Of September Blog Everyday Challenge

Dear diary

Hello September

Today marks the anniversary of my first blog post, a dedication to my sister moonI deleted that particular post; but it’s been four years since I created this WordPress blog.

Today is also Day One of my blog everyday challenge(s) during the month of September.

My name is Beaton but you can call me ~B.. everyone does.


My blog is titled Becoming The Muse; but to be honest the meaning of that changes everyday; there is no one truth. Yesterday I wanted you to be my muse, today I want you to be mused by me, and tomorrow maybe you shall muse yourse…… in musing you, I (a)muse myself…..

I hail from a teapot shaped country south of the continent of Africa; Zimbabwe.

A teapot shaped country south of africa
A teapot shaped country

NOTE: The map is drawn not to scale, superimposed Zimbabwe to its relative position to bring out the shape

It’s the first day of spring today but we basically have two seasons, summer and winter, and it doesn’t snow, not ever. I wouldn’t be surprised that our winters are warmer than some people’s summer. Basically our seasons are hot dry season, hot wet season, cold wet season, cold dry season…. Repeat.

My blog has shifted a lot from when I first started, when it was basically a digital diary of all the stories I wanted to eventually tell and I posted at a frequency of once a very long time *hides*

Dear diary

Now my blog has become a place; alive all by its self, a place I make friends and learn and teach a thing or two… who would have thought it?

I have had a blog for years now and still I confess I never think of myself as a blogger; I am a writer who happens to  have a blog:


If I am somewhere and they say we need a blogger here, the way they say *somebody call a doctor* in the movies….. 

I would be looking around as well, looking for the blogger being called for……. 

And here I am, a part of not just one blogging challenge but two …. #BlogTemberChallenge and #30DayAfriBlogger both are aligned with sharing the African Narrative…

Its official; September is Africa month at least on this blog it will be….



PS I am curious if you could let me know where you are, its weird how you never really think about where the person on the other side of the screen is and sometimes you assume, even wrongly too ^_^



      1. I’ve bern to Kenya many times. Both my parents were born there… but never ventured South. I love the weather there 😊


    1. I saw the pictures that wasnt snow, that was just some super strange hail slush something…. even the met department said so….
      Granted Gweru gets really really really really cold


      1. hahahahahaha if you insist ^_^
        I still just might pay a visit to the met department I have serious questions about our seasons


    1. What is the full spelling of UMP, and what does that even mean, its something I have always been curious about, but never asked…..


      1. 🙂 … The weather here where we are is nice and warm, but not too hot, as it seems to be feeling a bit like fall. We are a long way from the coast, but have seen the devastation in south TX from the hurricane. Such a terrible situation. Hope all is good there!

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  1. Hello B! Blogging every day sounds like it’ll be quite a challenge. In fact, it’d be too much of a challenge for me! But then, again I probably pit too much thought into my posts.

    I never realized that Zimbabwe is shaped like a teapot! Well, that’s a good thing to be shaped as. I’m currently writing from far northern California, and right now we’re surrounded by forest fires. Some of the locals keep saying they can’t remember another fire season like this – it almost seems like the climate is changing. But that’s not something we’re supposed to talk about in the US.

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    1. Hi Josh!!!!
      If it wasnt challenging it wouldnt be called a challenge, it would be called a walk in the park hahahahahaha

      A teapot is a good thing and tea is great…. some of the best tea in the world comes from here or it used to, then it would be packaged in some fancy brand and for Her Royal Majesty The Queen of England.

      California, isnt that place always summer at least thats the vibes I get from the movies and songs …. California Dreams

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      1. I had no idea that Zimbabwe made such good tea! If I’m ever in your country I’ll have to try some!

        Haha, in Southern California it is always summer, but up here in the North it’s never summer! Th temperature here rarely gets above 21º Celsius. There’s a reason all the celebrities live down South 😉

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      2. ask me nicely…. I might hook you up something for Christmas ^_^

        Ah Southern California thats where the dreams are made and stars die.

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  2. I enjoyed your remarks about your home country. A teapot – that will make me remember. I was all wrong. I thought Zimbabwae was in northern Africa. I’m all the way round from you. Oklahoma, USA, and my state is shaped like a pot with a handle. That handle is called the Panhandle. We will enter fall in about three weeks. It is quite nice here. We are several hundred miles north of Hurricane Harvey’s rampage. It is about 3:15 am and I should be asleep.

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  3. Hey, well done 👏… nice opener for the challenge… good luck with the rest of it… Keep writing (Hollering at you from dirty south London #AfroBritTings) 😊

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  4. Born and bred in Bulawayo, KoNtuthu ziyathunqa. The city of Kings and Queens. I’m currently residing in the U.S. …I love my teapot shaped country (never realized it’s shaped like that). lol. But I have been following your blog for a while. I just started posting a lot now. I’m pretty new to this blog life. Give me a shout out sometime;)

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