Of Coffee As Usual


If you were having coffee with me I would say thanks for the visit it’s been an interesting week well maybe interesting is not quite the word, let’s just say eventful or dare I say business as usual.

We live life a hashtag away from anarchy.

I was watching the international news and couldn’t help ask myself what’s happening in the world police officers killing people, people killing officers and robotic bomb thingies killing people….

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you is this how the world ends in anarchy, chaos and riots on the street? I overheard a voice in my head saying to another voice  “Sometimes monsters don’t look like terrifying creatures with grotesque forms conjured from nightmarish dreams, sometimes monsters look like you and me and wear uniforms with shiny buttons and polished shoes.”

Earlier during the week public taxi drivers staged protests about the number of police roadblocks on the roads asking how they could earn a living when they are constantly being fleeced by the police and this ended up in running battles between the riot police and the drivers leaving commuters stranded.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that Wednesday was the day the internet stopped, well for us anyway and only for a few hours. Internet service providers apologized for the interruption in service but didn’t explain any further leaving people to speculate that maybe the government had a hand in it because this coincided with the day that was scheduled for a mass stay away to shut down Zimbabwe. The stay away tagged #ShutDownZim culminated from a social media rant tagged as #ThisFlag urging Zimbabweans to stand together as bold citizens and a send a message of solidarity to the government by staying away from work and thus shutting down the country for a day. The ZBC Main News bulletin (which just happened to be delayed by almost ten minutes and popular opinion on the interweb is that this was to “cook” the news) went to great lengths to prove show it was business as usual in the country… and the phrase business as usual was used more than five times throughout the  news reading.

The official ZBC twitter account even tweeted that the stay away was a flop.


If you were having coffee with me I would say that THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued out a statement warning against the abuse of social media and here is a copy that is making the rounds on the internet:


It’s a bit of a scary statement and has the thin veil of a threat or gag order as we chat over coffee as usual cant help wonder if this coffee post can be construed as causing despondency or unrest, and I want to ask what about freedom of speech? That’s a rhetoric question don’t answer that we just having coffee as usual.

If you were having coffee with me it would not be coffee as usual oh no we are still having herbal Zumbani Tea. Guess what, I happened to notice it being sold in a local shop and it costs quite the pretty penny me thinks I just might start packing my own and selling if anyone interested do get in touch ^_^


So what’s been happening in your part of the world? Here is to a great weekend and a great week ahead





  1. If you were having coffee with me I’d tell you that we have fed the meaning of life to the dogs. A lawyer and two associates were brutally murdered in my country and it breaks my heart that no one of us is safe.No one.
    I would also wish you a productive week

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    1. Thanks for dropping by..
      You wake up and you just have to ask yourself why are we here?
      How much is life worth?
      here is to a brighter tomorrow


  2. My part of the world was delightfully mundane with pancakes made from chickpeas and eggs (they are not the same thing) and no sugar added lime curd along with a new personal record for a 5k. And a good strong cup of coffee this morning. The coffee was strong, too. Best wishes.

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    1. The mundane has its comforts ^_^ hahahahaha the thought hadnt occurred to me but the persson who was responsible for naming things could have named eggs chickpeas, which I happen to like by the way, chickpeas not eggs, not that I dont love eggs, I love eggs too lol
      wow a new personal record *tips Hat* cheers *clinks mugs*
      Have a good one


  3. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what’s been happening in my neck of the woods. Everyone’s been killing everyone, which is pretty much business as usual in the US now.

    All these killings bother me, but the Alton Sterling one really got to me. The police basically executed him while he was on the ground with his arms pinned down. And both officers will probably be aquitted of all charges, like always. Then there will be more riots and more people will die: both officers and civilians.

    How many more people have to die before we realize that things need to change? How can anyone look at historical events like the fall of Rome or the French Revolution and not realize that oppression always comes full circle, and that it’s in EVERYONE’S best interest to weed it out?

    Thanks for the coffee, by-the-way.


  4. ?Random brought me here…

    … and I’m wondering if it’s still as bad as this, five years on.

    I’m also wondering whether you use Signal instead of WhatsApp and ProtonMail instead of [insert name of unencrypted email system here] (because it sounds very much to me as though you should consider those).

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    1. Five years on and its gotten…. Looks around to see if they would find me here complicated… we now have a Cyber Security Act passed as law. Signal is kinda awesome but then most people I want to communicate with are on WhatsApp as it mobile service providers provide separate cheap data packages for WhatsApp only compared to having regular mobile data which costs buckets
      Also unfortunately I am so entangled with the other unencrypted mail service cutting ties with it is proving… difficult…. though for my custom domain emails I use Zoho Mail which claims to have some encryption system going on


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