Of Fight For Me

Discovered an interesting music video thanks to the NAMAs (National Arts Merit Awards). Fight For Me by Mann Friday won the 2022 award for Best Music Video. I was not familiar with the neither the song video nor its artists, so I went looking.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the music video has already scooped major awards such as Best Music Video at the 2022 Cannes World Film Festival as well as the Berlin Indie Film Festival. We can therefore safely call it the best music video to come out of Zimbabwe in 2022. 🎦

The music video was produced by Obscura Productions, an award winning Zimbabwean based film production company. The video features a cast of children Thulani Nengo, Natsirai Maricha, Bella Pilch, Malakai Pilch and Mufaro Mudzamira, in a warehouse using ingenious costumes and props to recreate scenes from famous movie scenes.

Film allows us a glimpse into windows of worlds we may not otherwise have access to. It was a joy to approach a concept through the lens of a child, to get lost in the magic of creative abandon. I feel that this piece is a testament to Zimbabwean resilience, innovation and soul.

Kalai Faye Barlow Director “Fight For Me” Music Video

Watch the Fight For Me video below:

How many movies did you identify from the movie? Post in comments. (to see the ones I found and refresh this page 👇🏾👇🏾)

Featured movies
•Star Wars
•The Mask
•The Matrix
•James Bond
•Indiana Jones
•Karate Kid 
•Kick Boxer
•Lord Of The Rings
•Fight Club

About Mann Friday

Mann Friday is a Zimbabwean music band based in the UK and revered for producing an emotionally charged, melodic and captivating sound.

Mann Friday was formed in 1998 in Zimbabwe by Rob Burrell and Ryan Koriya. They moved to London in 2003 and released their debut album Blue Sky Science in 2006.

Band Members

  1. Rob Burrell – Vox/acoustic Guitar
  2. Ryan Koriya – Bass/backing Vox
  3. Justin Cocks – Lead Guitar/backing Vox
  4. Michele Benigna – Drums

Interesting fact: Rob Burrell is the founder of Mukuru. Mukuru is a Fintech Business that offers affordable and reliable financial services to the emerging consumer in Africa. It was founded in 2004 by Rob Burrell as a way to help migrant workers send money home.

About Fight For Me

Mann Friday released Fight For Me in 2022 is a single off Mann Friday’s latest and seventh music album Bridgenorth Road.

The cover art is set to be the first to be beamed into space!!! Yes, you read that correct. The artwork for Mann Friday’s single Fight For Me will be launched into space on the SpaceX’s Geometric-1 rocket, which had been scheduled to be launched in December2022 making it the first artwork for a music release ever beamed into space.

What do you think of the video?




    1. hmmmm Interesting question… I think children should be left to be children…
      Especially when you juxtaposition this with the track record of what happens to child actors/ child prodigies 🤔- exploitation et al


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