Of A Cry From Africa

A Cry From Africa is a new single featuring Zimbabwean and South African musicians.

A cry from Africa
RuFF CuTT Studio

‘A Cry From Africa’ a soulful track with heart-wrenching lyrics is meant to pierce the conscious of leaders, bring comfort to the victim families, acknowledge those affected by these tragic events while calling for change, peace and reconciliation, unity and harmony and love to change the narrative and path of the current events that affect our beloved people. NO to murder of Black People.

On the backdrop of the current crisis plaguing the continent and global community, seasoned producer and musician based in Zimbabwe Gustav Smythe felt a compelling need to stand in solidarity with the affected African brothers and sisters across the globe in the fight against racism and police brutality, declaring that human dignity is a basic human right rather than an aspiration.

Gustav Smthye laid down the track and approached a handful of artists to collaborate across borders on the track digitally co-ordinated by Gustav with a simple chorus reminiscent of the classic all-star collaboration we are the world we are the children.

The track opens with an introduction from the distinctive voice of Albert Nyathi the Zimbabwean based multiple award winning poet, artist, author and philanthropist.

Albert Nyathi
Albert Nyathi

Everybody has a right to breathe

If you cut me, it is not water that comes out but blood

Vicky Sampson South African based award winning actor and artist best known from the track ‘Afrikan Dream’  used as the theme song for the 1996 African Cup of Nations where Sampson performed at the opening and closing ceremonies with Bafana Bafana (the South African national men’s soccer team) winning the cup.

Vicky Sampson
Vicky Sampson

Pauline Gundidza Zimbabwean based award winning vocalist and mbira artist, known affectionately as Mai Skye and used to be part of hit group Mafriq.

Pauline Gundidza Mai Skye
Pauline Mai Skye

Comfort Mwanyisa Zimbabwean based artist who has worked with a lot of Zimbabwean musicians as well as South African musicians as a backing vocalist for live shows including Kudzai Sevenzo, Patiance Musa, Kelly Rusike (Jazz Invitation), Celebration Choi,r Ringo, Ernie J Smith…

Comfort Mwanyisa
Comfort Mwanyisa

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA South African based Multi-platinum selling Reggae / Hip-Hop artiste also features on the track with a staccato style of rap lyrics on how the more we breathe, the more they kneel on us with cellphone footage showing our pain and experience and calling for love, unity and peace.

Don dada
Don Dada

A Cry From Africa is crying out to world leaders to stop the killing our people when they hurt, we hurt why do we have to fight for our lives, we just want to live, we just want to breathe

#BlackLivesMatter #EndSars #CongoisBleeding #ZimbabweanLivesmatter #ShutItAllDown

The single is available on all worldwide digital distributed by Beatroot Africa beatroot.africa





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