Of The Best Album Of The Year #BOTY2019

Best Album Of The Year

best album of 2019 award goes  to

Day 6 of 25 days of holidays and the award for album of the year goes to:

First. what is an album anyway

An Album

  1. a blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures.
  2. a collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium.
  3. a collection usually in book form of literary selections, musical compositions, or pictures

I am going to go with a photo album.

Here’s an album of four pictures that I found absolutely hilarious  and absolutely meme worthy

They just scream conspiracy theories don’t they, one can almost picture the story of a boarderline obsessive character trying to connect together the dots and solve a puzzle wrapped in an enigma and entombed in an mystery…. What conspiracy theory do you think this guy is cooking up or if you have any interesting theory to share go for it…

The subject model is Zimbabwean comedian King Kandoro of Madhorofiya  Republic and the pictures were taken from a photoshoot while brainstorming his upcoming One Man Comedy Show titled wait for itConspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

His show will be about well… Conspiracy Theories… about his parents behavior, being a policeman’s child, why Robert Mugabe insisted on naming everything after him, relationships, being broke and to find out what exactly his set will be you’ll have to attend the show and if you cant then make sure I do and so I can give you the low down over a cup of coffee….

And on that photo album tip in April 2016 Beyonce released a Visual Album on Tidal called Lemonade. I still haven’t watched it, tried signing up for a free 30 day Tidal and apparently my region is not legible…. Damn sanctions says the government.

Haven’t watched or heard it exactly but from the snippets I managed to find on the internet I fell in love with poet Warsan Shire whose poetry and prose is featured in the concept album…

And since I have gone down the poetry rabbit hole then poetry album it is….


Petals  - so profound

An album I did listen to this year was Petals a spoken word EP (well technically an EP i.e. Extended Play Record is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP but hey I am exempting qualifications)

petals track list

Petals is a 4 track poetic offering by spoken word poet and radio personality So Profound.

Petals the title track is the most profound one, comparing women to flowers, men to boys and the crisis we have society raising boys and incomplete men who cant smell, so the petals are at stake….

He is boy and like another man put it
Children only live for fun so he only knows how to play…
Imagine the flower was a woman
See On the surface is how she looks…
.Remember he is a boy
With only four senses
So only wants to taste and touch
To feel and hear his own ego
He cant smell and he just wants to play…
She clearly loves him
But remember he cant smell
So he is out of touch with her heart
He keeps playing and she keeps hoping

Petals are so that we can get close, discover the scent and learn the thorns…..


Image Credits

Conspiracy Theories King Kandoro

Petals  ThaProfoundone



    1. Hi 😃
      That’s what happens when you write a post during what should be bedtime 😓😅

      That was a typo, look again, fixed it, thanks….

      It should have read:
      “petals are at stake” as in, we are in a crisis of petals losing their petals


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