Of Church and Dessert

I remember a time when grandma used to force us to pay attention during church service because there would be no Sunday dessert if one failed to answer the question;

What did you learn at church today?…


    1. At first it was a fun challenge, then became a bit of a drag and till I discovered I could get away with just paraphrasing a bible verse – so just had to pay attention long enough to figure out a verse that was read from or mentioned 😂

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  1. Oh! How you remind me of my childhood. On Sundays, I would be so excited at church at the thought of food prepared at home that we shall eat after service. My mom prepared lunch Sunday mornings and we ate after service.

    I remember how I prayed more fervently and danced wildly, especially when the food prepared that day was my favorite.

    Couldn’t go to church yesterday but I hope to go next week.

    Nice post.

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    1. Sunday meals were always the best and they were served in the best chinaware and it felt good to be trusted to have a porcelain plate instead of the plastic or metal plates we used everyday 🤣

      It’s the little things that probably shaped and kept us on the path ☕

      Thanks for sharing

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  2. Your post reminded me of my days at Sunday School after Church service. No regrets…those days are the foundation for the life I now lead.
    In the end–wise kid–you found a win-win for you both. I am sure Grandma was pleased.

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