Of The Christmas spirit

Of the Christmas Spirit

If you were having Christmas Spirit with me, it would be the early our of Christmas morning; just before anyone else woke up and the madness begun.

Hello MidSummer

It’s the holiday season, don’t ask but I am drinking the Christmas Spirit in a Coffee mug while everyone else is is still sleeping lets just say as one late  author of old once said on drinking that.. well, life is an operation and alcohol is an anesthetic or something to that effect… This is Operation Surviving Christmas when you are broke and single.

So many people have gotten married, engaged and dating this holiday season, social media kinda sucks if you are not in that group, jealously watching all those woke up someone’s spouse posts knowing when the trouble starts you will be asked, when you are getting hitched seeing all your friends are hitched…

If you were having Christmas Spirit with me, we would be feeling slightly guilty that our first order of business was to drink than to go church since Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ and yes we do know that he was not born on 25 December and texts by scholars claim that this was done as a substitute to pagan’s winter solstice celebrations, which had merry making and gift exchange…

Also what the heck was frankincense and myrrh? I know waht gold was.

gold frankincense and myrrh

The word Christmas is from Christes Maesse which means Christ’s Mass in Old English. One thing about having learnt at a Mission School is having  a Catholic Sister like Sister Depache who drilled into us how we must never spell Christmas as Xmas; as if you were making Christ an Ex.

Its Christmas not Xmas

I never shorten the spelling of Christmas, granted I am not a huge fan of shorthand anyway, my love affair with words much rather prefers I spell each word right down to the very last syllable.

If you were having Christmas spirit with me, its ok you could have water or juice if you lucky to find it; its been a hard year and this year Christmas hasn’t quite felt like Christmas.

For starters this is one of the first Christmases I will spend without any of my siblings even though I will still be with family; finances and other things made it difficult to congregate. Its been an unwritten tradition as far back as I can remember but now; well everyone is wherever they are and I am here, writing about it.

I was in town, and then went to Mbare (Zimbabwe’s oldest highdensity suburb) on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping and I think its not just me, all of everyone is just tired of the state of the nation, things.

So what does Christmas look like? Christmas looks like, Christmas movie marathons (if there’s electricity) and maybe a dinner slightly more colorful than usual… and maybe rain; it usually rains on Christmas day, but wouldn’t be surprised if didn’t, what better way to end a most unChristmas feeling holiday than this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas movie marathons, any favourite movies?

I think of the top of my head I would say Die Hard. You could argue its not a Christmas movie and I wold argue its set during the Christmas season so hippie ki-yay… 

Hippie kiyay

Followed by the Home Alone movies…

How would Santa have here come when I don’t even have a Christmas card or any Christmas décor its almost like any day as usual were it not for the Christmas movies on TV as I wonder if loadshedding will kick in today or maybe the power utility company will let us have electricity on a full day….

I was today years old when I discovered NORAD ( North American Aerospace Defense Command) has an operation to track Santa Claus’s location as he delivers gifts using tech, radar and satellites in an operation called Big Red a “supplementary mission,” while protecting North American airspace remains NORAD’s “top priority.”

norad tracks santa"

It all started back in 1955 when a typo on an advertising flyer led children to call NORAD number thinking it was Santa Claus and Colonel Harry Shoup who answered that he wasnt Santa but he could track its become a 65 year tradition.

The ad that led to Norad tracking Santa.

Day 25 of 25 What does your Christmas look like (if you celebrate or not, since I have come to appreciate, the are some who have different views but hey its still holidays…. )

Merry Christmas love, light  and laughter and blessings in the years to come


PS there’s still electricity wooty woo imagine that!



  1. It’s Christmas Eve and all seven of my kids are home. Some of my adult kids and I sampled some craft beer – just a wee bit – and played charades amidst much laughter and chatter. We wanted to play music on the stereo but for some reason it wouldn’t cooperate, so we took turns playing guitar and raucously singing with a bit of harmony thrown in.

    Now it is just past midnight, I am lying on the floor with my feet up a wall, as one of the stretches I do daily. It helps my back not hurt so much. And I looked at WordPress while doing that. Yours was the latest post. I am sorry to see your family can’t get together right now, but hopefully it will work for you guys to reconnect another time soon.

    Peace to you.


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    1. Sounds like it progressed into a nice raucous day we’ll spent 😂😂😂 I met up with cousins and we had a jolly good get together 😃



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  2. 1. Merry Christmas.
    2. I went to a Midnight Mass.
    3. I had some whiskey before my breakfast today. To disinfect my organism. Everyone around me is sick.
    4. Sometimes I’d write “Xmas”, but that was just in passing, not in formal wishes. However, I like the nun’s explanation. I haven’t used it in a while.

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    1. 1. Is there a greeting for the day after Christmas?
      3. Don’t catch anything and yes, sanitize 😂😂😂
      4. Gotta love the old nun she taught us a basic ethics class and some of those things yeah still somewhere in my system


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      1. No, in the US, the day after Christmas is a regular day. It’s quite sad, really. We don’t have Boxing Day or whatever other celebration in other parts of the world. So I guess. Have a happy Thursday?!

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  3. Ah – about that frankincense and myrrh. Like gold, frankincense and myrrh both were very expensive and processed the additional symbolic attribute of being gifts between and for kings. Okay, they added to the notion that “… a king has been born…” in the person of baby Jesus.

    I think most Christian folks know this much, but what I did not realize until much later in my own religious education is that there was purely a practical reason for such elaborate gifts. In very short order, Joseph, Mary and their baby were told to flee Israel to Egypt and to hide there.

    Fleeing ad hiding are so much more likely to succeed if you have sudden and unexpected wealth in hand. In this manner, the wise men were equipping the holy family for their escape from Herod’s slaughter of all the baby boys in the region because Herod could not bear even the idea of there being anyone thought to be king-material beside him. History tells us that he even killed many of his own family to make sure he was uncontested on the thrown.

    What a sad time it must have been as new parents summarily lost their infants to a failed attempt by Herod. But prophecy was served and the Christ child was thus saved. Symbolic and practical points were awarded and Herod lost big.

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    1. Thanks for this explanation Gary it clarifies the symbolic and practical aspects about the gifts.
      I was aware they were gifts fit for a king but hadn’t considered how being on the lam from a murderous Herod would have required some liquid currency

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  4. The holidays are over. Its back to work and business as usual. My Christamas was spent like any ordinary Wednesday except the supper was a tab bit more colourful than usual and we had electricity all day.

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  5. Yay for Die Hard and Christmas meals ( I would love to hear details of the meal)! I hope you can be with the extended family next year. I do not have much family here, but of what I have here, we are close. I had some losses this winter that I have not quite shaken, but I am on the way up. Some of my friends have lost dear ones as well. As I said, I am on the way up, it was just hard to force myself to Feel Great on that designated day. However, some of my students were quite generous and appreciative before Winter Break started. One of them gave me a chocolate orange (just orange flavored) that is cut in wedges like the real thing. Wow, it is so good! So, after Christmas Eve church service we enjoyed that and I followed it with red wine. What an awesome mixture! I waited until dark….:) Your mom’s jabs may be humorous, I suppose? I wish you the best for a prosperous New Year, my friend! -Pamela

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    1. Thank you Pamela 🎄🎁
      Die Hard totally rocks!!! 🎥🎄
      Christmas meal was rice with a generous helping of barbecued chicken coleslaw and potato salad and dessert of ice-cream pudding and jelly with a slice of cake…. Definitely gained a few kilograms haha.
      Chocolate washed down with red wine… Yep definitely good vibes.
      Mum is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

      All the best in the New Year🍻

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  6. It’s been so many years of Christmas not feeling like Christmas I decided to opt-out a few years ago by implementing a strict no-gift exchange policy except for my 2 grandchildren. Scaling down has been a lifesaver and the focus is more on spending time with those who matter most. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!! 🎉

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