*big city bright lights*

“How do you know when you have made it
is it the fame,
the fortune,
when you hip,
when you flying,
how bout,
your face on a hundred dollar bill,
that’s Benjamin Franklin,
he wasn’t just on money,
he made money,
and plenty of it..”

“He also gave it away
he was a real philanthropist..”

“A philanthropist,
a scientist,
yeah he started the first U.S. post office,
he was a politician,
he was a humorist,
he was an inventor,
I reinvent myself all the time..”

“..Fight for human rights.”

“..Yeah the man did like to fight..”

“If you don’t stand up for something,
you fall for anything,
that’s how I eat,
and still,
and still.”

“..Yeah the man did like to fight..”

“I fight too you know”
“Yeah I see”
“I fight all the time”

“I see, and don’t forget,
he signed the declaration of independence.”

“Thats some serious signing power,
its almost like a song,
when you said,
‘yeah the man sure did like to fight’..”

“Money’s worth it
talent is nothing…
…back at that time
he was exuding flyness
big ballin status
Ben Franklin was just a masterful dude
I mean,
he tamed electricty
he concluded that erm..
“that opposites attract”
“I luv dat,
all the girls looking at Ben
‘what the hell is Ben doing
flying a kite out there?’
next thing you know
somebody turned the lights on
oh snap Ben got electricty girl you better get over here,
and get your lights on
he even built his own musical instrument
hmmm we needed that
pretty fly for an old guy
..I am feeling that..”

“The legacy lives on
he even has his head,
on this bottle,
put that in your internet
put that in your twitter right there
if I only had a lil bit of that,
guess I got a long way to go,
one day man,
one day,
its coming,
to the Oude Meester RESPECT”


courtesy of Oude Meester

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