Of Being Ready To Buy A House

5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a House

Buying a home is a huge financial risk that nobody should take lightly!  Not only are you signing yourself up for ten to thirty years of house payments, but you’re also investing in your future.

If you’re unsure if you’re ready or not, these are five signs to consider.

5 Signs You're Ready to Buy a House

You’ve Worked For Your Company For Over Five Years.

Good employment history is more powerful than almost anything else.  How long have you worked for your current company?  If there was a gap in your employment before you started working for them, how long was it- and why was there a gap?  You’ll have to explain these details to your lender when they’re considering your application.  Make sure you have great employment history and look reputable before applying for a loan.

You Have A Good Credit History and Score

One of the first steps to buy a house is a credit check.  Companies will check to ensure you made all of your payments on time and that you don’t keep too high of usage on any of your credit cards.  Have you ever been evicted from an apartment?  Have you had a car repossessed?  All of these can take away from your credit score and make buying an achievable goal.

You’re Planning on Staying in the Area for Another Ten Years

It can take home five to ten years before you’ve paid off the interest and are now purely paying value into your home.  Are you planning on living in this city for another ten years, or do you still have some wanderlust that makes you want to travel and move again?  It’s important to ask yourself this and take it seriously since buying a home can ground you to a specific spot and leave you incapable of following those travelling dreams.

You Have A Savings for Emergencies and For House Funding

Although having one savings account is good: you should always have an emergency savings amount that’s separate from how much you’re putting into your property.  Try to wait until you’re able to have full control over your finances, with at least two different savings accounts and a deep understanding of what this investment will mean for your financial future.

You Don’t Expect Any Large Life Changes Within Five Years.

Although some life changes, like getting a promotion, or moving a partner in with you, can be great: there are others you should let happen first if they might put your financial situation at risk.  If you’re already unsure if you can afford a home and you want to have a child within the next five years: consider putting off one or the other.  Don’t throw yourself into further financial turmoil rushing the American dream.

Buying a Home Is A Large Decision

Whether you’re preparing to settle down with a spouse and are ready to take on the large changes that come with homeownership, or you’re eager to buy a home for yourself, you can start the next steps in life: this is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly.  Put yourself in the best financial situation possible, and then buy the home of your dreams.

If you have bought a house do share how you journey worked out.



  1. It’s not just the American dream, it’s every person’s wish regardless of country. I wish I had enough money to buy a home in just one grand payment. Unfortunately mortgage is the only feasible option.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Gotcha, California definitely far worse than Pennsylvania 😁 for the cost of living. For what it’s worth nice to meet someone who is a peer 👍


  2. We are on house number 6 and have bought and sold all around Southern CA. Right now our house has almost doubled what we paid for it 15 years ago. I’m thankful and grateful we’ve been homeowners since we got married 38 years ago. 🤩

    Liked by 2 people

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