Of Christmas Eve

These are my confessions…..


Until fairly recently (recently being relative) I used to think Christmas Eve was The Evening before Christmas.

Christmas Eve is the whole day before Christmas. (Just like New year’s Eve is the day before New Year)

So if a story being told  was about the evening before Christmas it would so begin ….

“It was the eve of Christmas Eve…..”

If I ever made a wish that All I want for Christmas is you, then tonight is when a Santa sneaks into your room, grabs you, ties you up with a ribbon  puts a cute bow around your waist, then places you in a bottomless pit with the rest of the gifts and takes you to the North Pole.

Christmas is infectious me thinks. Even if you said “No, I dont want to catch the Christmas spirit” and wore Hazmat suit, you would still catch it. The same way if a toddler gives you a toy phone and says “Its for you.” No matter how gangster you think you are you will answer it.

Its Christmas Eve and the Christmas spirit must needs be shared, when someone smiles and says “Merry Christmas” you cant help smile back and say “Merry Christmas to you too.”

And suddenly you look forward to Christmas day even if there are no presents even if you dont believe in santa or anything just spending it with all those people who mean the most to you, that is the Christmas Spirit.

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

merry xmas


Ps the Christmas Spirit tastes a little bit like a vodka and lemon cake you can find the recipe here




  1. First “Merry Christmas”!
    I hope you are well and I see all this Christmas spirit in your piece of writing so imagine you had a good day!
    Best wishes!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Compliments of the New Year Helene

      It’s an adventure seeing all the random places people have gone back to… This post just reminded me of how I initially thought my Christmas this year didn’t have any sparkle but it turned out that the sparkle can be found if one looks for it.

      You always that phone 🤣🤣🤣
      Thank you for taking this random trip🥳🎊

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