Of An Apple A Day

I feel alive when I run


An apple a day……..

People tend to neglect their health and fitness lifestyle until they get a wake-up call, standing on a scale and seeing your weight or a doctor telling you unless you change you they will be seeing more of you and its not a date…..

I am a bit of fitness freak, I have always liked to run. I wake and I run, that’s what I do.

There is a beautiful poetry in running:

a delusion of flight,

endless leaving behind and reaching towards

running even when there is nowhere to run to and nothing terrible  to run from,

running because walking is a meaningless and takes longer…..

If Life were walking,

then running is to experience our entire life span speeded up

from birth to death….,

the perfect habit.

While all this metaphor is going on your body will thank you for it, its good cardio workout and an excellent way to kick start your fitness journey, and its FREE. You will find you suddenly have the energy to even start and maintain a workout routine…..

running with weights

I don’t go to the gym but I have crazy routine that involves a doing plenty of situps, an ab wheel workout

Weight training with home-made concrete weights at the back yard that seems like we are preparing for a cross fit event. We could not afford a gym membership so built our own gym……

concrete weights home-made gym

home made gym

2014-12-17 14.54.01.jpg

What does your fitness or lack therefore of a fitness routine look like?


Day 16 Blog everyday challenge



  1. Due to medical health advice I can now walk, bike or breast stroke. Being as the crawl and back stroke are my only strokes the breast one is out. But walk I do three mornings a week, hard for an hour The bike is a new one so only pootled as yet. No lifting over 7 lb, no twisting or pulling or bouncing is allowed. But a standing desk helps too. I try but its hard.

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    1. I love to cycle its even faster than running to see the world whizz past you …..

      its never easy but hey never stop never settle stay alive stay fit stay healthy


  2. My sister gifted me an elastic band and a yoga ball and a mat for my birthday, it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! The ball is great for sit-ups and squats, the band for building arm muscle, and the mat for stretching and yoga. 🙂

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    1. Awesome gift…… she’s a sister’s keeper Hey♥♥♥
      I havent tried yoga but oooh stretching and warming up is super important !!!!!!!!

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