Of Vana vana vana vana vana vana

The Shona language is full of interesting heteronyms i.e. Words that have same spelling but have different meanings when pronounced differently, it also has homonyms i.e. Words with the same spelling and and pronunciation but different meanings.

The breakdown in the video below is one of the most fascinating demonstrations:

I think the fact that the Shona language is a fusion of other dialects plays a part in words having a duality of meanings… I shared about how this may have come by in my previous article Origins Of The Shona

Another interesting example:

Denga – means the roof

Denga – can also mean the sky

Denga – can refer to the Heavens

Hold my coffee while I think up a crazy sentence about the roof over your head, the sky above you and the Heavens beyond….

Tell me something interesting about a language you know.

*Fun Fact: There are no letters L, X and Q in the Shona Language




  1. Here thinking in the Ganda language we have so many of those but what is more interesting is
    Four is Nya/
    Child is Mwana/ children is Bana
    So…four children is
    “Abana bana”

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  2. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†the title left me thinking you are about to teach us kiddies song.

    You do not have L, X, and Q?? Interesting

    The video left me laughing. We also have quite interesting heteronyms and homonyms

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    1. The title is somewhat like a kiddies nursery rhyme 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      I had such fun creating the video, took a couple of trials
      but finally got it down


  3. Oh my goodness!! And I thought English had the same words with different meanings! I Love your video, radio voice DEFINITELY!! And well done with the word graphics. (I’m so computer challenged, I have no idea how you did that video. You don’t have to explain, haha, but it’s all very cool!) πŸ˜† Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. I had so much fun creating that video, and it surprisingly not too hard to do but took a several takes to get the timing right…
      thanks for dropping by glad to share something fun and different

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    1. No L words unless you are saying things like “television” for which there isn’t a proper Indeginous word for it 🀣 and even then it’s more of terevhizheni.


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