mastery in the making


“its not luck,
its hard work,
no expectations only desire,
I get it,
its not about what you know,
its not about who you know,
look at this guy,
its about what you do,
I know it takes a lil pizaz,
a lil sass,
That Oude Meester will kick your ass
don’t confuse the size of your paycheck
with the size of your talent”

So when is enough, enough?”

“It never is..
this is my city
you never stop
ok you never stop
you never really stop
today you’re a hero,
tomorrow you’re a dreamer,
the next day you’re a schemer,
and then you’re a leader,
a Leader,
a master of them all…”

“…and then?”

“…and then you just keep on going
because to make it big,
to be a real master..
You gotta stay humble and keep on learning…
uyephambili ngemfundo,
inhlonipho kwingwenya.”


courtesy of Oude Meester
prestige reveals itself with time

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