Of Coffee With Sunshowers

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you stopped by these tangle of words and hope you brought an umbrella because out of the blue right in front of you it started raining ☔ yet the sun was still shining.


Growing up I was taught that when it rains while the sun’s still shining, it means somewhere monkeys are getting married, a monkey wedding. My phone camera wasn’t fancy enough to fully capture the awe of it all, although, I managed to get my jeans muddy and a mini-heart attack in the pursuit of these images:

*excuse me while I check on my phone in rice* So sun showers…🤔 without my phone to prompt me and Google offering information at my fingertips I can’t recall fascinating facts about sunshowers except that the word doesn’t commonly appear in the English dictionary, my spellcheck has even put red squiggly lines beneath the word.

What is a sunshower? A sun shower or sunshower is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls when the sun is shining

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that, yesteryear I once wrote an article about Monkey Weddings and from the research I did back then, I found something interesting, on how in various cultures, sunshowers had a common theme such as animals getting married, tricksters or signifying something ominous.

When it rains, the electricity has a habit of going to the place where electricity goes, only to return as people (usually kids) exclaim “Magetsi Adzoka” meaning “electricity is back“… Somewhere at the back of my mind I have always wondered “but where will it have gone?..” That however is a question for another time (saves to drafts) except the seemingly lifelong dream of building my own power station or getting enough solar power to go off the grid.

How many solar panels are enough

Right next to the Zimbabwean Dream, which some people will jokingly refer to as leaving Zimbabwe. My last article on knowing you are ready to buy a house seems to have caught the attention of spam comments or bots with advertorials for camper vans, so yeah maybe that van life would be a pleasant distraction from the craziness in this teapot shaped country.

But first, before travelling anywhere, our toll gate fees have more than doubled in the local currency, yet the same price in the USD, I have long since stopped trying to understand our economics.

Toll Fees Review effective 23 May 2022

Some refer to the economic principles in Zimbabwe as Vodoo Economics, I wish I had my phone so I could Google the origins of that term but in my head, it conjures up images of people doing all manner of rituals to bring back the economy from the dead and only succeeding in raising inflation instead.

Vodoo Economics
Image by TNToons©

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if you recall from my last article on Taro root/Yam that I mentioned how the government in its great awareness of the needs of its citizens was reducing the price of import duty on basics groceries. For the next six months, basic commodities will be suspended from import duty.

Measure to improve availability of basic commodities

Oh and remember that temporary measure to ban banks from lending just the other week? Well, the Reserve Bank which some people on the streets are now referring to as the Reverse Bank has since made announcements to reverse the ban on lending…

RBZ upliftment of ban of lending by banks

It’s raining but it’s way past the rain season maybe it’s a signal for something, maybe it’s to herald that Winter is coming. Winter this side of the hemisphere.. What do you call the phenomenon when it rains whilst the sun is shining all and bright in the sky?

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?



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  1. Such a thrilling moment having coffee with you today. I’m amused that the story of monkeys wedding (in our case beasts giving birth) in the bush exists in Zimbabwe too. When we were young, we had a kids song for the occurrence, one with a perfect rhyme, in my vernacular language. And you’ve put a smile on my face with that issue of electricity going off when it’s raining. It’s really a common thing I agree, but to build a house with a solar-panel roof as a remedy? 🤣🤣, that’s funny indeed, Beaton. A friend tells me it’s an automated setting by powerhouses to prevent electric shock, i don’t quite grasp it all. About Zimbabwe’s economy, I can only say that most African ecomies are collapsing, even our own – Kenya, and I cast the blame on corruption and use of national loans on long-term income-generating projects (for instance, using a loan to construct a stadium – surely, to realize the returns might take a whole century since even completing the project itself takes half of it). It’s our continent anyway, and if we choose to allow neo-colonialism to trample us down, we’ll in no time become real slaves. I’m not even afraid to say that China has the same intentions with some parts of Africa, especially the Eastern part. If my country pledged a whole port as a collateral for their loan, it leaves me astounded as to whether we think right of our future.

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  2. I appreciate having coffee with you today. It seems the economy is in collapse everywhere now. Perhaps out of this great collapse something good will come. The origin of ‘Voodoo Economics’ is really quite simple, in 1980 while George H.W. Bush was competing with Ronald Reagan for the nomination for President in the Republican Primaries he referred to Reagonomics as ‘Voodoo Economics,’ which indeed it is.

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  3. Hi B! I love it when it rains and the sun shines through the clouds. Doesn’t happen often but it’s great when it does. I have been getting spam from vans and car stuff for awhile now. And one spammer that is hooked in deep as I’ve blocked it but it keeps spamming filling up my spam folder. So annoying!! I guess I’ll never stop spam….. Thanks for the coffee and I hope you have a great week! 😀

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  4. I read the first few paragraphs waiting for you to talk about sunFLOWERS. Sun showers. OK, but what does that have to do with sunflowers? Great proof that sometimes we jump to conclusions too quickly.

    I think I remember hearing something about what happens when it’s sunny and raining at the same time, but I can’t remember. It definitely had nothing to do with monkeys.


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