Of A Sunday Story 

Imagine it’s Sunday and a friend who has been inviting you to their church for like forever, manages to catch you, when you have absolutely no reason to say no, at least not one you can make without seeming like perhaps you burst into flames when you enter the doors of a church ⛪ 

You agree to tag along, and when you get there, you really want to sit at the back, blend in, be inconspicuous, maybe somewhere you can make a quick exit if the sermon drags on for too long but noooo they drag you to the very front row 💺 

When the service starts the pastor asks that if there are any visitors may they stand up, introduce themselves and how they came to be here today and then be welcomed to the church. You try to slouch in your chair and make yourself invisible but everyone seems to be looking at you and your friend nudges you rather obviously in the ribs. Slowly you stand up and mumble your name, as your friend beams beside you. 😁

The pastor says “hallelujah” 🙋 the congregation shouts “hallelujah” back.🙌… 

The choir starts a hymn 🎤

Right in this place, the spirit is moving…. “♪  ♪

Slightly alarmed you look around  😱 For The Spirit  👻 that is moving in this place, right now…  

Eventually the sermon starts and the pastor reads from the book of the First Corinthians 11 verse 14.  About how man must not have long hair but a woman must never cut hers but she must cover it always. 
And you with your shoulder length locks can feel the eyes of everyone trying not to stare at you as the pastor delivers a fire and brimstone service about how demons live in braids and long hair…. 

You want to raise your hand and ask what if you are like Samson?

The Pastor says tell the person next to you, “I want to cast out the demon in you!”

“I want to cast out the demon in you you repeat!”

“Out!” the pastor says.. 

“Out!” the congregation repeats. 



Suddenly voices in prayer fill the room, some even start speaking in tongues. It’s a bit disconcerting for you as you are used to more conventional churches where everyone bows their heads and close eyes to pray silently and only a few people one after the other speak their prayer requests out loud then everyone says Amen.. Not this when everyone speaks at the same time. 

You try not to stare at people slamming their bibles into their hands, jumping up and down while praying, filled with the Holy Spirit presumably… 

You realize you haven’t uttered a single word in prayer you try to but it’s rather hard to think of anything to say and finally you notice everyone slowly getting silent as the prayer session draws to a close, till everyone says Amen 
In conclusion the pastor then reads from the gospel of Matthew 25 verses 1-13. The parable of the ten virgins waiting for the groom, five of them were wise and five were foolish. The wise had extra oil for their lamps and the foolish did not…. 
The parable is to teach us that we must be constantly vigilant as no one knows the day or the hour of the coming of Christ…. 

It’s been an interesting service, you think to yourself and everything is going fairly OK until the pastor for emphasis just has to ask you, “So where would you rather be….  In the light with the five wise virgins or in the dark with the five foolish virgins….”

Erm, well, honestly I’d only answer that to a priest during confession.
Finally the service ends and on your way out people stop to greet you and ask you to please come again and you say  “I’ll see….”



    1. All I know is it’s not one of the ten commandments and besides He came to break chains and set us free “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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      1. That is most important. Love. Most preachers thrive on how to dress, how to be, How not to be and fail to just show us the Father. And they become motivational speakers.

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      2. And the choir says Amen 🙌

        And don’t get started on the other ones who seem even less like motivational speakers and more of magicians, business men and tithe bandits….
        *sips tea* ☕

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      3. I’ve experienced the whole lot. Now every Sunday I get extra comfortable in bed. Got tired of the stained glass masquerade. Always acting and never just being. Tea goes down with the truth!

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    1. On Sunday’s some folks be acting all holier than thou; body is a temple… But during the rest of the week they are an amusement park rollercoaster ride…. Not that am judging am just saying they sometime the ones first to point out and loudly too at your failings….

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  1. Very interesting and well expressed. I pray I can one day have half your writing skill….

    My Sunday story was of a similar nature, but instead of making the newbies say their names, the pastor called us to the front to receive his spirit power. One by one the newbies fell to the ground from the power of the pastors spirit. And as I see them falling, I am wondering what power this pastor has. Then the pastor lays his hands on me, and I feel nothing. I am last of the newbies, the pastor is practically smacking my head with his holy spirit, but still I feel nothing. Then arises my dilemma do I continue to stand and expose the pastor powers as false, to all his congregants? No, I do the right thing and fall like a tonne of bricks. The fall hurts my hand and I mumble a bit like I am speaking in tongues.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment and I had a look at your blog you are not bad yourself 🙋

      I tried not to laugh as I read about your experience because jokes aside it really is an issue… Illusionists and conman peddling cheap gimmicks and calling them miracles…. Not taking away from the honest souls who touched with Grace, but there are a good those named even in the bible that in the end times not all those who call upon the Lord’s name are as they seem….

      Thanks for sharing and to be honest this speaking in tongues business, *question marks**



  2. There are those who know how to make us feel bad?
    I’m non conformist so your going was without doubt very polite.
    Ah well, another day in the church eh?

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