Of The Resurrection The Challenge And The Aftermath


There I was scrolling on the interwebs when I ran into a curious story about a pastor resurrecting a man from the dead….

Pastor Lukau Resurrection
Pastor “resurrects” man

Wait what? You read right.

On Sunday the 24th what started of as a regular service at Pastor Alph Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International took a more elaborate turn from the norm when the pastor, raised a man from the dead...

The story was that whilst enroute for burial the hearse took a quick detour via the church where the “man of God” performed his miracle raising from the dead a man who had been dead three days according to the wife. But there he was breathing, walking, eating and of course going viral on the internet, being all walking dead like and weirdly surprised at being alive maybe

The internet being the internet a rising from the dead challenge dubbed the #ResurrectionChallenge took over the internet with people well being risen from the dead… And yes I was crazy enough to attempt it too


My nephews who being innocent bystanders of my antics wanted to join in too, though had no clue what it was about but they had fun posing about in my old trunk, pulling funny faces…. maybe one day they will read this post and laugh and ask what happened to the story of the guy who got resurrected.

But for a second imagine people could be resurrected I bet we would live life a whole lot different, like if you committed suicide then they would be bring you back to come face your issues and for some folk this would look like a really good investment

Oh and the man who came back from the dead, well it seems when he is not being dead sometimes he moonlights as the pastor’s cameraman for example this one time 2 years ago when the pastor healed a “whole ward” of patients…..

Religion has become quite the nest egg, with pastors populating the list of richest Africans, some of these tithe bandits are more about profits than being prophets, leaving jet-setter lifestyles and wearing designer suits.

Curious aside: why do these here pastors of ours have a penchant for Steffano Ricci belts? Is that how you say you have arrived, or perhaps there’s a more sinister meaning the streets have conspiracies. 

steffano ricci


PS I will update this post.



    1. “Men of the belt” I should remember that phrase for future ref.
      Are people that desperate for a break through any break through…. because it seems that the more people suffer the more they turn to religion, and ironically its the prophets who profit..
      Should we weep at the desperation or laugh at their gullibility?


  1. The art of persuasion has leveled up. Used to go this church in Namibia and the preaching was OK until I realized it was more about honouring the overseer (Man in the belt) than God. I heard that the SA one was selling anointed towels for R5000. Among other irregularities, I quit.

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    1. Churches are becoming stages for “magic tricks” and the subscription fees are the tithes and dues for all sorts of annointed irregularities.
      I guess these are the end times written about in the good book.

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  2. I laughed at your interpretation of DNR.
    There have been cases where people were pronounced dead because the pulse was impossible to detect, but in the end, the person “woke up”. It happens.

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    1. Imagine if you had read the other thought, I shelved in the edit process about debt collection agencies having the powers to resurrect people,
      What do you do when someone who owes you money dies? We will bring them back!! lol
      Those kid of things do happen true but this particular one is looking more like a “staged” occurrence by the day.

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  3. Out here in the states our history with these kinds of stories are endless. Their homes, the private planes and of course their women are endless as well. Your nephews are the best.

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    1. Religion has been warped into something else entirely, it gets super hard to tell the genuine and those in it for the money and fame, scary thougth maybe the arent even any…. how else would a wolf win over a flock than in the guise of the shepherd

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