought to get a clear picture of the infection density than only testing those who have case definition symptoms…. Otherwise we are basically working with inaccurate data and constantly getting surprised at the rise of “new” cases especially as a person can spread the virus even while not yet exhibiting symptoms…
      But I guess authorities worry that could lead to panic and overwhelming the health care with those with “mild infections” and would much rather people sheltered at home… .

      This is certainly not the best of times to require emergency health services and one must vigilantly watch over their health.
      Thanks for dropping and have a wonderful week

      PS I had almost forgotten about the marvels of electricity ^_^ every time i flip a switch Something turns on i feel a wave of gratitude at the singular thong making staying at home bearable can watch tv, charge my phone, go on the internet, drink cold water ^_^ little things.

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  2. Do stay safe – and good that you got your cooking gas on time. Our canister had a leak in it but thankfully an employee came around and fixed it when we informed them. Take care.

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  3. I feel the need to pick Rambo since I live right outside of Philadelphia and around here Rocky (hence Stallone) in invincable. Other wise, we here in NJ are not on lockdown but “recommentded isolation” which my family and I are. Non-esential business and schools are closed till further notice. Our fuel prices have dropped by half but the cost of eggs has doubled. Hmm? Not certain of the significance. Hoping that you stay safe and healthy during this craziness.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Nancy ^_^
      Haha in a ring fight Rocky would probably clobber John Wick. I love the way Stallone has totally owned those roles such that they are almost inseparable from his identity.

      I read somewhere that fuel prices are going down since people aren’t travelling..

      I am curious how much does a crate of eggs cost currently ?

      Significance? Human are such opportunistic parasites. Haha!

      Thanks for dropping by



      1. Before this started, eggs here were about $1.56 a dozen. This week they were up to $3.99. And you certainly are right about some human taking full advantage of the struggles of others. Sad.

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      2. A crate normally goes for around $3.50 and now the prices will make you ask if they think we wont survive the pandemic and are trying to achieve their lifelong dream of becoming millionaires before the world ends hahaha

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