Of The New Bing

I am in *hacker voice*

You are in welcome to the new Bing

I was granted early access to test out the AI powered Bing Chat ten days after signing up to be on the the waiting list. I must say, I was a little impressed by that turnover because I had low key suspected that the waiting list was only a marketing gimmick to draw people to try out Bing and the Microsoft browser. (if you want to jump the list they will ask you to set Microsoft defaults, sneaky sneaky)

Access the new Bing Faster

I was going to give it about a fortnight then I would return my browser default settings to my usual specifications, but on day ten boom woke up to the email notification that I was within. Been giving it a bit of a spin for the past week and I guess this is my review of sorts.

Bing Chat

 Bing Chat is an AI-powered feature that allows you to have a natural language conversation with Bing and get answers to your questions.  According to Microsoft, it is powered by a next-generation version of OpenAI’s large language model, making it “more powerful than ChatGPT

Microsoft has also just announced the next significant updates to Windows 11 which will include bringing the new Bing directly to the Windows taskbar, allowing a user to interact with PC across search, answers and chat.

Preview of Bing on Windows 11
Preview of Bing on Windows 11 taskbar source Microsoft Windows Blogs

Integrating everything with AI is the new normal, the future is unveiling right before us.

My Bing Experience

Having tried our ChatGPT I can liken using the new Bing Chat to using that with some notable differences;

  1. Bing chat unlike ChatGPT has access to the internet while ChatGPT is confined to a data set that ends in the year 2021 and its information ends there.
  2. As Bing waits to generate your response you can see the keywords its searching for on the internet.. so it doesnt feel like it just randomly crafts an answer from some unfathomable abyss.
  3. Finally the Bing answers have citations and footnotes giving you references of websites it used to compile its response. This is an interesting feature that gives you a way to sort of fact check its sources.
  4. Compared to ChatGPT, Bing Chat feels like it generates responses at a slower speed but understandably so when considering its doing real time internet search.

I never got round to trying to see how different the responses generated by ChatGPT would be to Bing Chat but I am guessing because of the internet access “edge” Bing Chat would come out with more quality content. Just my thoughts.

I did not have any specific tasks to carry out and was instead was simply playing the teacher game, where I asked questions I already knew the answers to so as to rate the caliber of answers.

Bing Chat Responses

My first shock, though not unanticipated was that Bing knew where I was – of course it would, it has access to my location data…. Hmmm what else does it have access to?

Bing answers the question where am I
where am I?

I asked it questions about my blogging … with some interesting results.

Has Becoming The Muse won any awards?

There were some little things which werent exactly factual, for example while my blog has won blogging awards, I have not won or been nominated in the Afrobloggers Awards (I would know, I am part of the team that run Afrobloggers and thus ineligible for nomination)

I also tried a scary and interesting exercise of asking it to write an article the way I would write…. 😱

It wrote about How To Survive A Power Cut In Zimbabwe... I havent written anything like that though I do mention powercuts, still its something I could write about. 🤔

write like Beaton

Just as the conversation starts to get interesting Bing chat asks you to start a new conversation. This is because they put in a limit to the number of turns (i.e. QnA cycles) you can have per single chat at 6 turns and a total of 60 chats in a day(increased from the previous 5 turns and 60 chats). This because the AI gets a bit confused after long chat sessions and might start giving unhinged responses…

In the first week of Bing testing some users had gotten some very alarming responses from the AI, although in some cases those came from people trying to illicit said responses by trying to effect prompt injections, then acting fresh when it reacted with talks of blowing up the world..

Microsoft then put in the measures of curbing the chats and now it refuses to carry out some tasks or to answer certain questions (even when it’s the one that prompted to ask said question, the irony)….

I hope they iron out the kinks soon enough and increase the chat limits to because sometimes you want to continue a certain line of chat and boom..

unfortunately have to start new chat

Final Thoughts

You cant really trust the things you will get from AI chatbots,  some of the things they  issue out my sound true but are conjured up from who knows where… (apparently its called hallucination) do you own fact checking.

“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain”

Chamber Of Secrets, JK Rowling

One thing is for certain, there is no coming back from this, the future of search engines is about to change drastically.

Have you tried out the new Bing? What are your thoughts on AI?




  1. I have not used Bing or any of the other AI chats. Why? I guess you could say that I am an AI-ist. (Great, now they will have a vendetta against me.) If I want to chat, I can talk to family and friends or even strangers on the street (extreme situations). And I can read/research for myself. At least for now. It does sound like it’s all finally developing very quickly and it definitely makes me feel uncomfortable. But that reminds me about a software some people use at work – it’s meant to listen and extract crucial information from a conversation to then compose a detailed note. Funnily enough, in order for the software to actually learn to do that, you need thousands of such recorded conversations that are listened to and then written down by humans.


    1. *ending to what I was saying: first, humans need to do thousands of the notes for the AI to learn things and then do it automatically. We’re not there yet, so it seems like a bit of a failure.


  2. ” This because the AI gets a bit confused after long chat sessions and might start giving unhinged responses…” Wait, does that make me an AI chatbot? I feel like I also become confused after long conversations, and start to give unhinged responses.

    You’re right, though, there’s definitely no going back now that we’ve crossed the AI-threshold. AI might end the world, but so might nukes, climate change, aliens, asteroids, viruses, Cthulhu, and a host of other things. So I guess my opinion on AI is, why not? We’re likely doomed with or without it.

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  3. That sample blog post in your style got me scared. It is now easy to get an idea of someone’s views on specific yet sensitive topics. Labeling people is now easy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was rattled to the core… especially when you think about deepfake technology which can create and animate a video of person using simply their photo… They used to say the camera never lies, but now we live in an era where you cannot trust anything not your senses, not the news, not anything you see on internet…
      what is truth?


      Liked by 1 person

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