Of Coffee With Salt

If you were having coffee with me, I would happy to welcome you here, social distance protocol observed….

Would you like a pinch of salt in your coffee?…. I accidentally added some salt into my herbal tea, well the sugar did look like salt… until the first sip…. I was just thinking about how if I were to tell people that adding a pinch of salt into a beverage of your choice would boost your immunity and help prevent COVID, you would probably find that a salt shortage would start and the global price of salt would increase….

That’s the power of stories, one doesn’t need any scientific evidence to believe a story, its like we are born with this insatiable need to believe the stories around us even when we really should take the stories people tell with a pinch salt…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about how in my latest adventures of going into town, every trip is practically an adventure…. I got to ride in a station wagon, and I was sitting in the boot section, I didn’t complain too much because I got a discounted fare and so I saved a couple of bond notes which in hindsight turned out to be a lifesaver….

For the return trip I got into a pirate taxi expecting the fare to be the standard $1 which could be paid as $100ZWL bond using what has became the default street rate… Imagine my surprise when the conductor announced that the fare would now be $120 which means the street rate of the Zimbabwean Dollar rate has taken another tumble… The Zim dollar rate has been on a downward spiral since the government instituted Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021 officially the rate is at 1:85 but who listens…. Certainly not the conductor of a pirate taxi who tells you boldly to get off if you cant pay…

Dont ask whats up with the windows…

Fortunately for me, I had saved a couple of bond on my earlier trip so, I had enough to cover the unexpected fare increase, but I wouldnt say the same thing for a fellow passenger.. He was pleading with the conductor that he only had $100 Bond left and couldn’t afford the extra $20. He also refused to get off when the conductor told the driver to stop the taxi so the gentleman with the insufficient taxi fare could get lost.. You cant imagine the commotion that was going on with this guy pleading to just go home or if they could take him at least further along the way…

I still had a bit of cash due to my earlier good fortune and passed the conductor a $20 bond note to cover his remaining fare and we finally got on our way… A few minutes later the gentleman taps my shoulder and I assume its to thank me or something but instead he hands me money and winks saying “you know what Rasta, its not that I didn’t have the money, but we cant let these people just have their way with us like this….”

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that you have to take every story with a pinch of salt… Schools were supposed to be opening today but due to increase in COVID-19 cases that has been deferred by two weeks…  When stories started circulating that schools opening would be post-poned the governemt was quick to issue out a statement that this was untrue…

And a few hours later ..…

Schools opening delayed

How do you believe anyone if they say one thing then do another thing totally different, cant blame people for banking at the NMB (National Mattress Banking) because cant trust that money in the bank will be safe… The Central Bank is trying to encourage people to bank money asking banks to start giving interests and such… but we remember what happened the last time, they promised money in the banks was safeFool me once…

RBZ statement on payment of interest on deposits

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the COVID cases are increasing and the ministry of health twitter account has taken to giving midnight updates and I can feel it another hard lockdown is looming.. Word on the street almost expected there to be increased lockdown starting today… Our neighbouring country South Africa had new measures announced yesterday… and we seem to read from the same playbook, so I am just waiting for the shoe to drop…

And speaking about news in South Africa remember the story of lady who was said to have given birth to decuplets, well it turns out it was a hoax, which is reflecting badly on the journalist who broke the story, the media company he works for and the journalism fraternity in general. The lady in question was reported to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation and she didn’t seem to show any signs of having given birth meanwhile the journalist maintains that he stands by his story but the facts don’t seem to be in his favour… do you want more salt with your coffee?

Zapiro Cartoon

If you are having coffee with me I would tell you that it’s the final week of the WinterABC and its all about storytelling… and if you haven’t you can catch up on my last batch of posts from the Fashion and culture week

50 strands of dread – me just showing off my hair
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And of course we had the monthly virtual bloggers meet up and it was in collaboration with Wired 2 love and Thrive about blogging as a therapeutic tool with guests such as Elise Tirza from Ghana who blogs at lettersfromthisheart.com heart and the duo of Linathi Makanda and Loic Ekinga from And That’s The Chat! podcast….

Afrobloggers June Meetup

Whats the story from your neck of the woods?


PS Am curious when did you last see a commercial or advert for salt? ^_^



    1. Unverified ideas should be passed along as such instead of forwarding it along as fact ^_^ add the disclaimer that I dont know if this is true or if it will work, is too hard to ask ?


    1. The global pandemic has really put leadership into unprecedented roles where any action they take instantly creates situations which can spiral into an uncontrollable wave of infection and death…

      I have also come to see that a lot of the value for money is from perception than anything tangible…
      Thank you for visiting

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  1. 😂😭 I love how the trips to town are a blog segment now.
    I have so many questions about the window but since you said not to ask, I won’t 😂
    Also, it’s good he gave you the $20 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For the trips into town almost each trip you will run into a colourful character , if there’s no colorful it might be you are the one who is being memorable to the rest of the people, especially if you have locs…
      You’ll definitely like my next article, it will be about being in a combi taxi while dread…

      At least he felt motivated to return my money. I almost wanted to say, keep it🤣 but getting fare money is now an extreme sport how else will I return into town for my next ‘adventure’ and the taxi lifts don’t normally accept plastic money or mobile wallet money


      1. 😂 that is true! Looking forward to the next one.

        The thing about suddenly increasing fares is nothing strange in Zambia too. My friends and I were once kicked off a bus because during the journey, the conductor just decided to increase the fare.
        Such a crazy situation. You’d think by now, mobile wallet money is something they accept.

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      2. Just finished the next one🤣… Also update like clockwork our lockdown restrictions have been revised and the official bus goes up effective 1 July… Which means the pirate taxis will cost even more

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  2. Have never seen an advert for salt 😂😂😂😂

    Indeed we read the same play book when it comes to covid.

    In Uganda we still in lockdown and we have lost count of days they are so slow.

    Good hearing from you…the taxi guy hahahha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The same playbook for covid and well other things too 🤣🤣 but moving on, salt doesn’t need an advert 🤔

      Have heard about the lockdown in Uganda and hopefully the measures really do help bring sanity to the third wave..

      The taxi guy had me just shaking my head like you guy 😐



  3. The lady who purportedly gave birth to 10🤣🤣🤣. She trended in Ghana and there was a photo of her large bump. Where did the journalist get that photo from?


  4. The cartoon is absolutely correct. So sad…
    That’s nice of you to pay for someone who was in need. Glad he gave you the money back. I have to give kudos to him for trying to fight for what was right.

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    1. Man had a point though… Things get to the way they are because someone says something and we all agree to it…. How does one simply wake up and announce a price increase no justification just vibes like yeah I think today 1 United States Dollar is now worth 150 and everyone just agrees and adjusts accordingly 🤔 money is such an illusion

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