Of Mudiwa Janet And The Fifa 2022 World Cup

As we brace for the 2022 world cup final between Argentina and France with its multiple subtexts – will France’s  Kylian Mbappé secure them a back to back world cup win and end Lionel Messi’s dream to bring it back home for Argentina in what is likely his last world cup appearance?

Argentina versus France Messi and Mbappe

Africa’s support is towards France as its considered an honorary African country by some while others don’t support it because of its colonial participation, some support Messi who is considered one of the greatest of all times and then again others just want him to be stopped short of achieving a World Cup win even if it means supporting whatever team he plays against… talk about tense.

This brings us to the crossover music the Super Sport Channel has been using during the studio switch to the 2022 post-game match highlights. When I first heard it I thought it reminded of me something but couldn’t put my finger on it… Then I saw other people also coming to their own deductions, that it was vaguely reminiscent of a classic track Mudiwa Janet by the late John Chibadura

Mr Chitungwiza, as John Chibadura was affectionately known by his fans, who died at age 42 in 1999 and is considered one of Zimbabwe’s greatest musicians. Mudiwa Janet with its groovy reggae beat is classic albeit sad ballad about a man whose sweetheart Janet reneged on her promise to take care of his kids whom she had swore to take care of as her own and they now have to breakup because he cant forskake his children for love… 💔

Listening to the instrumental for the FIFA 2022 official world cup track Hayya one can see how they seem to have a similar feel although with a different tempo.  

The family of the late sungura icon had been initially approached by The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) to ask if they were aware of granting any usage rights  which led to the estate lodging a formal complaint through the heir to Chibadura estate Isabel Nyamukoko.

ZIMURA conducted a thorough research and analysis of the songs under comparison. The analysis included code sequence, chord progression, melodies and arrangements whilst the research included inputs from music experts which comprised of Pastor Charles Charamba, leader of The Fishers of Men Band and also a renowned music professional who holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz, from the Africa University. Clive Mono Mukundu, a Zimbabwean music expert with extensive knowledge of music complimented by his Degree in Music Business, Musicology and Technology with the Midlands State University. Dr Dread, a Cape Town-based renowned music producer with lots of experience covering different genres and sound styles.

The research and analysis of both songs has clearly shown that the 2022 FIFA World Cup song did not originate from the late Chibadura’s song ‘Mudiwa Janet’ but rather from a song titled ‘Hayya Hayya (Better Together)’ performed by a number of international artists.

“ZIMURA’s findings and conclusion were successfully relayed to Isabel Nyamukoko heir to the late John Chibadura’s Copyright Estate who fully understood and accepted the outcome.”

That concludes that matter but who will take the trophy home? Are you routing for any particular team ?




  1. That’s interesting about the song. I always wondered how a musician proved that somebody stole “their song”. Maybe I should write some random songs, backdate them on wordpress and then go after famous people and graft some money out of them. Not a lot, just a couple of hundred thousand, american dollars. I’m not greedy after all, hahahahaa 😀

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    1. Well for your claim to be truly valid you will need to get your chord progession and melodies copyrighted 🤔 and the woke people tend to do that before the song is even released to public… Good luck with trying to shake them down…

      However I’ve seen a flip version of that graft where you copyright a really catchy melody and then wait for someone famous to “sample” it without following due protocol and then boom you finally get your payday 💰

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  2. its interesting how there is a world of music we dont know that analyses origination of songs . i rooted for France but the football gods had their own plans.
    beautiful read.

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  3. You always find these songs that are ‘borrowed’ from others.
    I didn’t cheer for any particular team in the final, but I am often slightly against the favorites, so during the match, I kinda rooted for France.

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    1. Also I find matches that end in a penalty feel like the winner won by a gamble than match skill (especially if it’s not the team that you are rooting for😅 — sour grapes maybe? )


      PS I was rooting for France 🤡

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      1. I always enjoyed penalties because that proved that the match was intense (even score). However, now with a million minutes being added to the base time for any little thing, it gets to be too long – everyone’s tired, etc. Penalties indeed are a bit of a russian roulette.


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