of nite vision

At nite i see the reality the daylite conceals,

the brightest light also casts the darkest shadow,

shadows are forms more real than any real being,

cloaked in sunny smiles and warm coats by day,

hiding the flaws ,

darkness kindles and feeds the imagination,

by denying sight intensifies and heightens other sensations,

easier to face the truth when you cant see it,

coz sometimes sightful visions are more misleading,

better in darkness when you cant see the judging eyes staring,

in the dark of nite,

in the stillness,

like a shadow ,

quitely stealing,

into the dark corners of my mind

treading softly

so as not disturb the sleeping ghosts,

of my past mistakes,

let sleeping ghosts lie,

i hunt the prey of remembered memories,

i found happiness before,

i’l find it again,

if i can find it in the dark,

in the cold ,

imagine how it will be

when the light and warmth come with sunrise.

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