Of Unspoken Thoughts; Written But Never Spoken

The third week of March celebrates the introverts…

National Introverts week

The “quiet ones“, who don’t feel like silence needs to be filled with unnecessary words, the misunderstood ones, always on the verge of almost saying something, the silent ones mistaken for being in deep thought, the reserved ones only because the world does not have a safe space for them to let down the thoughts in their hair …

Before the global pandemic, the world seemed to favour the extroverts who got energized by being out and about, socialising with people and then with lockdowns and social distancing and remote work; the new normal is a world where the introverts thrive….

Introvert on computer

I am on my fourth cup of coffee for the day and I have already toured the African continent three times on the internet, I am an Uncle of bloggers

Growing up, I remember a remark on my report card written by my fifth grade teacher from the first term after moving to a new school in a new town. I had come first in class in every subject and my class teacher wrote something along the lines of.. Beaton has great potential if he overcomes his shyness and reserved nature.

I mean I was a new kid, and had come first not only in my class but the rest of the fifth grade classes and for the rest of my primary education I was always the student with the highest marks; except this one time when it dawned on me, that I had a crush on the girl who used to monopolise the first position before I came along. After we tied for first position one time, the next term, I may or may not have let her score higher than me, lets just say I was distracted

Primary school
Notice the Merit Badge or was it a Prefect Badge? ^_^

Of course, that was also the year I learnt the life lesson that people don’t like it when you let them win…

The world makes it seem like being an introvert is a flaw that must be corrected, and synonymously equates it with social anxiety or awkwardness which must be overcome, instead of embracing our differences. Its not a disorder, some are more outgoing than others, some are short some are tall, some talk a lot, some listen more and others have really loud voices…

Its taken me a long time to realise that its ok to be the way I am, to play to my strengths, and that I don’t have to change to fit in with the world; it’s the world that should make space for me, please. Simply because I prefer to move in silence doesnt mean my lack of confidence nor do I not bask in my achievements…

I live in a world inside my head where the magic happens, …

wizard within beaton
The world in my head is unlike what you can possibly imagine

I am genuine, not awkward
I like solitude not loneliness
I am thoughtful not quiet
I am self-aware not self-centered
I am original, not strange
I am independent not unpopular
I am unique, not weird
I speak softly and I write with a loud voice

redefining introvert stereotypes

Sure I am envious of people who can walk into a room full of strangers and shake everybody’s hands and speak their minds…

But I am a quiet storm and my fire burns just as bright….


PS I get people telling me how surprised they are I am an introvert, see my writing persona is very extroverted.. I have a literary bound extrovert alter ego ^_^ Like Dr Jekyll and Uncle B. What are some misconceptions about introverts that you have run into?….



  1. Are you always this silent?
    I get pissed off by this question. I am busy having a conversation in my head of statements I just can’t let out of my mouth.
    I talk through words, and I’m glad to read this is not a disorder.

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    1. I read a really good book about introversion a while back called The Introvert Advantage: Making the Most of Your Inner Strengths by Marti Laney and it made so much sense to me. I’ve known for the greater part of my life that I was different but didn’t fully understand I was an introvert until taking the Myers Briggs Perasonasliy ASasaseasasment years ago. Since that time I’ve learned that I’m also a highly sensitive introvert who borders on empathic tendencies. I can’t tell you how liberating it was to learn that I’m not abnormal or strange, rather I process information differently.

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      1. Thank you Steph
        You are right once you realise how you process things you can make better use of your energies and rather than getting anxious trying to keep up an act.
        Let’s be who we are

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  2. I wish I would relate to anything you just said, considering I am one that emits their energy outwardly – super loud and very talkative. But NO! Instead, I would like you to know that you and all other introverts out there have an aptitude (introversion) I find super powerful!!!!! Hence me being attracted to introverts🤗

    Have a great week of “ABSORBING ENERGY”, introverted B! (I hope this doesn’t come off as a label)

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  3. WOW! National Introverts week! Never heard of it before and being an introvert I would rather not celebrate! 🤣 But isn’t that backwards? Don’t we yearn for recognition? I do and I don’t! I feel like I am overflowing with thoughts, often over thinking and so find outlets like blogging to get my thoughts written whether they are liked or not. But if I received a lot of negative feedback I would be gone as I’m no debator, and would figure if I’m misunderstood I would need to find a different audience or venue. Haha, not sure if I’m making any sense, because thankfully blogging has been awesome and amazing!! 😯

    I will say I was a shy kid growing up but grew up with a lot of siblings. I was known as “motor mouth” 😆 seriously, it was my nickname in the family. So if you get me going, I could talk your ear off!! Great post Uncle B! 🤩 ~ Crazy D

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    1. Hahaha I didn’t know of it as well, but I am not surprised 🤣🤣🤣…. Introverts wouldn’t publicise it that much, would they.

      True, blogging has been a life saver… If I didn’t blog I don’t know what I would do with all the thoughts in my head.

      Introverts Unite!!!! Quietly in your own homes 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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  4. It is so interesting to notice how well we cope with this slowed down world, and the many inner resources we’ve developed that carry us through and allow us to connect without any awkwardness, it is indeed such a gift. I love the photo of you and your brothers, what joy emanates from that image. Was it a proud Mama or Papa taking the photo? Thank you.

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  5. I soo enjoyed reading this, I personally don’t know what I am different personality tests says different things lol. I am a concoction of everything I guess. I loved this post!

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    1. That’s OK too… It’s not written anywhere that a person is one thing and not other…. It probably depends on situations and environment and even genes too haha
      The most important thing is to not force yourself into what you are not 😎
      Thank you


    1. It’s “easy” to project a digital persona just like conjuring up a character in a book or turtle in comic 🤣
      But standing in the street with your creation 😎🤔…. Yeah not so much.

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  6. I’m an introvert too. I dread job interviews and talking to people with authority. I thought i could change myself and become more social as the saying goes: fake it till you make it. However, it didn’t work. At the end of the day, i felt so drained talking and socializing. It was a matter of time before i began to accept my introverted personality. I’m so happy that there are many people out there just like me. 😊

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    1. Hahaha does anyone like talking to people in authority 🤣🤣
      It’s made to seem that there’s a switch you can flip and boom you are a bubbly chatty social butterfly, 🤣
      We gotta embrace our selves and be who we are (well as long as it’s not being mean and spiteful 😂)


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  7. I feel like I am middle of the road. I am not the silent type, but I don’t go out of my way to socialize either. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert and I feel they get a bad rap! Nice post!

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    1. Thanks yeah I am sure people aren’t one thing or the other it’s more like a scale and depending with day and mood and the company one scales shift…
      Being pressured to behave a certain way is probably what sets off some of the social anxiety 🤣


  8. You definitely can’t make me walk into a room full of strangers unless its a club and its dark and im with my friends 😭 hahahhahhaha cheers to us introverted beautiful human beings! ✨✨

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  9. A co-worker of mine who routinely commented on how quiet I was (before the pandemic, when we worked at the office) is retiring tomorrow. He was otherwise OK, but skipping his retiring party just feels right. I guess I am adhering to his image of me (quiet, shy, doesn’t like to socialize, etc.).

    People think that if you’re quiet, you have nothing to say. While that can be true at times, that’s not always the case. They think I have no friends and that it’s not my choice and they need to remedy it. It’s like an illness they need to cure.

    The thing is that I can very much be an extrovert, it just depends on the crowd. The more I like you and/or am interested in the conversation, the more I will speak. If I don’t like you or if you’re talking about something so passionately that I really don’t care about, you can bet I will keep quiet and just let you talk.

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  10. Such a good post! I was feeling very low and tired of people thinking it as a “flaw”. But thank you so much it was great reading this. You made my day so much better!

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